Friday, September 14, 2007


Everybody hears those weird phrases every now and then that make your jaw drop and cause you to squeak, "WHAT?" You know, the stuff that is totally out of the ordinary that you always end up laughing about. For people with little kids it's stuff like, "Don't put chocolate milk down your pants," or "Don't lock your baby brother in the cupboard," or "Why are you throwing macaroni and cheese at the ceiling?" You know- that kind of stuff. Well we have our own weird phrases, or atleast I do...

The nuts are bloody. Nobody freak out- the almond isn't leaking blood. Living on a ranch, we eat something sometimes known as "Rocky Mountain Oysters" or "Calf Fries". Basically, they are the nuts from a calf. Oh, and if you're from the PETA or something like that, you might as well abandon this blog right now. Back on subject- it's not as gross as so many people think. It doesn't touch anything gross, it's just MEAT. Think of them as... chicken nuggets! Like what you get from McDonald's. I mean, you eat meat that comes from a cow's butt, right? The "haunches" aka butt. This is no different- it touches nothing nasty, just like haunch meat doesn't, it's just around that area. So we were eating some calf fries one time and they weren't cooked all the way through and somebody mentioned they were bloody. However, upon reading that, it must have given a few of you a bit of confusion...

He pooped on my plate! Like the above phrase, this is not what it sounds like. I was unloading dishes one day and this furry little happy-go-lucky moth flew over my plate and dropped a little something on it. Totally gross. Ugh. Made Mom laugh though...

Sorry! I didn't mean to Scrubbing Bubble you! Okay, so this is what it sounds like. I was taking the bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles over to the bunkhouse (we were cleaning it this morning) and it was kind of fizzing out of the spray-thingy-majiggaly-bob. So I kind of knocked it on the fence but that didn't work so I sprayed it... And I accidentally Scrubbing Bubbled the kitty. Ooops. Now she's lemon fresh!

That's about all I can come up with right now. I subjected you to that totally pointless entry because I really have nothing more to say. I'm kind of running dry of subjects right now... Hmmm...

Oh wait, weird thought! Just popped into my head! Aren't you lucky?

Sara and I have been having difficulties texting lately. Her phone isn't recieving messages until anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours after I send them. I have perfect service, and she has okay service, but it shouldn't be that late. Mom said that there are lots of other electric waves and stuff going through the air.

Oh, yeah. So my message is just flying through the air on it's way to Sara's when whoops! it bumps into Sender: Jean / To: Carl. And they get to chatting, since they're old friends and all.

My Message: Oh, hi, Jean to Carl!
Other Message: Caitlin to Sara! Nice to see you again. What's been going on?
My Message: Oh, Caitlin has been using me so hard. I'm constantly carrying messages.
Other Message: I know the feeling! What have you got in there?
My Message: Ummm... It says "So when r u leaving 4 church?" How about yours?
Other Message: "Did u ever get that report finished?"
My Message: Ah. These people, they are texting nonstop...

Yeah, so maybe that explains like a 5 minute delay. But what about an hour? How do you explain that? Oh, wait. Maybe I know.


Maybe they went to have coffee. =P


Sara said...

Oh caitlin... you do make me laugh.

Caitlin said...

Well I'm glad I'm here for your amusement. =D