Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Broken Birthday Cakes

Darn. I fell behind again. *hits head on computer desk*

Well today is Mummy’s birthday! Yay Mummy! She turns 28. =)

But I feel rotten. Like a rotten, careless, terrible daughter. She has no card, she has no presents. It’s simply dreadful. I feel just awful!! What kind of person neglects to get her own mother a birthday card and gift or two?

This kind of person. The kind of person who goes with her mother EVERYWHERE and therefore does not receive the chance to get a card and gifts. Ah, well, all shall be well. I just got a piece of copy paper and wrote her a little letter with colored pencils, and Tyler went into town this morning for a college class. I am having him pick up her gift while he is in there… =)

This morning, I got up, albeit a smidge late. But I was very tired! I got up, wished Momma a happy birthday, and set to work making blueberry muffins in my jammies. Well, I didn’t make the muffins IN my jammies… I was in my jammies as I was making the muffins.


Made the muffins, presented several of them to Momma with a lit candle in each, and demanded she make a wish. So she made a wish… For somebody ELSE she said! I know we as Christians, withhold a duty to support and think of others often, but it’s her birthday for Heaven’s sake! She is always thinking of others and never of herself. Which I guess, in one way, is a good thing, but really, you ought to indulge a little every now and again.

I’ve been fighting her off all morning as well. She keeps intruding into the kitchen, trying to help in one way or another. No. No ma’am! You do NOT get to do kitchen work, or any kind of house work, on your birthday.

So I made the muffins, then made her a cake. (It’s a bundt cake, yellow with chocolate marble swirls.) Then I got dressed, and then I did the dishes. I then got things ready for her dinner… She got out the chicken and potatoes and said we were to have seasoned chicken with cheese on top, with sweet rolls, salad, and baked potatoes. I find it a rather boring birthday dinner… Why not lasagna? Or… Chicken fried steak? Or… fajitas? At least let me do some spaghetti! Nope… So chicken it is. =P Stubborn woman, I’m telling you…

So the chicken shall be going in the pan here in a bit. As of now, Momma is finally relaxing. I think. She should be reading or something. She doesn’t know how to relax. Bad habit.

So yeah… The cake got ready, I took it out of the oven and I began to make the chocolate glaze of butter, powdered sugar, whipping cream, vanilla, and cocoa. The glaze didn’t make it to the cake. As I was pouring the whipping cream, I noticed… It was a little bit… Well… lumpy. I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that. Mom checked the date (she weasled her way into the kitchen) on the container… November 12th. Ha. That’s great, just GREAT. And the other container of whipping cream had a similar date. So I guess I’ll just heat up regular chocolate frosting and drizzle that over the cake, and call it good.

Anyway, I decided it was time for that beautiful little cake to come out of it’s pan. So I flipped it over, and put the cake on the cake plate… Well, most of it. And then I began to cry,

The cake was still too warm, and part of the durned thing was still stuck to the pan, despite the durned cooking spray, that obviously doesn’t work and *HYPERVENTILATES*. Momma calmed me down and we were able to kind of patch it back together… We’ll just put extra frosting on that part.

She is so much better at this stuff than I am. I was so not made for the kitchen.

So I’ve cleaned the kitchen about 4 times this morning. I always succeed in making a terrible mess. I could be making something as simple as macaroni and cheese and I would manage to get the noodles all over the floor, and melt cheese over the burners, and spill milk on the counters. I am a very messy cook.

Okay, yeah… So that’s about all I have to say. I’ll leave you wondering how the chicken is ever gonna survive my doubtful cooking skills.

Please pray for the chicken.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Yo my... peeps... followers... readers!

Let's hear a "woot woot"!!!

*crickets chirping*

*loud sigh* Okay so I guess I will just talk to myself then.

Sara came this previous weekend. *shouts* Wooohooo! I was extremely happy. It was great! There was a 4-H dance on Friday which Joshua took Sara too. I officially met Joshua then- awesome guy. I danced a LOT more than I have ever danced at any other dance, it was pretty great... I danced with Camille, Sara, Joshua (we two-stepped and did the Hoppy Dance), so that was pretty great. And then all the little kids always ask me to dance. Well, I say little they are like 10, 11. Shelby asked me, as always. Justin... I guess that's all the younger guys. I danced with Lacey, aaaaand.... Ermmm... Nathan! He is a guy from Youth group, he's pretty cool, and he was taller than me. Yay! I think that's it, but I can't really remember... *thinks super hard* Yeah I THINK that's it... I'm pretty sure there is somebody else but I'm not gonna bother racking my brain for the name or face, because it's not like you care anyways. So yeah about 8 people... It was pretty great. =D

So then we took Sara home with us, got home about midnight. Yipes. Sara and I stayed up till 3.

Bigger yipes.

I guess that would make it... YIPES!! Yeah.

We watched about 30 minutes of "Behind Enemy Lines". Why such a sad, war movie? Because it stars Owen Wilson. Duhhh! Yeah Sara and I are fans of the guy... Yay Owen Wilson! I still love Shanghai Noon. We were eating Pirouette Sticks and chocolate frosting from a can too... hehehe. A delicious bed time snack, don't you think so?

Then we slept till about 7:45. I can't remember all that we did that morning. But that afternoon we went over to Lora's, the neighbor, because Sara's brother is dayworking there and was supposed to take Sara home. But as it turns out he decided to stay another day, and we took hre back the following afternoon.

Like I said, I can't really remember what we did what day. But we...

*Drew on the cement slab with colorful sidewalk chalk. Also drew on each others faces. Erm... yeah. We have pictures to prove it. Sara has them tho, because Daddy took my camera, so I was camera-less. Check out her blog for the proof.

*Messed around with a couple of the weanlings. I wish we could of done more. I guess we could have. But... I was too lazy and brain dead at the time. Next time, Sara, I promise we will work extensively with every one of them! But right now it's not alot of fun to mess with them because they are all... good now. No problems. Or not much.

*Chased Russian spies and mutant bunnies on the 4-wheeler. It started out as an innocent ATV ride... We ended up making a huge circle, I mean, like 5 miles, I guess not that huge. But yeah... And I ended up losing my voice that evening and the following day because we were screaming so loud. "RUSSIAN SCUM! BANG! BOOM! I GOT 'IM! ARRR THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! GIT 'IM SARA! BANG BOOM BANG! GRAAAA IT'S A MUTANT BUNNY! RUUUUNNN!" Then we saw my Daddy... who was outside his truck... I guess fixing fence or something, and he surely heard us... Poor Daddy. He was giving us the evil eye. We believe he was the Russian spie coordinator.

*We also did the Macarena on the 4-wheeler. Sara did it, not me, cause I was driving. Okay so I kind of did it... Then drove off the road and nearly unseated Sara... So my Macarena moment was over.

*We played pirates! Arrrr.... It was so ridiculous, I won't even go into full detail, and the pictures shall never be revealed. NEVER. To NOBODY. Because they are creepy and scary. Let's just say it involved bandanas and mascara... looots of mascara.

*We rode double on Wyatt. First time he has ever been ridden double! I didn't really expect him to do anything but he can be such a terrible dork sometimes that I was a little cautious. We were bareback, of course, and if he spooked or something, we were both coming off, and I just wasn't exactly anticipating that. But he was good! He was being extremely insensitive, extremely slow, lazy and obnoxious. So we didn't go far. Because it would be no fun riding for a long time at a walk, and if we tried to trot, Sara would have to bounce a little bit, and yeah, I just didn't really want to try it out right then... We should have though. Next time, we will do that.

I guess that was about it. It was a pretty fun weekend!

Monday we started school. *sobs* I hate school. If I talk about, it shall send me into eternal depression, so I won't. But Monday night was really good! Because we went to Youth. It was awesomeness! Well... part of it wasn't. *glares at a certain somebody* But we got that figured out later, so it's all good. After, everybody left except Justin, who went in his office, Nelson (who came with Adam and his dad), Adam, Tyler, me, mom, and then Adam's dad, John. Mom and John stood outside the sanctuary, and Nelson, Adam, and Tyler went into the sanctuary.

Nelson has an electric guitar, so he brought that and his amplifier. And Adam has his too babies, aka 2 electric guitars and of course an amp. (What good is an electric guitar without an amp? It's like... vanilla ice cream with no chocolate syrup! It just... stinks.) And so all 3 of the guys were back there jamming... I was getting bored and thought I should go ruin their fun. Nah, just kidding, I totally made it soooo much more fun! Or maybe not... I should let the guys have their... guy time. Tyler wasn't too happy with me. But I was bored! So anyway, yeah... It was hilarious, I love Nelson and Adam, they are fun to be around. Nelson and I were giving poor Adam heck. We still love you Adam!

Yesterday... was town day. Blech. Lots of errands. Piano lesson, which was pretty good. More errands. Tyler had a doctors appointment. 2 hours of me and iPod alone time. That made me really appreciate my iPod.

I wuff you Mr. iPod!

Or Mrs..... no that would make it married. iPods can't get married. Or atleast not mine. Cause it's a... Catholic iPod. It's... like... a nun! Yeah so it can't get married. So maybe it's Sister iPod.

Wow. I need sleep. Or chocolate. One or the other.

Or both.

Anyway. Today I woke up really late. I have been having sleep issues. Stupid alarm clock won't go off it was terrible... And then... I just... and STOP! I DON'T want to talk about it! Stop PUSHING!


See what a weekend with Sara does to me?

It's bad. It's an ugly sight.

Anyway yeah, today started off just okay. I did my devotional and prayer and my chapter in Jeremiah and everything was awesome. Until I walked out of my bedroom and I saw...

Guess who. Just guess. Who was staring at me... RIGHT. IN. MY. FACE. Huh?


Reality. School, dishes, dirty cat box, a menacing school teacher nagging at me to finish my Vietnam history book (Mommy you really are good about it, you're the nicest teacher, but today, it felt like nagging), Tyler just trying to make me angry (what kind of sicko gets joy from other people's anger and frustration and depression? my brother).

Reality stinks.


So I have been cranky all day. After lunch, I got on here for a little while, but was in no mood to blog. Then I went and made cookies. They are called Thumbprint Smuckers Cookies and are a LOT of work. First time I ever made them... You make the dough, which is pretty easy. Then you roll them into ittly-bitty balls in your hand, dip them in beaten egg whites, then roll that in a pan of finely chopped pecans, and onto the cookie sheet, where you use your thumb (or a teaspoon) to make a little dent in the middle. Into the hot oven for 10 minutes... You can hear them screaming, in their little high voices. "Nooo! Not the hot oven! Nooo please, I'm begging you, noooooo!"

Bwaha. In you go....

After 10 minutes, you take them out, put a scant spoonful of jam (I used Strawberry, Red Plum, & Grape, but you can use any flavor you want) in the center dent thing, into the oven for 7 more minutes, THEN they are done. So yeah... But they are pretty dang good, I see myself making them again in the future.

Then Momma woke up from a long nap, and said she would finish cleaning the kitchen for me. *hugs Mommy* And she said it was a glorious day outside, I mentioned the horses were up... Next thing I knew, I was out bareback in the pasture, loping away from reality, terrible terrible reality...

2 hours later, I returned. And here it still awaits me, lingering over my shoulder like a... A... dark dreary cloud.

Okay. It's Wednesday night. It's 7:03. The cage fights are on. Gotta go... CAN. NOT. MISS. CAGE. FIGHTS.... *gasps*


Friday, January 4, 2008


It's so... eerie.




Oh silence, beautiful silence, my long lost love... I feared you had forgotten me! Packed your bags and walked away, with no farewell words... But not you have returned to me!!

They are gone!!

I love kids, honest. And I love my little cousins. But there is a reason that kids my age aren't supposed to have babies- we just don't have the patience.

3 little kids. One is quiet for the most part, and he went with my Daddy and Uncle Bruce mostly. But I got stuck at home with Jade. Now, don't be mistaken, these kids are really good kids, they really aren't the monsters I make them out to be. But I just can't take it, I just can't...

Jade: *pulling on shirttail* Come on Caitlin, lets go do something together.
Me: Jade, I'm sick... And I'm tired.
Jade: Well let's just go talk in your room.
Me: Well about what?
Jade: Anything you want!
Jace: I'M STAAARVING!!!!! Graaaaa....
Me: *sigh* Okay let's go.

--Jade and I proceed to my bedroom, where I collapse on my bed--

Jade: Caitlin, do you want to make a dress for Oatmeal? (her stuffed horse)
Me: Well... Not really. It'll make a mess and I'm not feeling good at all.
Jace: *runs into room, catapolts onto bed, and proceeds to writhe around on sheets* ARRGH!
Jade & Me: Jaaaaaaace!
Jace: There's a MONSTER! He's gonna get me! ArrrGGGHH!
Me: You're the monster.
Jade: *laughs* Yeah Jace!
Me: I just want to sleeeeep....
Jade: Why?
Me: Cuz I'm tired...
Jade: Why?
Jace: *throws self on me* I'm bored! Let's play DINOSAURS!
Me: Rawr. Grrrr.
Jace: *pouts* You're not a very good dinosaur.
Jade: *hugs me* I love you Caitlin. You're the most fun cousin ever!
Me: Are you dillusional?
Jace: I SAIIID. Hey!! I SAIIID.... you're not a very good dinosaur.
Me: Sorry Jace. I'm a tired dinosaur.
Jace: Well stop being tired.
Me: I can't.
Jace: GrrraAWWWWR! *runs into closet door*

They are sweet. And they are fun. But not when you are sick... Last night Uncle Bruce, Daddy and I went coyote calling. It was terrible. I think Jace was hollering so loud he scared every coyote off the ranch. It was eerie really... I mean we have tons of coyotes here. We called at like 5 different places, and only got 2 fox at one place, which of course we did not shoot, and 2 coyotes at another place, but they never would come close enough. It was rather disappointing... We headed out at 9:30 and didn't get back til 11:30. I was asleep by midnight...

This morning the cousins and uncle all headed out. Poor Jade... I don't know why I'm so much fun to be around, but apparantly I am because she cried twice that morning cuz she didn't wanna go. =( Poor sweetheart...

Now it's so... Silent. Wow.

Sorry if this post is written in a boring manner... I'm very sleepy. I might need a nap. But not a long one, because Sara's mom is bringing her over here soon to stay for part of the weekend. And I have to take a shower before the dance and dry my hair. And then spent several long hours in an auditorium that is blaring country music at an ominous decible level whilst I merely stand there and wish I had a dancing partner.

Ah, well. I usually dance with Sara or my friend Camille... I hope Camille is there. Sara has a dancing partner tonight. ;) But don't worry about me, I am excellent at passing the time. I am a dreamer... I can pass quite a lot of time really, just by making up stories in my head and... Well... just dreaming about random stuff. It's fun, honest. I'm a very imaginative person.

I dearly wanted to ride Wyatt today. *sobs* My heart aches for my dear horse! I haven't ridden him in sooo long... I didn't get to keep him up this morning because I was too busy helping out with my cousins, and even if I did, Sara is coming this afternoon and it would be rather rude if she arrived and I was gone... Away.... Poor Sara. My mind will be gone anyway. It has disappeared to... I dunno. Where minds go when they get tired of their employers. It's like... they are tired of all my sillyness. So they got to the local Mind Hangout... And when they come back they have a hangover, so they aren't any good anyway.

Wow I am seriously tired. I need to stop typing and go take some Tylenol... And collapse in the sun... And listen to some Daughtry... And... yeah.

Goodbye now.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Revolutions

So I am sitting here... Listening to... You got it, Chris Daughtry. Seriously guys, here is a list of songs by this guy you need to hear:

-Over You
-All These Lives
-What I Want
-Used To

Addicted to all 3. This guy rocks... "He" is actually a "them". He was a part of a band called Absent Element before American Idol. During AI he recieved an offer to become the lead singer in a popular band when he sang one of their songs on the show, but rejected the offer, and started his own band, called Daughtry, after the show. Amazing what you can find out about people by punching their name in the search bar on http://www.answers.com/. ;)

Anyway. I was thinking... New Year's. Well I'm still sick. But I didn't really get to celebrate New Year's Day, or Eve. And I was thinking... What do people do on New Years Day? Well lots of things I imagine, but mostly make New Year's Revolutions. I really...

Wait. That doesn't sound right.

New Years Revolutions? Oh wait, Resolutions. Yeah. There we go. Anyway.

I myself have never created such a list... But there is a first time for everything, am I right? So I figured I might as well make a list. They may not be kept... But that is the goal, right? These are things I want to do this year, or want to happen, or whatever...

Caitlin's New Year's Resolutions:
-Continue to grow and become stronger in my relationship with the Lord
-Not lose or majorly damage my precious iPod
-Learn to play The Pink Panther and Lucy & Linus on the piano
-Learn some songs on the piano that I KNOW... like... songs on the radio
-Keep in better touch with two close-in-heart but far-in-miles friends
-Go for an adrenaline-rushing gallop across the pasture bareback on Wyatt... without falling off
-Eat healthier and get more excercise, consistently (how common is this?)
-Be much nicer to my older brother
-Be able to look back at the end of every day and find something that I am proud of
Sound pretty good to me don't'cha think?
Well my little cousins are gonna be here soon... *sigh* I shall then proceed to hide in my room and be sick and chill to Chris Daughtry for approximately 2 hours... And then Momma and I will head tot own. *sigh* We need to send something in the mail that has to be post-marked TODAY but we forgot to put in the mailbox. And she needs milk... Cuz that's all my little cousins will drink. And we need to pick up my glasses. *sigh* Yeah I haven't been wearing them at all for about 2 weeks cuz one of the lenses wasn't right and they had to fix them.... Yeah. And then we will come back. And will try to hide in my room. Jade will wanna bug me and Jace too but I am sick. And I don't wanna get them sick. Really, I don't! Okay so I will kind of be hiding from them, but still, I am being considerate. So I will get Momma to drag them outta there I bet.
Anyway. Yeah. Don't feel sorry for me, hiding in my room... In solitary confinement.
Quarantined. My good friend Chris Daughtry shall keep me company.
*cough, sniffle, blows nose, sneeze, cough*
Well... It won't hurt if you feel sorry for me a little bit.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm Not Your Typical Girl

So yes I know I already posted today. But I need to makeup for the entire past month that I abandoned ya’ll. I know it broke your heart. And… well… I am sick and there is absolutely nothing better to do. Talking to Sara always makes me feel better, but I can’t talk because of my sore throat… So I will just write.

As the title says. I am not your typical girl. I have always known this, but it was yet again brought to my attention this past weekend by my seven year old cousin, Jade. We were in the truck, waiting for my mom and brother, and I had a heavy black coat on.

Jade: That’s not a girl jacket.
Me: Uh… no, I guess it’s not.
Jade: Then why are you wearing it?
Me: Because I like it and it keeps me warm.
Jade: But if you are a girl, you have to wear girly things.
Me: No, not necessarily.
Jade: Yes you do. Do you ever wear dresses?
Me: Are you kidding? No!
Jade: Why don’t you cut your hair and become a boy then?
Me: *stares in awe*

So I am not a girl, according to my little cousin. No, I have never been a girly girl. Ever. When I was little…

I never played with Barbies or baby dolls. Well, okay so I did… But the Barbies were Nancy Drew and Annie Oakley, and the baby dolls were captives of the ‘bad guy’ aka my brother that I had to rescue when we played “Criminal”.

I would go swimming in the dirt tank and have Mud Massacres with my brother.

I would disappear on my horse for hours at a time, out bareback in the pasture, since I was about 5, and pretend I was a pioneer girl heading out to get supplies for my family on the frontier.

My brother and I both had a slingshot, and we would pretend we were on the fields of battle.

We had some Barbary (I think that is what you call them) sheep. When Daddy was away from headquarters, Tyler and I would head and heel them (with our ropes, duh), then take turns riding them around the pen til one of us fell off. And I never remember it hurting… We just laughed and laughed and did it again.

I climbed trees and brought home baby rabbits, turtles and toads and lizards. More than once we kept a turtle either on the porch or in the back of a truck we never used for about a week before turning it loose.

I would make forts in the hay barn with hay bales, and playpens for baby kitties.

I was never a girly girl, and I’m still not.

I’m often outside in the mornings when it is 18 degrees out, halter breaking frisky and stubborn colts.

I still enjoy jumping bareback on my horse and disappearing into the pasture.

I spend my Wednesday and Friday nights sitting on the couch with my Daddy watching cage fights. And I recognize the names/faces of most of the guys fighting.

I don’t get scared when I get bucked off a horse- I look at it as a lesson, a chance to learn something, and just get on again and see if I can sit him this time.

I don’t like nice pretty new cars- I love the old 88’ blue extended cab Ford sitting in front of the house. I love junk trucks.

I would much much much rather be outside mudding on the four-wheeler, riding bareback, working with colts, or just helping my Daddy outside than be on the phone, computer, or watching TV.

I’m just not a girly girl.

I love my Wranglers, and will never wear designer jeans. I love my boots, which are way more comfortable than tennis shoes. Flip flops are ugly and hurt my toes. Straighteners and curling iron are foreign objects to me. Bad hair days are just an excellent opportunity to throw on a cap.

Cage fights. I mentioned them. My mom finds it hilarious that I love watching cage fights. The sport of cage fighting has been around for about 20 years, but was only shown on Pay-Per-View. Recently the WEC (one of the cage fighting organizations) went truly public, so the UFC followed. So my Daddy started watching it, and I began to, and now I love watching cage fights. Some people have their soap operas- Daddy and I have cage fighting. And Tyler isn’t even interested in it at all, which is the funny thing. I find it immensely entertaining. I mean come on- two guys in a cage, beating each other up. Now if I watch boxing, kick boxing, or wrestling I find it boring because all of that is combined in cage fighting.

Girly girls don’t like cage fighting.

I love cage fighting.

Enough said.

Happy New Years! *sniffle, cough*

Yes, it has been quite a while. I apologize. I will just start by… writing… stuff… like usual. And hopefully I will start up my blogging routine again.

My little cousins were here allll weekend…. They came Friday and left yesterday afternoon. My Uncle Bruce is an equine specialist in Texas, and he comes to visit once a year now. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. He brought my three little cousins… Jake (9), Jade (7), and Jace (5). In case you’re wondering, yes we mix up their names all the time. But anyway, they exhausted us! Jake isn’t so bad, he is pretty calm and reserved. But Jade wanted to be with me every second, wanted me to do stuff with her, and I was just SO. TIRED. Apparently I am her favorite cousin, and trust me, it’s not much fun. And then Jace… oh Jace. The little monster. He is nuts! He just screams for no good reason, none at all, and tackles your feet, and throws things, and grrrrr. He can’t even just say “good night”. It’s “GOOOOOOOD. NIIIIGHHHTTT!!!!!”


They wanted me to build a zoo with them out of Duplos. But I didn’t WANT to. And so Jace kept bugging me until I built a cage for the crocodile. Or alligator. Or whatever, I dunno, it’s made out of plastic for Heaven’s sake!

So yeah yesterday was New Year’s Eve. Not that I need to tell you guys that… Erm, yeah, we did… Nothing. It was my Daddy’s birthday but we were all exhausted from the visit from the Little Munsters, so we did nothing. Just kind of hung around the house all day, or atleast we did, Daddy was out working, as always, he never stops. So I got to feeling a little sick, and decided to crash in front of the TV for a while, where I watched Tombstone. If you haven’t seen it, see it. It’s a little Hollywood-ized, not surprising, but still, good movie. Sad movie though. Funny, as a female, that the part I like the least is the romantic part where he falls in love with the actress Josephine…. That part bores me. Haha I like Doc, for some reason, I don’t know why, but I just like that guy! Okay, enough about Tombstone. So when that was over, we began to watch Gone In 60 Seconds. Another very good movie… It’s about this guy named Memphis (played by Nicholas Cage) who has to steal 50 cars in 3 days otherwise these bad dudes are gonna kill his little brother. It’s a good movie- Sara, you should see it.

And then I crashed about 10:15. With a bit of a sore throat… when I woke up this morning my throat hurt like heck. Watched TV a lot of the morning, just collapsed on the couch, half in existence, half not. And now… I am on here. Feeling sorry for myself and listening to my iPod. OH! I completely skipped Christmas… dang I hate it when I fall behind on my blog.

For Christmas, my grandparents (on my Mom’s side) came down. We call them Omi & Opa, because they are German (my Mom was born in Germany too, and my great-great-great grandparents were born in Germany on my Dad’s side, so I am a little German gal), and Omi is ‘grandma’ in German, and Opa is ‘grandpa’ in German. Yeah… It was okay. Stressful, I had a hard time, and it didn’t really feel like Christmas, but I don’t want to get into all that right now.

I got lots of stuff! In my stocking… I got lip gloss and perfume. Yeah… Now one of the lip stuff I got is Burt’s Bees, and it’s very lightly colored so I like it, but I got some other stuff that… Well it’s called “Pink Grapefruit”. And it smells like grapefruit… but in a lip gloss, grape fruit smells weird. Oh well… And the perfume. I am almost positive that came from my grandmother. I have never worn perfume and I wasn’t really planning on it anytime soon. It’s from “Dolce & Gabbana” or something like that. One smells kind of nice… It’s called Light Blue. The other one is called “The One”. What kind of name for perfume is that? “The One”? So you put it on and your soul mate just gravitates to you or something? Whatever… It smells bad anyway. Daddy says we can use it for trapping bait. I agree.

I also got a Promise Ring from my Daddy! For those of ya’ll who don’t know what it is, I will explain. You wear this Promise Ring on your wedding ring finger until the day you get married… It means you promise to wait until you get married, you wait for your husband. It’s really cool… This one says “TRUE LOVE WAITS” on it. I loooove it… Thanks Daddy! (Your dad is supposed to give it to the daughter, the mom is supposed to give it to the son.) I also got… candy! And yeah. Then on to the other presents. I got some nice shirts, some jeans, some socks, a pair of pajamas. I got FOUR CDs! Garth Brooks (The Ultimate Collection), Carrie Underwood (Carnival Ride), Jordin Sparks (self titled), and Montgomery Gentry (Some People Change). I got a DVD… Knight’s Tale! Another excellent movie. Clean and amusing, but not a chick flick.

And best of all… I got an iPod!!! I asked for an iPod Nano, 8 gig. That was as much room as I would need. Tyler went way on the other side of the scale, he asked for an iPod Classic 160 gig!!! I guess he wants to put a lot of movies on his… But we both got an iPod Classis 80 gigabite. That is a LOT of room. Wow. But now I can put movies on it! If I can ever figure out how… Anyway Tyler got a black one and I got a silver one. It took me two days to figure the stupid thing out… About 7 hours of nonstop frustration. I finally got it though! I had to register the iPod online, download songs on LimeWire, drag the songs from LimeWire over to a playlist on iTunes, plug in my iPod to the computer using the USB cord or whatever it I called, and then download the songs to my iPod! I have…. 110 songs on there now. And 24 pictures. Hehehe.

I had heard one song by this guy named Chris Daughtry on the radio, called “Over You”. So I downloaded it onto my iPod and I loooove it. So I decided to download more… Turns out that song they play on American Idol whenever they kick somebody off the show, he sings it! It’s called “Home”. I also loooove his song “All These Lives”. Wow. Good songs. *sigh* He has a spectacular voice, I am addicted to his voice and his songs. He was on American Idol actually, 2005 I think, but I am not sure. He got kicked off in the top 4, but should have stayed. Cause he is excellent! I seriously am addicted to “Over You” & “All These Lives”. Somebody help me! I am now a Chris Daughtry junkie. And I'm not even that into rock music!

Okay, anyways, yeah. So I am sick. Sara asked me on Facebook “what are your plans for New Years?” Well I am sick. So I guess hang out in my Blue Squirrels, sweat pants and baggy t-shirt soaking on throat lozenges and listening to my iPod.

Ya’ll enjoy your New Years. And remember to feel sorry for me. Much appreciated. =)