Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm Such A Cinderella...

Cinderella. The nobel tale of a girl who is used as personal slave for her wicked step-sisters and step-mother, who is constantly verbally beaten down, with no friends and no social life. And then, one miraculous evening, she is granted several hours at a grand ball where she meets her glorious prince. She loses her glass shoe at this grand ball, and the prince begins a desperate search for the foot that fits it. He finds Cinderella- blah, blah, blah, blah, blah-- happily ever after.

Okay, so maybe I'm not so much of a Cinderella as I originally thought. But, sometimes I do feel like it. I have great parents and a great life, but I love to exaggerate, sarcasm is my best friend, and drama is my gift.

But I think everybody feels like a Cinderella at some point in their life. It just seems like the chores and tasks are endless. I mean, laundry alone can be seperated into several different tasks. Sort the laundry, wash the laundry, fold the laundry, and then find some drawer with just enough room to stuff the laundry inside. Cleaning the kitchen itself can also be dissected into many different chores; sweep the floor, scrub the stove, wipe down the counters, put away all and any food, unload the dish drainer, wash the dishes, clean the sink. There's trash; kitchen trash, office trash, bedroom trash, bathroom trash. The living room is a horror to clean-- vacuum, dust the piano and TV, rub lemon oil into the 3 coffee tables, vacuum under the cushions, put all glasses, plates and bowls in the kitchen (there ya go, the kitchen is now dirty again), pick up all the cat toys, shoes/boots and dirty socks. Blech. Then there's just your ormal, everyday tidying up, sweeping the dining room, putting all the magazines into a single stack instead of them being scattered all around the house, it's just. so. tiring.

I just got in from cleaning the bunk-house. For those of you who don't know, I'll fill you in. A bunk-house is where the cowboy crew bunks when they come to help us work cattle. Ours used to be a hired hand's house, so it's pretty big, but not near as nice as our small one back in Texas. This one has 3 bedrooms with 2 beds each, making 6 beds. A nice living room with 2 couches, a chair, a rug and 2 tables complete with several maps of the ranch and pastures. A full bathroom, dining room, and kitchen complete with washing and drying machine, fridge and stove. So we are having hunters out here (I warned you PETA people) to hunt antelope. There's gonna be like 10 people. DK, Dad's boss and owner of the ranch and one other ranch, lets his sons come out here and his sons' friends and some other hunters. Antelope season is only one weekend, since they are so easy to hunt. We have hundreds of antelope here, really, you see them every single day. So sinec the boss is coming down (he rarely does) we are cleaning up the bunk-house.

We just got new floors put in there- congoleum. They don't have linoleum anymore (which is what is in this 100 year old house that we live in) so they put in congoleum. Just a sort of white with brownish flecks. This went in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and hall. We got some commercial-grade carpet (brownish so dirt and stuff isn't as noticable) and put that in all the bedrooms.

Cleaning the bunkhouse included sweeping, vacuumed, re-installing the toilet, washer and dryer, and stove. Moving all the furniture back where it belonged, scrubbing the base-boards, fridge, counters, sink, stove, dining table. Also scrubbing the toilet, bathroom counter and bath until within half an inch of it's life. Washing windows and alllll of the bedding and then making up all the beds all over again.

I tell you, these must be some real special hunters.

Do you see now why I claim to be such a Cinderella? You know what Mom said as soon as I got up to help at 6:30? She said "We'll go clean over there, it won't take us long, and then you can have breakfast."

At 9:30, I finally had a 4 oz yogurt.

I just brought her a trash bag but it wasn't the right size. I think I'mw earing a path from teh bunkhouse to the house bringing cleaning fluid, soap, tash bags, vacuum, cleaner, sponge, air freshener, toilet seal.

I despise cleaning.

No, wait...

I hate cleaning.

With a passion. A deep, burning passion of contempt.

I'm gonna go hit something now. Really hard.

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