Monday, June 30, 2008

Cracker & Peanut

Okay well not alot has been going on around here. I guess there has been some stuff but I'm just not motivated enough to go into detail about little random things. I'm rather tired this morning, and I honestly don't have a clue why. Hmmm.

Well then I guess I will discuss Peanut. I had an entire post written out about this whole thing but then dadblamed Blogger wouldn't save it, cursed thing. So you won't get as much detail. Basically last Saturday morning we found Peanut tangled up in the fence. Daddy had to cut him loose, and there was no telling how long he had been down, anywhere from 12 to 24 hours probably. So we dosed him with Bute, Banamine and Dexamethasone. We kept an eye on him but Sunday morning he was doing pretty bad. So we brought him up to the house where we squeezed about a pint more of Dex down him along with some more Bute. We also put some "Proud Flesh" on his wound, which is basically Nitro-Furizone with steroids. That was the only place he was cut up, was that right hind leg, and luckily it appears he didn't cut into any tendons or anything, just tissue. Well he was literally on 3 legs Sunday evening, ole leg swollen up like a balloonm, and Monday morning he was a completely different horse, and I mean completely, putting full weight on that leg. Well we took him off the antibiotics and just started Bute-ing him and putting some of that Proud Flesh on him about every other day or so. Well yesterday we put him in the stock thing (I call it a vet stall) and washed out that wound and put some goop on it. This morning he is pretty bad and won't even lead, we regret taking him off of antibiotics so soon because now the swelling is back (not as bad as it was at first though) and it looks like it's infected. It's oozing alot more too. So we gave him some Bute and put him on Penicillin, for the infection.

Anyway while he has been up I have been grooming him out. His poor tail hadn't been groomed in years it appeared, so I got it all smooth and shiny and his mane too, just as purty as can be! [Thanks to a hardy hoofpick and can of WD-40!!] He's a little horse, about 14.1 of 14.2, bay, cute little thing if you were to ask me. Got some respect issues but he was just never given a chance to learn; I'd like to ride him if he ever gets better.

So anyway I was out there the other day trying to get pictures of him, but I'm like his favorte person now so he kept following me and I couldn't get any good ones really of him. So I just took pictures of his eye in sepia. The horse's eye is just... wow. I don't know. It's full of so much. I was holding Cracker this morning while Daddy shod him and I was just looking into his eyes and ya know I just saw... Trust and loyalty and total innocence. It's amazing. So I took some of Peanut, and below are a few that I cropped on Adobe Photoshop.

Yesterday morning I got up and went out to check on Peanut, and I see Cracker tied to the fence, with an ouchie on his nose and above his eye, and above both hind hooves he was bleeding a little. And part of the halter was through his mouth. The part that goes from the Fiador knot at the chin up to the cheek strap? It was through his mouth!! (???) So I tried to take it out but couldn't. So I tried to undo the halter, but the knot was too tight. Well I knew Daddy had something to do with it of course so I marched inside and demanded what he did to Cracker, and he stated that he had done it to himself. Cracker has always had problems with being shod, I don't know what it is. But I guess he was being a real brat about it and every time Daddy would pick up his foot he would just jerk and he couldn't do anything. It was really hurting Daddy's back and he couldn't shoe him at all. So Daddy tied his foot up via a Scotch hobble and the poor sucker went down and went to kicking himself and banged his head up on the fence.

Well needless to say I was pretty ticked at Daddy. I mean I know horses need to learn respect and I don't discipline them enough, but he is the opposite. And I mean there are some horses that need that, the dud horses ya know. But Cracker is different. He was just scared. But Daddy admitted he shouldn't have done that but nobody was around to help him so he had to do something, but it was wrong. Poor Cracker. He probably needed it but then again didn't. And he isn't a feeling horse. He's a reacting horse. He doesn't feel of what is happening and react accordingly. He just knows something he doesn't like is happening and reacts negatively. So we went out and I held the poor boy while Daddy shod that hind foot, and he did great! He just freaks out when Daddy ties him up to shoe him. I guess it's comforting to have somebody up there, I don't know. But we put some Scarlet Oil on his scrapes and did the other hind hoof this morning, he was awesome. He will just need to be held every time he is shod, poor boy.

Okay well anyway I'm going now. Need to put some laundry in and stuff. Adios!

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's A Great Day To Be Alive!

Ya know that song, "It's A Great Day To Be Alive" by Travis Tritt? Well I woke up singing that song and it just certainly applies to my day. At-least the first hour of it; it's only 6:20. =P And I don't know why it's different from yesterday or the days before; I've had a long chain of not-so-cheery days. But today... ahh today it truly is a great day to be alive! I woke up early, got out of bed, fed the kittie, had an excellent breakfast of nectarine, grapes and strawberries. And now here I sit, just singing that happy song. "There's some hard times in the neighborhood, but why can't every day be just this good?" It can be. It's just my choice but sometimes that choice is mighty hard to make.

But today I am just going to enjoy my happy day, and I am not going to let it writhe out of control and slither over that fence into Bad Day Territory. No sir, that is not going to happen, on my honor! I have a choice and I have made it, so HA.

I know what part of it is; yesterday when Mama and I went to WalMart I got three new shirts. They are those kind that are really loose and flowy around the middle. Now I know I'm not fat or anything, but I don't have no bikini body or nothing; but hey every teenage girl gets a little paranoid about herself, right? And these shirts are just so comfortable and they just boosted my self esteem up about 10 notches.

That's right, folks, I am feeling pretty darned good about myself today. I got great self-image clothes, a happy tummy, a beautiful day outside, and a good ole friend I call Jesus to walk right by me. What's not to be happy about?

So off I go to get dressed, make my bed, clean the bathroom and start on the kitchen. I hope I can get it all done in time, it's already 6:25 and we have a guy coming to look at the job at 7:00. Mama went for her walk but isn't back yet and still needs to shower. So off I go to perform my duties in a lightning fast performance.

Everybody have an excellent Monday; not good, not great, excellent. I expect nothing less and neither should you!

-skips away singing-

Saturday, June 21, 2008

These Are The Things I Think About...

While I am riding my horse. Yes, that is right, you are going to get a brief peek into the mind of Caitlin (a scary concept alone) while she is horseback.

I think everybody has a weird place where weird things just pop up in their mind. It's just one of those things; for me it's riding. When I'm riding it's like... perfect freedom. And so I guess that somehow releases my mind and funky thoughts along with it that I have subconsciously locked away. And when I step up on my horse, all those weird little thoughts just go flittering around and... Well you get a blog post out of it.

Yesterday I got up to help Daddy and Grandpa get some mamas and their calves out of Mountain Pasture. Which is a rather large pasture. We trailered to the back of the pasture, and split up. Grandpa went to cover most of the East side of the pasture, Daddy took the West fence and I just meandered in the middle. We were looking for 3 pair; there were, of course, many more than 3 in the pasture. But there were 3 smaller, unbranded calves. So off we went! Daddy found two in one bunch, and I could see that, so I trotted off to count cows in another bunch- 11. Then on I went some more til I reached the basin. I could see Daddy coming up with the cows and their calves and we herded them on up to the mountain and tossed them into Adobe Trap. Grandpa had the other pair by a dirt tank, and we tossed them in there as well. Then Daddy went to get the rig and Grandpa and I gave the cows and calves a push towards water, then drifted on into Plains. Where I mostly went along the road and checked cattle at the dirt tanks; all seemed to be well. Then we got to the corner where Daddy met us right on time, and we were done.

While I was still meandering between Grandpa and Daddy, I was- what was I doing? Oh yeah, singing. Don't laugh! That's something I do when I ride.. alot. I always sing. Always. It's very strange really. This time I had, "I Wanna Be Loved Like That" by Shenandoah in my head. Ever since I heard Joey and Rory sing it on "Can You Duet" it has been lodged in my brain and I can't seem to get rid of it. So here I was, just walking along, minding my own business, singing a beautiful ballad, stunning the entire creation with my star-quality voice when I heard the unmistakable sound of... a rattler.

That's right folks, about a yard from Wyatt's front feet was a mature rattler writhing under a javelina bush. Scared the liver outta me but Wyatt just sits there and stares at it, the dunce. I turn him away and walk on; every time I see a snake I think of Mama. I know everybody has their fears, but Mama is deathly scared of snakes. I don't know why, I guess she doesn't need a reason. I'm not paticularly fond of them but I don't despise them, I mean, I leave them alone, they leave me alone. Well, every now and then you get the stubborn one that doesn't mind it's own business, but that's no biggie. You just go get a shovel or hoe and... "Off with your head, I say, off with it!!" But after seeing that snake I got to thinking... I bet those women snakes feel pretty good about themselves. They're long and skinny, isn't that what most women folk desire to be? Long and slender without a care in the world, eh? Except for that mad woman with the shovel. Quite unlike toads... See toads are fat and squishy. I bet those toads have a complex, being all chubbers like that. But it's cute on a toad. I mean you go pick up a toad, poke it's belly and say, "Awww ain't she cute?! Just look at how fats she is, awww...." I don't believe I've ever heard of a man saying that to a woman.

I told you I had weird thoughts.

More snake thoughts. Do snakes get headaches? I mean really, humans do. Do snakes? Or dogs or horses for that matter. I mean I get headaches when I read too much, don't wear my glasses, are around loud noises for an extended period of time, in the heat too long... Or run into something. Yeah it happens all the time. The other day I was mixing the chocolate chip granola bar dough with the electric mixer, and Mama was seasoning something. Chicken I think. And she got the seasons out of a cupboard tot he left of my head, leaving the cupboard door open, which swings away from me. I turn off the mixer, and turn and walk- right into that cabinet, that's right, knocked me right in the dang forehead, made a good BONK too. I had a headache for an hour.

Do snakes do that? I mean I can just imagine one just slithering alone, hum dee dum, maybe singing "Delta Dawn" or something, right, and then BONK it just runs into a mesquite tree trunk. I can imagine it telling it's buddies, "Man that mesquite just came outta nowhere!"

And then I was trotting after counting that herd of eleven, and just enjoying the cool breeze while it would last, and I thought about Sara. And how she must miss riding so badly and how right about then, normally, she would be at work riding a horse. But nope, right then she was in Budapest. Buda and Pest are two seperate towns right? Well something strange occurred to me; Pest. Pesto. Pesto is like a garnishing paste stuff. It has basil in it, and olive oil I do believe. So did pesto originate from Pest? Sounds like a job for Google.

And then I was just riding along, la dee da dee dah, when one of those dang tarantula spiders comes whizzing up. I had seen them all morning; you know those huge fuzzy black wasps with the orange wings? Yeah I've heard many a tale of those things, and they aren't a creature you fool with. So here comes this tarantula wasp, I figured he would just whizz on by like the rest of 'em had. But noooo this tarantula had to land right on my dang rope, right there by my leg.

Well yea, heck yeah I freaked out! I bailed from my trusty steed, abandoning all thoughts of snakes with headaches, toads with a complex and pesto's native country and stood and stared at the dang creature, hoping it would fly off. It didn't. So I snapped a branch from a javelina bush and swatted at it, and off it went. Mission accomplished!

As you can tell, I have a warped mind. With that said, I must bid adieu. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I hate summer. I honest to goodness despise this nasty season just stuffed to the brim with hot nasty weather and despicable winds. It's disgusting.

It's safe from about 5:00 to 9:00. Then we become little house hermits until about 6:00 when it is safe to venture out once more! Golly I just hate it. I get bored to pieces hanging around the house so I decide to go outside and do soething and am greeted with an outdoor furnace. The sun just beats down on everything, and the 108 degree heat causes everything (man, horse, and plant alike) to wither under it's harsh gaze. And on those days when the wind is gusting- oh don't get me started on this dang wind! The heat alone is bearable; not pleasurable to be out and about in, mind you, but it is not excruciating. So long as you have a big jug of water, you're good. But when that wind starts, oh man- it will burn you up, I'm telling you. A cool little breeze is sure nice but when that hot wind gets to blowing- talk about miserable, folks. I just hate summer.

Alot of the kids in town I know are all, "YAY! It's summer! Vacation, no school, swimming, mall, hanging with friends" and blah blah blah blah. I hate it. It's hot and miserable.

That's right, I am anti-summer. Ya know what? I should form an organization and call it, "Anti-Summer Association"!! ASA. That's right and we will protest and take a petition and eventually succeed in eliminating summer alltogether! HA!

Uh. I mean.... I hope fall gets here soon. =]

I have lately gotten into these two shows: World's Most Amazing Videos, and Animal Cops (Houston, Miami, South Africa). That WMAV is awesome! Man they caught some insane stuff on video tape; some makes you stare in awe, and some makes you just cringe. And sometimes you're just, "What on God's green earth was that idiot thinking?!?!" I don't think they were.

Like this one dude, is a professional at lighting himself on fire. That's right- who in their right mind would wanna light themselves on fire? Oh, but it gets worse. For his 21st birthday he wanted to light himself on fire at his party for all of his friends. The difference between this and one of his shows was that, he didn't have his professional crew with him. He was probably slobberin drunk too. Anyway he puts on his handy dandy fire proof suit, and has a buddy drench him in gasoline; being unexperienced, he poured way too much gasoline on his friend there. When they lit him on fire, the dude started to stumble around, and everybody thought it was part of the show, unaware he was in excruciating pain. Man they tried to put him out when he blacked out from the unbearable heat and collapsed on the pavement, but it took forever. Luckily he was alright- man was Somebody watching over him! Idiot.

That Animal Cops is pretty awesome too, although a bit sad. But it's cool because there are all these animals that have been beaten, abandoned, starved and neglected. And they would all die if it weren't for these guys. Isn't that awesome? I mean you are literally saving lives of innocent animals. Critters who never did anything to deserve a life like that, and they get a second chance. It's so cool! I mean they lose alot of animals which is real depressing, but they save alot too; if I could save one animal's life a day, just one, just one difference, it would be worth all the sadness. Don't you think? That would be a neat thing to do.

I saw this one dog on it that.... it was just a miracle he was alive. You could see every bone in his body, skin and bones... Literally. He couldn't walk, which isn't much of a wonder; not only that he was weak, but it was as if his muscle had just wasted away. I mean this dog was like skeleton dog. You see alot of starved dogs on that show, but man this was bad. They named him Triumph and he ended up recooperating and getting adopted!!

Well I need to go. Gotta clean my room up some; Aunt Lora & Katie are comin over this afternoon. I guess I will leave you with some pictures. Baha. As always. This is taken with my camera, but Mama took it when I was giving Tucker a bath. Ain't he a cutie pie?

And this is Huckleberry, haha, he is a total pest, sometimes I just wanna shake him, but he's such a suckup and I always fall for it.

And this pic Mama took of me about a week ago holding all four of GK's kittens.

Enjoy and everybody have a great Thursday!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Okay, I Admit It... I'm Addicted

As most of ya'll know... We are overrun with cats. But I won't go into that. Let's just say that... They make great subjects! Really, they do! The baby kitties are always playin and hiding in funny places, and some of the bigger cats will just flat out pose for you and will even hold a position for as long as several minutes so you can get a good shot. So here are more pict-

Oh my goodness. I just realized that... I've become my mother!
-horrified gasp-

I mean... I used to chew her out for posting pictures every stinkin post, I thought it was ridiculous. But now that I have my priceless FZ18 I... I... I just can't help myself! It's like an addiciton. And it works like this:
Have camera = Must take pictures
Have really good camera = Must take ridiculous amount of pictures

Oh dear. Well then, I admit it. I am addicted to taking pictures. To my beautiful new camera. Every time I look out the window or walk out the door and see something semi-interesting, I go running for the camera. I can take 50 pictures of the dog sleeping in the flower bed; try different aperture ranges, focusing methods, color, b/w, sepia, angles, center, off-center... It's pathetic.

Well... While I fret over becoming my mother (not that you aren't a wonderful woman, Mama, and I really do look up to you, but really- no teenage girl wants to really be her mother; good thing I have this fantastic attitude, eh? ;D) I'll show you pictures of these kitties!

First up is G.K.:

Next is Ange (short for Angel) in b/w:

"I tink I see a putty tat..."

"I do see a putty tat!" Just look at that face! Awwww!

Now here is a little white kittie that was in the apricot tree the other day; love love love these two pics:

Tucker began to dig furiously in the dirt to make a little bed for himself, and this kitty got very curious and approached him. Then she puffed up and spit at him; Tucker just plopped down and stared:

Haha her expression; she was dang sure all puffed up, hair on end and all:

Tucker after digging. Haha!

And here is Tucker giving a good shake after a nap. I didn't have time to switch to Sports mode so it's blurred:

Hope ya'll enjoyed!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missin' Sara =[ (Sunset Pix!)

I find it hard to believe that Sara is actually in Hungary! She is overseas, thousands of miles away, in a foreign country. I mean, we've been talking about it for forever, and it was just sounding all awesome. But now that she is actually there... It's just so surreal! Of course, even more so for her. When I get up in the mornings, there is an letter sittin there in my email for me. I am so thankful for the Internet; it's the only way I can keep in touch with her for 2 whole months!

I'm already going into Sara withdrawls. Seriously, lastnight, I just got so mad and frustrated and every little thing anybody said just ticked me off. And I have no idea why! Usually when I get that way I just call up Sara and rant and rave a little bit, she tells me she understands completely and feels the same way sometimes, and then we go on and talk about stupid crazy stuff. I get off the phone, and everything is all better. Now... well now I can't do that! -cries- It's devestating. Really, it is.

This weekend there is a horse sale. WOOHOO! I love horse sales. =D I don't really know why; I mean this local horse sale is kind of trashy. Really; this is where all them lying horse traders come to get rid of the junk horses they can't sell (or it would be perfectly ridiculous to sell them there) at the good horse sales; like the ones in Las Cruces or El Paso, or even Clovis. So we get all the crappy stuff, although there are always a couple good horses that go through, and a good bit of decent ones. Daddy and I always go; on Friday is the catalog sale. You have to pay a certain fee to get your horse in the catalog; you get a little section that has your horse's name, gender, color, breed, bloodline, and a little description of him. Oh, and the horse's number, of course. These catalogs go out to people and these horses are always the decent ones, because, well you wouldn't pay money to put a junk horse is a catalog. Forgot what the fee was. So anyway, on Friday the "Show Me Session" begins at like 8 or 9 I forgot, and you can show your horse in this little pen, then lope him around a big one, drag a log on him, open/shut gates, etc. Then they have an arena where you can rope off the horse, or cut. It's pretty cool. On Saturday... Saturday is pretty sad. Every now and then you'll have some good horses go through there; people who couldn't make the catalog deadline, or who didn't know about it, or just didn't want to pay the fee. But usually it's pretty sad.

We see almost everybody we know 'round here at a horse sale, they're always fun. I usually run around with... -sniffle-... Sara.


It's okay, really, I'm fine, it's cool.

Okay so just yesterday, Tyler and I were sitting on the couch. He was being completely ridiculous... As usual. And some kind of preview for a movie or something came on, a commerical... I forget. Oh yeah! We were watching something on ABC Family (8 Simple Rules?) and a preview-commercial thing came on for that new show, "The Middle Man". Looks like the stupidest thing ever, without a doubt. I shake my head and say, "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stuipid!" Tyler pats me on the leg and says, "Aw now, don't be so hard on yourself."

I wanted to hit him. But it was so funny I was laughing too hard... I have to give him credit, he is really a funny guy. But usually only when he's trying not to be.

Well I guess I'll just end this with a few pictures I took of a sunset the other night. Sometimes you get real nice colors, pinks and purples and such, if there are clouds and the sun wants to be purdy. Sometimes you barely get a little glow, and sometimes you get a real nice golden color. I was able to capture the latter the other night. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pictures. Baha

Yup, more pictures. I bet your just trembling with anticipation. ;)

The FZ18 keeps getting better and better; it's macro capabilities are outstanding. In the evenings I like going out and snapping pictures of anything that looks at all interesting. Take last evening, for example. I went out, and ya know, it's just amazing what you can find if you really look. When you get up close to stuff, you discover things you never would have noticed if you just hadn't have taken the time. Or been a picture nerd.

Just like this. I saw this little cactus-type plant and thought it would be neat to get up close on them thistles. Or thorns. Whatever you wanna call em- the prickly thingies! And what'd'ya suppose I found?

That's right, just look at that little fella nestled right up in there. I was able to get pretty close, but not super, since a branch of... prickly thingies... was in the way. And upon closer inspection...

Two of the little fellas! Turns out that's the local Ladybug Hut. I went back today and saw 4 of them in there. Ya know, I feel bad for the little ladybug dudes. They're called ladies all the time. Must not do much for their sense of masculinity. Masculinity. Is that a word?

Anyway. And in the same evening, I went to zoom up on this purty little purple flower. And discovered this little dude sittin right there:

You have to look to see him; he was kinda transparent-ish and very tiny. But ain't he cute? I mean, I reckon he could be... If you were fond of... arachinids. Haha! "I love tornadoes... I love arachinids!" Okay. Uh. Moving on.
I went on out behind the house to the dirt tank and started snapping some more. Ya'll are gonna get sick of my nature pictures.

Okay, those little flowers were ridiculously tiny; as in a centimeter in diameter. So it was kinda cool to get such a close picture.

Looks blurry on here, but when it's bigger it looks very very clear. Odd. But purty! =D

Okay that's the end of the torture session for today. =]

Sunday, June 8, 2008


So this past weekend there was a rodeo! Woohoo! =D Haha it was awesomeness.

The PRCA came to town, however... the roughstock kind of sucked. Mainly the saddle bronc and steers, bulls and some of the bareback broncs. But the same night there was also a rodeo in Stephenville and all the good stock went there. Phooey. =[ Guess we just weren't important enought. =P

Nonetheless, it was awesome! Friday night we went and I hung out with Jess, Sara, Tyler, Kayla, and Nelson so it was pretty cool. Haha we were being really.... strange. Okay so maybe I was being really strange. I think Nelson was worse. Anyway. Moving on.

So that night after the rodeo, Tyler and Kayla had walked off to go for a walk I guess (during the rodeo they left), leaving Nelson and I all by our lonesome. Well I kind of had to find Tyler because at that point I thought he was Nelson's ride, and also because my parents didn't want me wandering around the fairgrounds alone. =P So, off we go to find Tyler. Which we did. He was by his truck. So we then.... *thinks* Oh yeah! Nelson and I walked quite a ways to his own truck (hahaha which is totally beat up and stinkin rocks) to... get his hat? I think, yeah that was it. He was wearing a baseball cap and wanted his hat. He then pulled the truck up to the fence, because it was in the middle of the parking lot; he didn't bother to find the road, just ran over all the stinkin curbs. =P

Then we went to Tyler's truck where he got out his guitar and somehow they got to talkin about ACDC. Sad, I know, I had never heard them. Nelson was absolutely shocked. So he had to cure me; he ran to his truck and got a couple CDs, ran back and cranked up the CD player in Tyler's truck.

This is the part where I wish so so badly that I had had a video camera. Or atleast my camera. Because it was absolutely... wow. He was doin the whole air guitar thing, and dancin around to it, and it was just so stinkin hilarious, we were all laughing pretty hard (Tyler, Kayla and I). He claims it was dark and nobody was around... But actually there were like 4 people in the next row LOL I'm surprised they didn't think he was... drunk or something and call the cops. Then he wanted ME to dance with him and I was all, "Noooooo way; I'm not gonna embarass myself!" But... I did. It was gonna happen eventually anyway. =P Then my parents came and took me home. How sad. Haha.

Saturday night (last night) was the second and final night of the rodeo. This time it was Sara, me, Nelson, Tyler, a girl named Alex (he and his chicks LOL) and her little cousin Keeley, whose family we know pretty well. The rodeo still kind of stunk. Haha. Actually it really stunk. And Sara and I were dancing while sitting down to all the stinkin cool music!! They were playin stuff like "Mustang Sally" and old cool rock songs. It was.... very amusing to say the least. Sara was "Cousin It" hahaha she totally has the hair for it when she flips it over. Nelson and I decided we were "Cool Dorks". Loooong story. Well not really if you know us. MOVING ON.

So that was pretty fun the the rodeo ended and it was dancin time!!! Wooo!! So Sara, Nelson, Tyler and I just made our way over to the Farm Bureau building, right there next to the arena, got in for 5 stinkin bucks each, before the dance had even really started. They had a live band there that played a lot of songs without singin, kind of classic country, but not songs we know, just.... songs. In between they put on a CD mix I guess of regular country, then they came on again later.

That was the most fun dance I have ever been to! Because usually Sara and I just.... stand there. You can't talk, the music is so loud at the 4H ones, and we don't get asked to dance a whole lot. See when everybody walks in there they form their own little 'cliques'. We know people inside those cliques, but we don't 'belong'. So we just... stand there. This time we had a group! Woohoo! Haha it was Tyler, me, Sara, Nelson, Stefanie, Molly and I guess Michelle was there part of the time, and then Ty and Andrea for the most part too. It was cool! And very amusing. Nelson was my dance partner so we danced... A dozen times. Atleast. Probably a few more than that. Haha yeah. And it was really hot in there. I mean really bad, it was awful. We wanted to open the big doors but they only had two guards stationed (sad you need guards at a country dance anymore) and if they did that, apparantly everybody would sneak in. So they decided to just steam us. My shirt was stickin to me, I mean it was pretty dang awful. But we survived. Somehow.

The rodeo was over about 9:30; and we left the dance at almost 12:00. So all in all it was pretty awesome and tons of fun. Awesome weekend! =D

Friday, June 6, 2008

First Day Pictures With The FZ18

Okay Sara, I promised you pictures as soon as possible, so here they are. (Even though Blogger took forever to load them!) They are not that superb as I am just learning to use it, but I am posting alot of pictures just because... well, just because! Haha but thus far, I absolutely love love LOVE my FZ18. It's really cool and easy to figure out!! It's so very light, as I previously mentioned. It works quietly and though it has a vast menu, it's easy to navigate thanks to the handy dandy joystick. The macro is very very nice and overall, I just love this camera, haha! I have been having alot of fun messing with the shutter speed and aperture.

I don't have an SD card yet, so I can only take 6 pictures on the built-in memory, 8 or so if they're in black and white, and every time I fill it up with pictures I have to run to the computer, load the pictures, delete them off the camera, and run off to take more. =D Haha tonight when we go in for the rodeo I'm gonna pick up an SD card.
I did take a lot of pictures though. First up - baby kitties! Jenny brought her babies to the house and they have been running around and climbing the bird house and being all... cutesie. Haha. These are all of the same kitten because he was the only one that would stay still! And he was the most photogenic.
(And I realize some of these may look "blurry" but it's actually aperture. Where you focus on one thing and blur out the rest. Daddy said they look blurry and went on about it; it's obvious he just doesn't have what it takes to be a photographer!! LOL... And some just look blurry for some reason on here.)

Here he is sitting in the birdhouse:

A close-up view of the little guy, still in the birdhouse:

One of my favorite pictures I have taken yet; love the composition and lighting of this one:

You can't tell me this isn't hilarious. One of GK's babies who looks like, "Oh no she didn't!!" or "Good Lord!"

Tucker looking all adorable:

I like this one how the light is shining through the tree:

Old leaky water faucet in sepia:

Faucet again, up close, in color:

Apricots! Very.... unripe... apricots. =P


Gorgeous bird of paradise out by the chicken coop:

Some.... kind... of flowers. Haha. The first is just like a little daisy, the last in a teeny tiny one on a bush, no idea what it is:

And a few pics of water droplets on these tiny plants in the yard. I took a TON these are some of the better ones; the last one is cool because it focused on that one tiny drop:

And last but not least, Sam. I love these because of the sincerity in his eyes, I just really love these alot:

That's all I have for now. Off I go to take more pictures!!! Baha.

Thursday, June 5, 2008




I have been tracking my treasured camera on for the entire past week. I came from Illinois. =D Anyway lastnight it was in Albuquerque, and when I got up and checked, it had already left for delivery! So, I, of course, was very excited all day. We live so far out I knew we would be the UPS dude's last stop, but I was just hoping so earnestly for an early delivery. Every time the stinkin dog barked I would run to the front room to see if it was here.

So this evening I was on the phone with Sara, and there comes this annoying tune-like tap on my door, in an annoying, quick little rythm. I was dang sure it was Tyler, he does that a lot just to annoy me. "What, Tyler?" I ask in an annoyed voice. Tap tap tap. "Tyler, what is it?" (Even more annoyed now.) Tap tap tappety tap. Grrrrrr. "Tyler! Go away!" Same little tap. Gosh darnit! So I go open the door and demand, "What!"And there is Daddy, standing there with a box in his hand. A box that had a golden glow, a box so precious and beautiful...

A box with MY new camera in it.

I earnestly apologize them proceed to beg and jump for the package which he refuses to give to me until I am able to snatch it away from him with my super fast reflexes. How dare he?! How utterly cruel!!! It's just... torture to make a girl wait to open her new camera, I mean, come on. Have a heart.

Moving on.

It is beautiful! =D It's small and lightweight and takes great pictures with good color. I understand it won't take alot of pictures I can blow up poster-size being a superzoom, but I don't do that. So it will suit me very well for my situations. I still haven't figured it out, obviously, I've only had it for like an hour and a half. It's kind of frustrating for me that it's more complex than your every day point and shoot because I, well, I don't like to read instructions. I just don't do well with them. I have several faults, this is one of the larger ones, and I get it from my grandma. They don't help me much and I can never seen to understand them. I bet if they were written for a third grader, I wouldn't be able to understand the dang thing. So tomorrow I will have Mama help me with it, haha. She is too tired tonight. (Long story, she'll probably tell it to ya in the morning, I'm just too lazy and tired to tell it myself.) It has all these modes. And the joystick is awesome!!! So is the zoom, that thing just rocks it goes forever!

Anyway. Just thought I would let ya'll know that my new toy has arrived. And nobody is safe. That's right... NOBODY! Baha!!! If you are within a 100 foot range of me, your photograph will be taken, and possibly used as blackmail... Depending on what you look like in the picture. Or what you are doing. So I would be very very careful.

Anything you do can and will be used against you!!

That's right. Fear me.

Be afraid.




Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Favorite Songs

I didn't go to Ricky's. I can't believe it, I didn't get to sleep until about 4:00. It's ridiculous. Absolutely absurd!!

Anyway. Since I was so incredibly bored lastnight. I went through my iPod and was making a list of favorite songs and thought I would, well, share them with you. =) Since I'm just so wonderful and generous that way.

Now I love a lot of songs. I'm a musicholic. It's kind of sad, I am always listening to music, always. And if a radio or iPod isn't around I just sing. Haha. Anywho. There are alot, but check em out! Alot of them are on my playlist, here on my blog. I have a wide variety of genres I enjoy. And some of these songs are sung by various artists, but sometimes I like a song by a paticular person/band.

Let It Fade - Jeremy Camp
My Desire - Jeremy Camp
Take You Back - Jeremy Camp
My Best Friend - Everyday Slumber
Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns
Who Am I - Casting Crowns
Lifesong - Casting Crowns
Voice Of Truth - Casting Crowns
You Know Where To Find Me - Matthew West
You Are Everything - Matthew West
History - Matthew West
More - Matthew West
Glory Defined - Building 429
Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
Strong Tower - Kutless
Draw Me Close - Kutless
The One - Everyday Sunday
Only You - David Crowder Band
Let It Be - Brooke White (American Idol 2008)
Dream Big - David Cook (American Idol 2008)
Sharp Dressed Man - David Cook & ZZ Top (American Idol 2008)
Shout To The Lord (American Idol 2008, Top 8)
Over You - Chris Daughtry
All These Lives - Chris Daughtry
What I Want - Chris Daughtry
Used To - Chris Daughtry
It's Not Over - Chris Daughtry
What About Now - Chris Daughtry
Crashed - Chris Daughtry
Bad Day - Daniel Powter
Spoken Like A Man - Blaine Larsen

Told you there were alot. =P These are my very top favorites right now:

My Desire - Jeremy Camp
You Are Everything - Matthew West
Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
Dream Big - David Cook
Spoken Like A Man - Blaine Larsen

Listen to that Blaine Larsen dude. He is 18 now, all of his released songs were recorded at 15. You won't believe it.

Okay, well I seem to have lost my muse. So until next time... adios!

So. Stinkin. Tired.

I'll brief you on the past few days. I....

Saved a birdie that could, well, could fly.
Cursed innocent baby kitties.
Bought liquor cookies with Sara. (That's what that stuff was- something you put in alcoholic drinks, Sara. o.O)
Discovered the "Creepy Cashier" at WalMart.
Decided summer is Satan's season.

I said it was brief. Forgive me. It's 12:22.... I went to be at 10:00 and can NOT go to sleep no matter how I try. Musta been that mocha frappuchino I had SIX HOURS ago. I have to get up at 3:30 to day work at Ricky's. I may just pull out. I may still be up by then. Psssh. I have lately had problems with sleeping. Like bad problems. I can't sleep. I either can't go to sleep, or can't stay asleep, or wake up 8 or 9 (no exaggeration) times a night. It's ridiculous and I'm getting sick of it. And I can sleep for 9 or 10 hours and I am still exhausted all day. Mama wants to take me to a doctor. And get blood tests.

Needles? -shudder-

Anyway. If it'll get me to sleep I guess I'll survive.

Now off I go. I guess. To do... nothing. Try to sleep maybe. Read. Listen to music. Daydream. Wait. I guess it would be nightdream. But.... while I'm awake. Like... awake dreaming. At night.


Need... cookies?

Wow. I'm going now.

Oh, and I'm gonna sue Starbucks.

Not only for creating the best beverage ever but for making it absorb all sleep abilities!

Stupid frappuchino. Stupid Starbucks.

Well, night.

Or morning. I don't know. Good bye. -collapses-