Sunday, August 31, 2008

Muse & Meese

Okay so I've been sitting here doing various things on the computer; chatting with Debbie on MSN, chattin with Sara on MSN, replying to mesages on MySpace, checking other blogs. And inbetween these... essential and difficult tasks, coming back to this blank little box. And... desperately racking my mental warehouse.

See. I have one of those; a mental warehouse. Unfortunately, the average amount is 2.
I only have 1.
See the problem?

Anyway. Yes, I was searching the warehouse for a little silver tin that read, "BLOG MUSE". I came across, "MOTIVATION FOR CLEANING", and a few little bitty packages that contained things like "FORMULA FOR CIRCUMFRENCE OF CIRCLE". Once there was a tin that I thought was Blog Muse, but it turned out to be "BEDTIME PONDERINGS". I shoulda known better; Blog Muse has a blue label, Bedtime Ponderings is red!

Anyway, finally on the very top shelf above a box of "CAPTIALS OF US STATES" I found one of those glorious tins! I found a ladder and scrambled up, popped off the top... Only to find it was near empty.

How sad.

So I scraped out what little muse was left, and here I am. I'm so sorry you only get that little handful of muse. But I did the best I could, honest!!

I mean, Bedtime Ponderings would have been the next best thing, it makes for a fair substitute... But I'm not sure ya'll want to hear my Bedtime Ponderings. I mean, you never know what you get when you pop open one of those tins. Sometimes they just really don't make much sense.

And everybody knows that I always make perfect sense.

Okay. So anyway.We went skeet shooting today, it was alright. I shot 3 rounds but I was just having a really bad day. Oh well. It was nice and overcast.

Uh. Really there isn't much to write. Nothing. So sad. I think I'm already running out of muse; there wasn't much left. But I have just enough to write one more thing. Some little thing....

Something, something, something... Uhhh...

Purple polka dotted peanut-butter mooses.

(I think that tin's due date was expired. It's not very good anymore.)


If "mice" is plural for "mouse", then....

Oh. Excuse my spelling error. I usually don't make such ridiculous mistakes.

Purple polka dotted peanut-butter MEESE.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cannibal Cats {And Other Random Thoughts...}

Okay I'm gonna try to go for a new post everyday. Even when I have nothing to talk about. {Try being the optimal word here.} So you get to hear my random ramblings.

Rain has been circulating in our area over the past several days; it's sure nice to see those clouds, dark skies, or that hazy horizon that is a sure giveaway for rain not too far off. I get this really excited feeling in my gut when I see those clouds rolling in. Especially horseback; there is just something about being rained on while horseback. Mmmm. Without the thunder and lightning of course. Because... well that takes all the fun out of it. Now if I'm laying home in my bed, thunder and lightning is all fine and dandy so long as the country isn't too dry at that present time. Then lightning scares the bajeebers outta me. But just laying there with my lamp adding a rosy glow to my room, all curled up nice and cozy under my flannel quilt, with a good mystery novel, watching the lightning, ahhh.... Ain't nothin like it, I'm telling you.

So moving on from rain. We shot 2 rounds of skeet each this morning; it was a registered shoot and we shot unregistered, but still only got to shoot 2 rounds. Tomorrow we can shoot all we want. I shot a 17 {EWWW} and a 19 {ehhh}. (Outta a possible 25.) 20 is my personal best, and I'm sure trying to get better. The 19 was acceptable I reckon, since it was the first time I've really shot doubles on 2 and 6. {Stations 2 & 6 are awkward angles and the skeet shooters enemy.} Alot of people have problems with station 4, but I find it fun. You have to have like 4 foot of lead, and now I am rambling on about something that some of ya'll know next to nothing about and I'm probably confusing you.
Anyway, when Cody goes out there to shoot, he's fun. We enjoy making up excuses as to why we miss.

"The cloud formations in the background distract me."
"It's too bright today!"
"It's sure gotten green, hard to see those birds."
"Dadblasted breeze."
"Rib on my gun is bent."
"Bad reload."

And that's only the beginning. We are expert excuse-makers.
Then there are Bruce & Gloria, who I love. Bruce never fails to pick on me, but he's real nice, I love 'im. Haha... Gloria is totally sweet. Somehow it's more fun when there is another girl out there. Dara comes most weeks too, and boy is she fun! LOL both she and Gloria!
The other day, we were actually scoring the rounds on a sheet for the League. Bruce {who was also pulling, aka pushing buttons on this little remote thingy} was scoring at the table under the roof thingy, and told Dara she would have to speak up when she said "pull" because he couldn't hear her "itty bitty voice" all the way over there. They proceeded to give her a hard time.
So we were sitting there, scored like 2 people, and Daddy, Bruce & I were talking when all of a sudden we hear this blood-curdling, top of her voice screech: "PUUULLL!!"
Yup. I was Dara. Scared Bruce half to death and he dang near pushed all the buttons, and she missed she was laughing so hard, so we gave her another bird. LOL it was funny though; Dara is like 5'1 or 5'2 or something, itty bitty thing, it was frickin hilarious.

Oh and anybody want a cat? Harley is driving me insane. She is about 2 months now, and has come to rule the house. When she is hungry, she doesn't go unnoticed. She screams and screeches, and regardless of whether you have jeans on or not, will crawl your leg to let you know she is just so starved and malnutritioned. And she is EEVIIIL. Golly dang, I'll just be sitting there, minding my own business, she comes up and crawls into my lap. I won't move a muscle and she just attacks me! I swear it, she's just the most evil little sucker. Sharp teeth, I am telling you know, and claws?? Holy cow! She evenutally gets sweet and falls asleep on your chest, purring... She has the funniest habit. I don't know if she wants her bottle {she only gets one bottle feeding a day now} or if it's a comfort thing, but she sucks her thumb. Or her toe or whatever since cats don't neccessarily have thumbs. Or do they? Is that top claw a thumb? I guess it could be....

These are the things I wonder...

Yeah, it's pretty cute actually, you can hear her little sucking noises. She was sitting on Mama's shoulder today, about to go to sleep, and starting sucking on her neck, it was the funniest thing, making smacking noises and all. It's a kitty hickey! -laughs-

Rotten little thing. But no, seriously... I will PAY somebody to take our cats.
I'm begging you.

The dogs live in fear of mobs of cats.
They are forming gangs now.
There's the Yard Crew.
Alpha-Chicken House.
The Wanderers.
Barn Gang.

Folks, I, a 15 year old, live in fear of a 2 pound kitten.
Take pity.
Save us.
I beg of ye.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Bronc Stomper

Alright so I got up this morning to work with the horses again.

Every time we start colts or halterbreak a set of 'em, it becomes clear to me again just how much there is to working with horses. I think everybody who works with horses in any way, even as a hobby, should have to start a horse. You can never fully understand just how a horse's mind really functions until you do that, if you ask me. There are just so many things involved, it would take me forever to write about all we do and why.

But one of the rules Daddy has set in stone is "NO SNEAKING". Alot of guys sneak around a horse to get the saddle on or to get up to them, then when you go to riding them, it's all such a big shock; eventually you want to be able to just walk right up to your horse, catch him, throw a blanket on him, well now's the perfect time to start.

So anyway, Ol Yeller is still having problems. He went to bucking around the pen minutes after he was saddled while CJ and I easily just worked with our horses. Daddy is out right now I think with him; he caught Jesse and is riding him while working with Yeller; one thing a colt has a lot of problems with is changing eyes. Their vision is different from ours; there is a blind spot right in front of them. But when you get on a horse, you have their head turned towards you, so they see you. But when they straighten out, they see you on the right side, and well that just scares the bajeebers outta them and they spook pretty badly generally. So we put our foot in the stirrup on both sides and hop up and down and step up on the side, rub them on the opposite side, lots of stuff.

So ol Bay Boy was doing real well so Daddy asks if CJ wants to put a ride on him. He sure does, so off we go to the round pen. I watch as they move him out a little, then CJ gets up on him, it's all just smooth, goes really well. So CJ gets off ol Bay Boy and I'm anticipating Daddy asking if I wanna ride Sorrelly. But he looks at CJ and point to Sorrelly, askin, "You wanna ride him?"

My heart stopped. My jaw stropped. I stare in wonder.

Wha- but- hey! Daddy- Sorrelly is....


I mean he's been after me for years to start my own horses, make my own horses, etc etc. And NOW he puts CJ on my first chance?


There is something seriously awry with this!!

So I slump against the side of a telephone pole and watch wtih teary, glazed-over eyes as CJ steps up on MY colt.

What has the world come to?? Grown men stealing young girls' first rides on colts?? It's an abomination I tell you!

I felt a little better when he realizes the stirrups are too long, and goes to get off, but his foot brushes Sorrelly's butt and he gets startled and takes a jump. Naturally, since he was completely out of position, CJ pulls on the reins (well it's a halter) and Sorrelly feels trapped and crow hops around a little bit, does a little rear, then it was done. All this while he had no right stirrup. So anyway the ride went pretty well.

CJ steps off and Daddy motions me in saying, "Your turn."

Well I was just so durned happy! Only problem was, I wasn't wearing my boots.

Lets take a little writing detour here. I got a new pair of boots about 2 weeks ago when we went to San Antonio. I love em! They have a riding heel, are square toed, brown bottoms with a cream colored top and golden yellow, red and black stitching high tops.

ANYWAY. I had my Fat Baby's on. I was going to wear my riding boots, but didn't think we were gonna get on the colts today, and I get chewed out when I wear my boots for no reason. =P

But Daddy tells me it will be fine. I give him a glare and tell him if something happens and I can't get off I'll blame it on him.

CJ tells me Sorrelly won't buck unless I kick him in the behind like he did. LOL.

So I step right up there and gather up my rein and step right in the saddle. I felt so proud! Haha... Daddy flagged him around the round pen into a trot and even lope! Sorrelly is pretty... well he likes to move out. So when he lunges through the sand it's pretty rough, but I loved it! And he already reins around a little bit, it was great.


But since I will only ride him for about 30 days then send him off to Bill, Daddy said we might get up a filly and I'll break her. Because we will sell the fillies, or most of them, anyway. If she's broke, you get more. And I have time on my hands, I'll get paid for it- why not?

If I get good enough at it, Daddy once tried to get Tyler into buying colts, breaking em, then selling them. He was interested in it; I might be eventually. But now I have earned the name... Bronc Stomper.

Has a certain ring to it don't it? Bronc Stompin Kate! HAHA...

Okay so I better go now. Just thought I better post. Adios ya'll!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ol' Yeller, Bay Boy, & Sorrelly...

Alright so I promise I would post again today, and I am a gal true to her word!

This morning I was rather rudely awakened at approximately 6:30 am by my father. Now I have lately been up at about 6:00 am, so I slept in slightly. But, I hadn't slept well that night. Thus my reason to complain!!

Daddy informed me that we were gonna put the first saddle on the colts. He brought them up yesterday and he and CJ I guess got 'em haltered and worked with a little bit. These colts are 2 years old and there are three of them; we halter broke them last fall. Now you should know something about my Daddy; when it comes to horses, he's rather brilliant, and surely thorough. When he halter breaks a weanling... It isn't just breaking 'em to the halter. When we are done, they are ready to have a saddle on them, with the exception of the fact that they are... well, weanlings. But we can trim their feet, prepare them for a rope swinging over their ears, the cinch, we flag 'em out, it's a very thorough proccess I assure you. That way when we get them up to saddle break them, we just have to refresh their memory a little bit. They have already been prepared for the saddle.

Of course, you could always just throw a saddle on the horse, cheek 'em down and step right up. But you sang sure better be able to ride, and it's hard on the horse.

So anyways. I get dressed, feed Harley {I am so proud of her~ I bottle feed her once at night, once in the morning, and she eats, actually eats the rest of the day!} and head outside.

There is a bay, whom I have nicknamed Bay Boy until he gets a proper name. This is CJ's project. He says he's never really had to break a horse like this, like work with 'em like we do, but he's doing good! Bay Boy is pretty tall for his age; 2 years old, and about 15.2. He's pretty nice looking, is really docile, a little bit sticky with his feet, but overall pretty nice.

I'll brief you on being 'sticky' in case some of ya'll are reading that don't really know ranch slang. ;] Some horses will move out real well, and some are lazier and just want to brace and be sticky. When they move out, it's better, in my opinion. Or so I was taught by my Daddy, and his theory makes perfect sense. When they are sticky, they tend to brace against things. If they get scared, they just brace and don't know how to move their feet and relieve themselves of the pressure. So... they buck. Because they know not what else to do. The other kind of horse, will react. He will move his feet and go somewhere. You can work with this. If a horse is scared, or nervous, but will move his feet, you can work with that. If he won't, he just freaks out and bucks or something. Not good. SO....

There is this little sorrel horse, who gets the norm name for a sorrel, Sorrelly. That's what most of the fellas I know call a sorrel; Sorrelly. I probably won't give him a better name, since I won't keep him. A guy I've known all my life named Bill had this mare. Well he gave the mare to DK {our boss} to use as a brood mare. The catch is, he gets the first horse colt out of this mare. Well Sorrelly was the first colt. The deal was, he was broke when he got him. So he called up Daddy earlier this summer and asked if I would start that colt for him.


I've ridden colts before, but never started one by myself. Bill- are you INSANE??

Furthermore, he wants to pay me. Hmmm.

He has ridden lots of horses my Daddy has started, and sure likes the way he starts his horses. And I guess Bill knows that Daddy would help me out, and said he would rather have me break this colt out of anybody.

SO. I have a job. LOL. It will be fun! He is probably the best minded out of the 3. When he was nervous about something, he would move away from it, but wouldn't just bust outta there or try to run off. When he danced away, he would keep slack in the rope, was real soft in his neck, it was great. He bucked when we saddled him, I mean, you rarely find one that won't. But when he got his 20 seconds of bucking out, he was done. He just totally relaxed and forgot he even had a saddle on.

And then there's... Ol' Yeller.

-dreary music-

This little fella is the cutest darn horse you ever did see. He's a palomino with a blaze, and he's probably about... 13. or 14 HH. I'm dead serious. He is the the most compact, stockiest muscled little critter, just as handsome as can be. I need to get pictures of him.

But there's always the dumb blonde.

This horse has a wacko mind. He's really difficult. I mean... like Daddy goes at him with his handy dandy little plastic WalMart flag on the end of a stick. He just braces up SO hard, and then blows out of there like nothin. I mean good Lord... Daddy tried to saddle him; we had no problem with the other two. We prepared them with the blanket, so the saddle, they only took two steps. Well Ol' Yeller blew outta there and Daddy lost his grip on the saddle and it fell off. So we ended up hobbling the poor sucker and getting him saddled. He reared up and went to pitching around. When he finally settled down, he'd busted the hobbles off, and when Daddy went to flagging them around, there he went again. He'll dang sure be interesting...

I told Daddy that if he had a completely different disposition, he'd be a great kid horse; he's the perfect size! Daddy replies with, "Yeah, right now he's a great step-kid horse."


Okay well now I must go. All of ye must comment on Bloggy's makeover! Adios!

I Am Alive! I Am Alive!

I swear it- I did not fall off the face of earth, despite what you might have assumed due to my major lack of blogging. Due to my serious neglect of poor Bloggy.

I felt bad for abandoning Bloggy. So I had to make it up to Bloggy. I gave Bloggy a new wardrobe! Ya'll likey? I couldn't find one I liked very easily, until I saw this one. Unfortunately, it was a download. I had to download, then extract files, then go through instructions about 12 steps long. It was slightly confusing, but I got 'er done! Oh and in the process, found a site where you can change your header to a pic. Niiiice!

Okay. Well. I had to let ya'll know I'm still in existence. I must now go continue school. I started my first colt this morning, so I'm behind on my... academics.

More later!