Friday, May 30, 2008

Random Things About Muah

No I haven't been tagged again. (Thank goodness!) But... I want to blog today. I'm trying not to fall behind on it again. Don't wanna starve ya'll of our daily blog portion. So... here I sit. I have been staring at a blank screen racking my pea-sized brain, grasping for something, anything, to write about! So instead of writing about something, I'll just write about... everything!

I'm a very random person. So. I figured I would just entertain ya'll will random facts about the quirky Ranch Kiddo. They aren't as good as my Mama's but.... just in case ya wanna know more about me.

1) I sing in the shower. Every night. There is not one tune-less shower. Sometimes it's "Delta Dawn" and other times it's "East to West". It varies. But I always sing in the shower. Something about the shower tiles or something magnifies sounds... So I sound better in the shower. =D

2) I love and hate Dr. House at the same time. Ever seen that show? House? It rocks. Anyway, yeah. I just love him to pieces and at the same time I wanna strangle him. Haha. Good actor.

3) I never played with baby dolls as a child. Well, okay, so I'll take that back, I did play with baby dolls. But Tyler had to "kidnap" it from me and then take it as hostage. I then turned from the babysitter into a private investigator and had to go save it.

4) I will eat peanut-butter with anything. Or nothing. I will eat it on tortillas, I will eat peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter banana sandwiches, I eat it with apples, celery, crackers, or just eat it straight from the jar. Ahhhh peanut butter. My creamy delight!

5) I have eaten prunes at 1:30 in the morning. I won't go into detail here. Let's just say I slept over at Sara's... and yeah.

6) I love to bake, hate to cook. Well, okay so I don't exactly hate to cook. It's just not something I really like doing. However, I love to bake! I will bake anything if you give me a recipe. Pies, cakes, cookies, bars, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, anything. I love it! Sometimes I just get a boxed cake mix and add random things to it to see how they turn out.

7) I am easily scared. Tyler knows this all too well. He used to hide behind doors and stuff and jump out and scare the living daylights outta me and then I would be jittery all stinkin day. Movies used to really bug me. I saw 2 minutes of this "Haunting" show one time, and there was this ghost dude called Mr. Gordy. I was freaked for months.

I have no muse. That is all I can come up with. So... There is this really cool Discovery Channel commercial. It's awesome haha- I like it when the dude from "Future Weapons" blows up the shack. Anyway, here it is:

I love tornadoes, I love arachinids... LOL I love it. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Gonna Get A New Cameraaaaa!!

Cameras. Ahhhh how I have been abused by such a device. Amazing isn't it? That such a beautiful piece of technology is capable of dealing out such torture. Tsk, tsk.

Well, I can't really get upset at Mama for all the pictures she has taken over the years, because I can honestly say I enjoy looking at them. And, I myself enjoy taking pictures.

My first real camera, a digital, I got when I was 10. It was my second year at Cal Farley's and the only year they ever had this competition (which is a darn shame). It was a poetry competition and the winner recieved $300. Guess who won?

Baha. Me.

And I knew just what I wanted, so when I went to Omi & Opa's not too much later, I went in search of a camera! I ended up with a Canon Powershot A85. What a handy little bugger it is! It was very possibly the most versatile camera of it's time. You could just turn it on with it on "Auto" mode and just go to clickin pictures. It was great, and then it also had modes like Nighttime, Sports, Manual, Aperture, etc. It was a beginners, and an advanced amateur's camera. Not only this but it also has the option of adding a longer zoom lense onto it, which I never did. And now the poor thing is 4 years old (which is pretty decent in camera years, especially for the amount of times I, er, well, um, dropped it) and it's not worth it to buy a lense. My point is- this is a dandy little camera. It's small and takes excellent pictures.

But... it's starting to go out. -cries- The buttons won't really work- the zoom out gets stuck, and the little toggle buttons you have to push half a dozen times. Sometimes they work, sometimes not, and the flash doesn't always work and woe is me! But, that's alright. It's about time I moved up in the camera world anyway, right? Right.

So Tuesday Mama and I went to town, as always. (Last time though- piano is out for the summer!) I didn't think about it until we were out of WalMart and in Sams. But I did look at Sams, and found two that interested me. Then we stopped by Target and OfficeMax and found two more. Well, that was enought to get me started, and I just jumped on the handy dandy Internet and... I...

Well. I became swamped with so many cameras, conflicting opinions, and lengthy reviews that since Tuesday evening I have just been stuck in a little camera fog, I tell you.

I considered a Sony H7, Sony H9, the Canon Powershot SX100, Kodak Z712 & Z812, several Olympic E-series, the list goes on and on. Each and every time I would eliminate one for various reasons.

The confusing thing is... the conflicting opinions part. Yeah, everybody uses a camera for different things, that is why there are so many cameras; so there is one for everybody. But if a camera isn't right for one person, they bash it. And it's confusing. Which is why I really don't like to read the "User Reviews". Instead I read the expert reviews on places like,,, again, the list goes on and on. I bet I read 75 reviews, easy. It's really really awful. That camera world, I tell you, it's a dog-eat-dog place now.

So I finally narrowed it down to two cameras. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 and the Canon Powershot S5 IS. Two very nice cameras within my price range.

That's another thing. It is possible to get a camera with tons of nice stuff, just not down there below $300. So you have to compromise things, and weigh out the pros and cons. This is where I was stuck.

The Panasonic has an 18x zoom (I was shooting for atleast a 12x), wider angle lense (28 mm rather than 36 mm), and this cool little joystick thingy. =D

The Canon (which I was leaning towards because I love my own Canon so much) had a swivel/foldout/twist LCD (which I really liked), and Canons are known for their quality.

I found several forum threads relating to a debate between these two, and seemingly they are very similar, except for those points I mentioned. They both have 2.5 inch LCDs, image stabilization, face detection, 8 megapixel. So it came down to image quality. I had a hard time finding out which was better.

I finally found out that the Canons are known for their picture quality, but the S5 had a downfall here. The image noise was more, where there was less in the Panasonic, and the Panasonic had overall better colors and image quality.

So there we are. After 7 or 8 hours of research, over 70 reviews, 3 major headaches, about 10 cameras later, we have decided on the Lumix.

Then there was another terrible decision to face. Color. Silver... or black? Silver... or black? Black... or silver?

Hey! I have to live with this camera for quite a while, gimme a break!

I finally decided with black and got on Amazon and ordered the dang thing. It will be shipped tomorrow and should be here mid-late next week.

I is so happy. =D

So the camera search is over! Whew! And this post is way too long. But just for the heck of it, here is a link to a review on my current Canon Powershot A85:

And here are only a couple that I read on the Panasonic Lumix:

I've bored you enough. Adios!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Guess what I'm gonna be when I grow up?

You know what happens when I get bored? I find stupid quizzes and surveys to do online... among other things. Such as call Sara up, start texting random people, go and brush out a random horse (whoever happens to be in the pens), draw stupid doodles, etc. But yes, I am guilty of taking those ridiculous things.

So lately, I have been wondering... What the heck do I wanna do when I get out of school?!?! Ya'll, I have no stinkin idea. I know I'm going to college; I want to. But even if I didn't, I wouldn't have a choice. And it's always been just an unspoken deal that I'll go to A&M. My parents aren't making me go there, but... I dunno, I didn't really know there were any other colleges besides Texas A&M until I was like 9.

I digress. I'm pretty dang sure I want horses to be in my life somehow. (Oh, and I'll just insert here that yes I have been praying about it, but the good Lord just hasn't revealed His master plan yet, soooo... I'm still wondering.)

I was thinking along the lines of... equine massage therapist? That would be cool. Working with horses and yeah that would be pretty awesome I think.

Being an equine veterinarian would be pretty awesome too but that is just really something you have to be really dedicated to, and I'm just not sure that is my passion. There is 3 more years of college in additional to the 4 years that make up my Bachelors degree. Gosh dang, that's alot of school.

Being an equine nutritionist is also an option... Making horse food. Haha. Horse food... sorry, that just sounds funny.

Anyway, back to my original point. Those surveys. So yesterday I Googled "how to choose a career". Lame, I know, like I said.... Boredom seized me once more and off I went to find my life-long career through Google!!

So this survey thing came up....

Aaaaand yes I took it. It asked for a name, state and zip code. I told them my name was Heidi Berg and gave them the zip from where I used to live. Baha. Then I answered like 25 questions "yes" or "no" and they said the results would be emailed to me (yeah I had to give them that too, but I gave them the old one).

I didn't get to check my email til this morning.You wanna guess what it said my perfect career was, based on my answers to the questions?



Can you believe that?!?!?! They told me that I was destined to be a lawyer. Are you kidding me?!

I don't like people. Hel-lo! I mean, not to offend ya'll reading this. Mama, Sara, Aunt L., Auntie M., I mean I love ya'll but I mean... like... other people. Normal people.

Wow I should stop talking.

My point is, I don't handle most people-type situations very well, I just don't. And lawyers are like little brain-sucking, decieving rats. At least that's what my Mommy tells me. =]

So yeah. I'm destined to go to Harvard. Or Yale. Or Stanford or something, one of those Ivy-League, preppy, argyle-sweater, lawyer schools. Psssssh. A ranch girl? An attourney?

I mean, sure, I get pretty determined to make people see it my way when somebody starts arguing with me. I have an opinion, and when anybody challenges that opinion in an argumentative way, I have been known to defend it just... the slightest bit... maybe. *cough cough*

Okay. I'm going to go have my breakfast and take a shower now. I'm really glad I didn't read that email lastnight. I would have had nightmares of... blood-sucking lawyers with fangs, and red eyes, and clawed hands, and... and...!!!

Well. Have a nice day everybody!

Friday, May 23, 2008

5 Random Things

5 Random Things

What I Was Doing Ten Years Ago:

1) Still living in Texas (as a 4 year old!)

2) Riding Poncho nonstop

3) Rescuing and pampering baby kitties (not much has changed)

4) Watching "Winnie the Pooh" regularly

5) Enjoying helping Mama around the house (okay so that has definitely changed)

5 Things On My "To-Do" List Today:

1) Do a math lesson

2) Rope the dummy for atleast 20 minutes

3) Play with Dexter

4) Find that baby kitty

5) Ride Wyatt

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

1) Peanut butter banana sandwich

2) Apple (peeled, with peanut butter)

3) Ritz crackers

4) A chocolate (chip) granola bar

5) Tortilla with cheese

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:

1) Scream hysterically, run in a circle, do the happy dance

2) Give to St. Judes hospital & animal shelters

3) Buy one of them fancy new Hybrids

4) Buy a ranch in Texas =D

5) Save the rest

5 Bad Habits:

1) Leaving clothes in the bathroom

2) Not washing clothes until I am totally out

3) Not washing my retainers in the morning

4) Chewing on my pinkie (it's weird)

5) Not doing the silverware when I do dishes

5 Places I've Lived:

1) Ojo Grande in Texas

2) Bankie Stocks Ranch (did I spell that right Mama?)

3) Timber Mountain Ranch in Texas

4) L/E Ranch here in NM

5) The moon

I now tag... Auntie M. Aaand... Mama!!

Chapman Family Needs Prayers

(Yes I already posted but this is more important.) I'm sure you've heard about Marie Chapman's recent death. It's really, really tragic and I don't know how her brother is getting through this. Just please keep them in your prayers. This is just... unimaginable.

They have created a blog in honor of their 5 year old daughter, Marie. The following is the blog, with as many details on the accident as you will find anywhere else, and a video.

Devil Hamster aka "Gosh Darned Good For Nothing Fluffball"

Once again, I sincerely apologize for falling behind on my blogger duty so tremendously. I swear, this just comes in spurts. But... in my defense, we have been very very busy. Last week was the last of our busy stream, or atleast the main one; last week was fall works. I won't elaborate on that, just say we were short handed, which really reall stunk. Some days we were working cattle, Spring Works, with a 5 man crew. Most days a 6 man crew. 2 or 3 days we got lucky and had 8! Thing is, alot of people wouldn't dare think of working cattle without atleast 12, some are ambitious and go for 16. Nothin' wrong with that, just making my point that... We were short on hands. 2 dudes backed out so yeah. We also picked the best week this spring for working cattle. This week has thus far been incredibly hot, and I hear it won't improve much. It has been very warm, very windy, not fun. Last week, when we worked cattle, was awesome because two nights we got like almost 2 inches one, and 6 tenths the other night. And during the day it was overcast and calm, and we got sprinkled on, off and on, most of the days, it was just very cool and very nice. And we didn't have any extremely wild bovines, thank goodness.

Enough of that. Devil Hamster. Are you curious? Check out the picture below.

He goes by the name Dexter. Don't let the fluffy fur, cute little hands or seemingly innocent face decieve you. Inside, he has a teeny tiny heart made of ice, and a brilliant little mind.

I haven't had much time to handle him, well, at all since before last week. I was always exhausted in the evenings during working and I would just stick him in his handy dandy plastic runabout ball and off he would go!! Now Zoey has never been bad about chasing the hamsters. Sassafras has only escaped from her ball twice (not sure how she does it, must put her teeny little paws in the grips and twist it open and voila, she's an escapee) since we've had Zoey (twice more before that) and we always found out soon enough and kicked Zoey out of the room and caught the evil little bugger. Dexter has yet to escape. That is... until tonight. Or this morning. Whatever.

Let's set the scene, shall we? It's 1:07 am, I'm all snuggled up cozy in my bed, enjoying a pleasant dream about... I can't remember what it was about, but I was dreaming and it was pleasant, isn't that enough details people?!?! Moving on... Zoey was being obnoxious, knocking at Sassafras' ball (which I just put on the floor by the keyboard stand on which she resides) into the gun case and some shotgun shells, making a terrible racket. In addition, I could hear her scratching at something and pawing at my nightstand. I tried to ignore her, but much to my dismay, she continued. Well dangit you stinkin kitty!!! So I get up, and see she is pawing under my nightstand. I suspected a hamster had gotten loose, but quickly dismissed the idea.

I retrieve my flashlight...

Peer under the bed...

And I see-


I struggle to calm myself down and prevent a heart attack. Okay, stay calm, just grab the hamster by his sorry little fluff and toss him in the cage and be done with it. First things first, throw the cat out. Next, turn on the light. Get the hamster ball. Back to the nighstand-


Okay, it's okay, don't panic but AHHHH HE'S GOOONNNE! I frantically search about, to no avail. Finally I roll over to the other side of the room, near his cage, at the foot of my bed, and no Dexter. Well I can't neccessarily move the trundle underneath because the wheels could squish my precious little hammy. So I pick up the frame and move it back and peer behind the bed, but the mattress is in the way. I finally get smart and pull the mattress out, leaving my free to see-

There. There he is. Bwaha. You can't escape me now!

Well okay so maybe he can. See there is about 2x4 inch square mesh on the trundle, and when I try to reach through them to get the hammy, he moves and I can't get a good grip. I try to push him to the side of the trundle into the ball. Ah, there he goes, he's walking towards it-


He avoids the ball, and skitters away out of sight. Why, you gosh darned, good for nothing little fluffball!!! I move the mattress back some more. Aha!! There he is. I try to pick him up by his fluff, but he flails his little bitty limbs frantically, claws at my hand, catches me by surprise, I bang my hand against the bed by accident, and, well, hurt myself. Evil little hammy. (Emphasis on evil.) I try to scooch him in the ball one last time...

AHA! You are mine, bwahahaha. I have finally caught the terrible beastie. I dump him in his bin, and latch it tight. (Yeah, Dexter's mama was very careless when feeding him lastnight, forgot to put the lid on the bin so it fits, and... well...)

ANYWAY. The hamster is safe and sound in his bin. And yes, I have Zoey to thank for it. And for not catching and eating him. I saw her catch a mouse once. (Outside, I assure you.) So yeah.

I remember when Sassafras first escaped. This was about a year and three months ago or so. I had had Sassy for a very little amount of time, maybe two months if that. I used to keep her bin on the floor, without a lid. It's high topped, she couldn't get out by crawling on anything, I didn't have a cat, why bother? Well, I'll tell you why. I have a very, very strange hamster. Not only is she excessively aggressive, biting relentlessly and seemingly untamable, she also has strange habits like chewing on the water spout (which is extremely, extremely annoying). And not only this, she crawled the water bottle. Yes folks, she did. I have done a LOT of reading on hamsters and never have I heard of such an account as this, and neither did my hamster people on Hamster Hideout (a forum). So I come home from shooting sports at about 11:30 (I forgot what delayed us) and she is gone. Of course I frantically search every room in the house, and don't forget that I post a frantic, panic post on HH about her escape. There are alot of things you can do when a hamster escapes, but luckily while I was on the computer trying to calm myself down by reading fellow members' reassuring posts, I heard a strange scratching that continued and continued. (It was about 1:00 at this point.) I finally just knew she was in the office. So I made a bucket trap. I took a bucket, put some bedding in the bottom, and some food. Then I made a ramp out of a cutting board covered with a towel and put apple and cheese all the way up the board, and in the bucket. Hamsters have terrible eye sight, and this has worked countless times, so I'm told. The hamster smells the strong-smelling food, crawls up the ramp, pouching and/or eating, and falls in the bucket, and is caught. But Sassafras wasn't interested in eating. Well I kept checking on the bucket and finally went in there once... And there she sat. I grabbed the hamster ball and put it in front of her, coaxing her into it, but she refused. She skittered away. I herded her back, between two boxes, and into the ball she went. It was 2:00 at this time. A.M, yes.

Needless to say, it is 2:06 A.M. now. I am wide awake with not a thing to do... But blog. Yessirree, so you can thank the hamster for this post.

Dadgummed fluffball. He didn't get a craisin tonight. And he won't get one tomorrow night. Heck he may never get a craisin again!!

Hey, he did the crime. He will suffer the consequences.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shooting Sports Weekend // Imprisoned By Braces No More!!

Hola me peeples. =D

I know, I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately, and I am deeply ashamed of my lack of responsibility. =[ I sincerely apologize and am greatly determined to have higher standards when it comes to my blog. Honest!

Well this past weekend we were up north of the state at the State Shooting Sports competition. It was pretty awesome! The down side was that we had only practiced about 6 times; we used to practice at Dow Hall, but the hall is currently under major construction. Coach and the team could come out here as often as they wanted; except that we didn't have a safe place to store the equipment, and it was alot of work to keep loading and unloading it. Also, it was quite a ways out here, thus a bit inconvenient. So yeah we could have done alot better if we had practiced; but as it is, we did not have that privelage. It was however, an excellent experience, and I believe helped us all so that we could be even more competitive next year, accompanied with practice!!

So we went up there earlier than the team. Thursday afternoon, we left. It took us about 4.5 hours to get up there. Why did we leave to so early, you may be asking? Well there is a very excellent gunsmithing school near Raton, where State would take place; Raton is right near the border of Colorado, and we could just cruise on up there in CO and visit Trinidad, home of the best gunsmithing school in the nation, perhaps world! (So they say.) So yeah we reached the Whittington Center that evening with perfect intentions of grabbing our key and heading on up to our cozy little cabin for a good night's rest.

Ohhhh but no way! That would be way too easy. Psssh.

We got our key to Cabin 3 and drove on up there (about 2 miles I'm guessing it was) to our little cabin. Well we just shoved that nice little silver key right in the lock, turned it, and....

Well. Nothing happened. The door refused to open. For several minutes we fought with that door; then we tried the backdoor. No luck. (Oh, and it was very very cold; not the perfect temperature to be standing around fiddling with a stupid cabin door.)

So we just cruised right back down there and told Roger (the guy on night duty) all about our cabin dilemma. Well he was real nice and apologized about it and all; he gave us a different set of keys for Cabin 3. Up we go with high hopes of a cozy bed (it was dark by now)... But nope. Stupid key still wouldn't do the trick. (At this point I suggested somebody hoisted me up and I could just pop through the window but neither Mama nor Tyler went for it.)

Back down to the entry gate, where he told us to just run into Raton and get something to eat, and he woudl go up and try all the keys for Cabin 3. Alright, so into town we went where we stopped by a little Subway and had us some supper. (Which was pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.) We headed back to the Whittington Center; I was pretty tired by now and dang sure ready for some sleep.

Roger told us that none of the Cabin 3 keys worked, so he checked us out of Cabin 3 (oh and by the way, our team had reserved 3 & 4) and we registered for Cabin 5. (Some cabins were used that night that wouldn't be the next day, including Cabin 4.) So we piddled on up there and guess what?

Yup. It didn't open. Down we go... again.

We were pretty dumbfounded by now. Cabin 3 and Cabin 5 had faulty locks. Eh?

He gave us the keys to Cabin 9 & 10.

Well heck, why break the pattern? Those didn't work either. It was absolutely ridculous, but to the point that Mama and I were almost hysterical with laughter. But hey, it was late, it was cold, we had no place to sleep, we were tired; it's better than the alternative- throwing a hissy fit and bursting out into tears.

Well poor Roger sure apologized and we were just all clueless. We told him that we would sleep in the gift shop if we had to, we just needed a cabin for one night if they would fix the locks to the other cabins. Which they had better, because they had a LOT of people coming in to stay in those cabins the next day. So... there was a founder's cabin open that night. (Oh, and it turns out they changed all the locks but didn't get keys, so they had to get keys made on Friday, and it all worked out.)

See, there are 3 different types of 'cabins'. The first are 1500 sq. ft., with 5 bunk beds (meaning 10 beds); 4 of the bunks in the main room, and one in a tiny room off the main one. Then there was the bathroom, and that's it. They're kind of pitiful, but they hold us and it all works.

Then there are the founders cabins; these are really big and really nice, as we found out. (We got to stay in the newest one; it had never been slept in.) There are 4 bedrooms, each accompanied by it's own bathroom (complete with heat lamp!), 2 beds, and 2 nightstands. One of the bedrooms was the main one, and it had a gigantic bathroom. The shower had one of those little benches and a hand-held shower head, it was just amazing. The furniture is really cool, all out of wooden posts; the main room/kitchen is enormous with a really long bar accompanied by swivel chairs (which really excited Mama, don't ask why, it was a strange fascination she developed while there). The view was spectacular from our cabin too; Whittington Center is one of the best shooting facilities with many ranges, probably a dozen, and is set up in the mountains.

Oh, and there are also what they call Condos which are really cool looking with I think 8 bedrooms and a huge main room, and yeah. Never been inside of them, but they were dang awesome.

So we stayed in there for the night and in the morning packed up and drove off towards Colorado. I don't really remember all that happened that day; but the gunsmithing school ROCKED. Man the people were so personable, including the students, and it was really interesting, I loved it. Haha the lady we met up with introduced us to two of the students: Lyrch and Tank. =D Haha and one of the main professor's name was Speedy Gonzalez. It was just really really cool.

So yeah, Friday night our team came in and it was all good. The next day we were up at 5:30 for a light breakfast and to go shoot! We started out with Air Rifle which is my best event, same as Leanne. We were next to each other and able to help each other out; we were also on the first relay of 3P. Meaning it was very early. And very cold. Coach Hugh said it was 31 in that building, but I didn't really notice. Anyway, that went pretty well; there is this one girl named Bethany we were told to watch out for. She beat me by 10 points on prone, but Hugh said I beat her on kneeling and standing. =D Woohoo, go me!

Then came Air Rifle Silhouettes- which were awesome!!! I love doing the AR Silhouettes. You have 5 little chickens on a little platform thing and you get five shots; if you miss one, you just move to the next one. And you have somebody scoring for you; my scorer was Jerry, Leanne's step-dad so I was pretty happy about that. Anyway, after your first 5 rounds, you go set the chickens back up (which are really small and made out of metal) and shoot your next 5. Then you exchange the chickens for pigs, and you move back. (I forgot the exact measurements, but you move back quite a good ways each time you change animals.) Then came turkeys, then rams. I got 26 out of a possible 40, which I was told was excellent. Yea me!

Then came .22 3P which really really stunk. It was very cold and very windy, which was just terrible. The last event for us was .22 silhouettes which was even worse than 3P- I think I got 8. Out of a possible 40. Craaaaap. But the scope messed me up! Yeah with air rifle we were shooting with iron sights and on .22 silhouette Hugh let us use scope guns. Leanne & I hated them stupid scopes. Anyway, yeah. Tyler, Cody & Wade went and shot shotgun too.

I could have done alot better with more practice, but that's okay, it was fun. The girls who won Air Rifle 3P got a 97 and a 98 on their prone targets. =O *faints* That is just... wow. But Leanne and I have already decided we are gonna be first next year. Heck yeah!! Cody got 4th high in air rifle, and I got 9th high. Lane, Leanne and Wade got 16th, 17th and 18th respectively. In .22.... I don't even know what we got, I don't think I want to. our team got 4th high in AR. And Tyler placed 10th in shotgun. Overall, it was pretty good.

On Friday night, after all the shooting was done, there was a dance! YEAH! We gathered up Dakotah, Cody, Wade, Tyler, Leanne & I and got in Lucy's vehicle and off we went on a grand adventure!

That was the most fun 10 minute car ride EVER. Wow I thought I was going to die of laughter. Cody, Wade Leanne & I were taking pictures of each other and... just... wow. Haha and Dakotah (who is a really big guy) had the classic rock station on and was singing to it in a high voice. Hahaha! We were about 1 mile from the cabins when he all of a sudden hit the brakes REALLY hard, swerved off the road, and totally unnerved us all.

"OH MY GOSH! Holy crap, did ya'll see that UNICORN?!?!?!?!"

Maybe it was one of those had-t0-be-there things but it was stinkin hilarious. Another half mile, and we came across an antelope right on the side of the road. (Oh, the wildlife up there are really tame; deer, antelope, rabbits, they're all tame; they have bears up in those mountains too.) Dakotah rolled down the window...

"And here we have an antelope, otherwise known as the two horned unicorn." =P

As we drove by, Cody stuck his arm out the window and gave the antelope the peace sign saying, "Peace DUDE!"

Wow it was pretty funny.

When we got to the dance it was barely 8:00, when the dance started, so it was pretty sad, but in a half hour it really filled up. I was kind of disappointed, it was just like the 4H dances; everybody joined their own little groups and didn't ask other people to dance. Me, being a girl, don't walk around asking guys to dance. The guys should ask the girls, IMO. But most guys at these dances just stink and won't ask girls they don't know to dance. Phooey on them.

So I danced with Wade twice. Some guy from Colfax County asked me to dance once. And Dakotah and I danced like... a dozen times. Seriously. It was insane. But see Dakotah is like 19 or 20. Meaning he can't legally go asking young girls at a dance to dance with him, that he doesn't know outside the building. Which really stinks for him. But Dakotah is like a big bro to me, so yeah... but he improved my dance skills! I can now spin and twirl. YAY. Lol. Thank you Dakotah. =D

We left the dance at about 11:15, after the last song, got home and jumped into bed. The next morning we had breakfast, went to the awards, then headed for home. And that was that. A fun weekend!!!

Oh, and haha, Leanne and I renamed all the guys. With girl names. See, we were going to have an all girl team, and then an all boy team- Leanne, Cheyenne and I. Then Wade, Cody and Tyler. But Cheyenne couldn't come, so we had only one team: Leanne, Wade and I. (We ended up getting Cody too but we didn't know that at the time we came up with the girl name idea.) We were going to be the Chaves Chicks- and we were determined we still would be. We just had to pretend that Wade was a girl. So we gave him a new name, and then all the guys earned new names, and then most of the parents got them too.

Wade = Winona
Tyler = Tiffany
Cody = Cindy
Dakotah = Deborah
Jerry = Joanna
Tammi = Timothy
Coach Hugh = Captain Marshmellow

The last one is a whole other story in itself. Oh, and Leanne and I renamed ourselves as well- Leroy and Curtis. =D We walked around all weekend saying, "It's you, me and WINONA!" I don't think he'll ever forgive us for that.

Ooh ooh ooh ooh! Guess what happened yesterday?

I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heck yeah! I have declared it a National holiday. Some things you just remember... on January 7th, 2007, I got Sassafras. April 15th, 2008, I got Dexter. August 4th, 2005, I got my braces on. May 7th, 2007, I got my braces off!!! Woohoo!

It almost didn't happen though. See, I could have sworn the appointment was at 10:45, then back at 12:00 to get my retainers. But.... the appointment was at 10:10, back at 12:45 for retainers.


As soon as we got in the truck at 10:03, Mama looked in her wallet for the appointment card and we kind of freaked. I called the office and asked if it was okay if we were about 15 minutes late; she said sure, if we were like 30 minutes though, they would have to reschedule.


Reschedule? Getting braces off?

I about passed out ya'll, I'm telling ya right now. That just.... would.... that would... be a tragedy!!!!

So I demanded that Mama put the pedal to the medal and get to the office ASAP, cuz those things were coming off! My Mama doesn't speed, she just doesn't, she's a good little citizen. But it was an emergency! So yup, we got there 20 minutes late, but they took me! YAY!!!

The first thing they did was pull the brackets off, and that was the worst part. They take these rusty-looking pliers and just pull them right off. Yes, it hurt. It hurt pretty badly, in fact. But I lived to tell the tale.

Then Dr. Taylor takes this little mini grinder to grind off the cement while Nancy (one of the assistants) hold this little mini vacuum thing to suck up the cement. The grinder thing wasn't so bad as the vacuum. See it sucks all the saliva (ew) and cement out, and it really dries up your tooth and makes it cold. And my teeth are really sensitive... that part was pretty bad too. But anyway. Then Nancy takes this purple stuff and puts polish on my teeth. Then I go rinse and spit. Now for the mold.

They put this pink putty stuff in a mold and put it on your top jaw and bottom jaw (a mold for each) and put it up there. Then I was told to go brush, then wait for x-rays and pictures.

They took 2 different xrays of my teeth, but it was really awkward. Because of the radiation, pregnant women can't have x-rays.... So, as procedure they have to ask all girls if there is any chance you're pregnant. A little bit awkward, yes.... I was like HECK NO!

Anyway, then they take pictures of you. One of your face, no smile. One smiling. One side shot. then they have to put these stretchers in your mouth to pull your lips away, and put a mirror in your mouth too (I have no idea why). I almost gagged on the mirror. Anywho. Then I was told we could leave.

We ate at Pizza Hut- my first meal without braces!

Mama said when she got her braces off (that was like decades ago, LOL) it felt like there was too much room in her mouth. But the braces I got are really small brackets, not the regular kind, so it wasn't that so much as my teeth felt really smooth and slimy almost. Just very weird. I kept trying to suck food out of my braces after eating a slice of pizza but... There was nothing to suck out! Hahah. =P

Then back to the office where I recieved my retainers, my wonderful wondeful retainers. They just look like nightguards or something. I have a top and a bottom one. I have to wear them every night and one day a week. They're a pain to clean. I have to scrub them with a toothbrush and toothpaste, ugh it's annoying. Oh well.

So now I have purdy, straight teeth!!! =D I took a piccie- ya'll wanna see?

So there it is. Anyway, when I left there, they gave me this huge thermos full of candy!!!! Laffy Taffy, Snickers, Caramello, Peanut M&Ms, Bubblegum, yummmmmyy. And we also picked up a big bag of chewy caramels on the way home, since I can't eat those with braces. I am munching on them now. =D

Okay well this was a really really long post. So I'm gonna go eat more caramels. Adios!

*-Ranch Kiddo