Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So. Stinkin. Tired.

I'll brief you on the past few days. I....

Saved a birdie that could, well, could fly.
Cursed innocent baby kitties.
Bought liquor cookies with Sara. (That's what that stuff was- something you put in alcoholic drinks, Sara. o.O)
Discovered the "Creepy Cashier" at WalMart.
Decided summer is Satan's season.

I said it was brief. Forgive me. It's 12:22.... I went to be at 10:00 and can NOT go to sleep no matter how I try. Musta been that mocha frappuchino I had SIX HOURS ago. I have to get up at 3:30 to day work at Ricky's. I may just pull out. I may still be up by then. Psssh. I have lately had problems with sleeping. Like bad problems. I can't sleep. I either can't go to sleep, or can't stay asleep, or wake up 8 or 9 (no exaggeration) times a night. It's ridiculous and I'm getting sick of it. And I can sleep for 9 or 10 hours and I am still exhausted all day. Mama wants to take me to a doctor. And get blood tests.

Needles? -shudder-

Anyway. If it'll get me to sleep I guess I'll survive.

Now off I go. I guess. To do... nothing. Try to sleep maybe. Read. Listen to music. Daydream. Wait. I guess it would be nightdream. But.... while I'm awake. Like... awake dreaming. At night.


Need... cookies?

Wow. I'm going now.

Oh, and I'm gonna sue Starbucks.

Not only for creating the best beverage ever but for making it absorb all sleep abilities!

Stupid frappuchino. Stupid Starbucks.

Well, night.

Or morning. I don't know. Good bye. -collapses-


Anonymous said...

Cursing inocennt kittens!? I think that you just need a day off to just sleep. :)


Caitlin said...

*hugs Bailey* Please call my Mama and tell her that!!

Ranch Kid said...

Oh dear, alcoholic cookies! that is crazy... I hope you get better from your sleeping problem!

Anonymous said...

Wish you could have been in Kansas yesterday. We had some freaky weather! Dad and I were driving home from a team-roping practice and we got stuck in the middle of a bad storm! :( There was 60 mph winds coming sidways at us + rain + blinding lightning and really loud thunder. SCARY