Friday, January 30, 2009

Life IS Good

I need to give my blog a whole new makeover. I'll get on that. I want to redo the picture, load more pictures onto my little slideshows, redo my Playlist.... yes. I'll do that. Maybe today, we'll see if I can find a good pic...

Anywhosie. I am in the most optimistic, amazing mood ever. I'm just... joyful. That's it! Joyful! I got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart! Down in my heart!

-bounces around singing at top of lungs-

I've just... Sort of renewed my relationship with the Lord. And He has been so gracious as to instill a joy deep down in me. I've turned on Air1 (local Christian alternative radio station) for the first time in ages and just ahhhh. Me so happy. LOL.

Hummmm dee dummm.

So. I'm hoping that we can go to the movies tomorrow or Sunday. Because Tyler and I want to see Mall Cop. And J., a friend, wants to as well but can only go on Sunday, not Saturday. N. and A. may go too but I am not sure, we have not discussed it, since N. doesn't have a phone right now. Making plans are exhausting! Which is exactly why I don't do it very often. :D

I may ride ol Wyatt this evening... Dingbat horse. Rode him yesterday, we gathered and moved some beef yearlin heifers, and then rode through a pasture and got a count on our Corriente bulls. He was being such a goober! I mean at one point he just boogered and humped his back and when to spinnin in a circle when I pulled his head around... And for no apparant reason! I mean really. -sigh-

Ooooh I'm sure you all know that song played on the Peanuts? Yeah, the Peanuts Theme Song, although it's officially called "Linus & Lucy". Well anyway, my piano teacher, Mrs. M., got the ORIGINAL version for me. Not watered down or anything, and it's like 2 levels above me, but I'm learnin to play it! I just got down the first part, and I'm playing it over and over and over. LOL. My poor family is gonna be so sick of that tune, but it's so cute and fun! I can't play it very fast just yet otherwise I get my counts mixed up but I'm working on it!

Okay so my oh-so-happy post is done now. Oh wait.... Hold on... -screams- Ha sorry. Gotta get my joy out somehow. So I've been dancing and singing all morning! WOOT! Hehehe. Okay I will leave you with a Bible verse and say adieu and hopefully get to work on my blog makeover soon...

"O God, you are my God,
earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you,
my body longs for you,
in a dry and weary land
where there is no water."
-Psalms 63:1

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hum dee dum...

Okay so... Yes. I am ashamed of myself. I sorry. I abandoned my blog completely. But I'm here now so... Maybe I'll gain interest in posting regularly again. =]

Um so... Not a whole lot to talk about really. Had a good Christmas and all! =] My three little cousins were here for two days with my uncle (whom I lufffff), geeze do they just suck the energy out of you. I told my friend Adam it was like we had 3 little tornadoes ripping through the house. He said he knew how I felt because he had 4 little tornadoes in his house that never left. (4 little siblings.) I didn't feel too misfortunate after that.

Right now I have my MySpace playlist playing. I love music. Music is my drug of choice. There are no health hazards involved and there is a song for every day and every mood and every situation. Music is just ah-mazingggg. Mmm. Wonderful stuff, I'll tell you! It's better than coffee and chocolate combined. =]

I get addicted to songs. Like... seriously addicted. To the point where it's ridiculous. Right now I'm not... uber addicted to anything. But I have several songs I am listening to every chance I get haha. These are the songs:

Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie -- Michael Peterson (it's not like it sounds, I swear!)
Nobody's Girl -- Reckless Kelly
When You Say Nothing At All // Don't Close Your Eyes -- Keith Whitley

Keith Whitley is... Oh, man. Keith Whitley is just... Haha there are no words! I love his songs and I love his voice. He died way too young. =[

Anywhoooo. Yesh. Oh! There's a dance tonight! Wooot! -dances- Ha will be fun. :D Sara and I were gonna go to a movie before and she was gonna come home with me after but both those things are still a wee bit uncertain. But the dance will be pretty cooool. Ha I'm excited!

Okay well I'm running out of things to say. Seriously. I'll try and post tomorrow. Adios.