Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Favorite Songs

I didn't go to Ricky's. I can't believe it, I didn't get to sleep until about 4:00. It's ridiculous. Absolutely absurd!!

Anyway. Since I was so incredibly bored lastnight. I went through my iPod and was making a list of favorite songs and thought I would, well, share them with you. =) Since I'm just so wonderful and generous that way.

Now I love a lot of songs. I'm a musicholic. It's kind of sad, I am always listening to music, always. And if a radio or iPod isn't around I just sing. Haha. Anywho. There are alot, but check em out! Alot of them are on my playlist, here on my blog. I have a wide variety of genres I enjoy. And some of these songs are sung by various artists, but sometimes I like a song by a paticular person/band.

Let It Fade - Jeremy Camp
My Desire - Jeremy Camp
Take You Back - Jeremy Camp
My Best Friend - Everyday Slumber
Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns
Who Am I - Casting Crowns
Lifesong - Casting Crowns
Voice Of Truth - Casting Crowns
You Know Where To Find Me - Matthew West
You Are Everything - Matthew West
History - Matthew West
More - Matthew West
Glory Defined - Building 429
Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
Strong Tower - Kutless
Draw Me Close - Kutless
The One - Everyday Sunday
Only You - David Crowder Band
Let It Be - Brooke White (American Idol 2008)
Dream Big - David Cook (American Idol 2008)
Sharp Dressed Man - David Cook & ZZ Top (American Idol 2008)
Shout To The Lord (American Idol 2008, Top 8)
Over You - Chris Daughtry
All These Lives - Chris Daughtry
What I Want - Chris Daughtry
Used To - Chris Daughtry
It's Not Over - Chris Daughtry
What About Now - Chris Daughtry
Crashed - Chris Daughtry
Bad Day - Daniel Powter
Spoken Like A Man - Blaine Larsen

Told you there were alot. =P These are my very top favorites right now:

My Desire - Jeremy Camp
You Are Everything - Matthew West
Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
Dream Big - David Cook
Spoken Like A Man - Blaine Larsen

Listen to that Blaine Larsen dude. He is 18 now, all of his released songs were recorded at 15. You won't believe it.

Okay, well I seem to have lost my muse. So until next time... adios!


Anonymous said...

You made that list in the middle of the night?? I have a hard time even remebering my name in the middle of the night!!

Random question- do you know how old Satan was when he got booted out of Heaven?

Your weird friend Bailey

Caitlin said...

Well... I had been awake for several hours. And I was very wide awake. It was like a dark daytime. =P

oh, and.... no idea =P

Anonymous said...

Wish you could of been in Kansas yesterday!! You would of got a lot of good storm pictures. It was freaky!! Dad and I had to drive home in winds blowing sideways at 60 mph and rain. It was awsome and scary at the same time. The horses thought so too.


RanchGirl said...

I used to get really tired when I was your age, like it was all I could do to get through the day sometimes! All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep. I never had much of a problem sleeping. Now on the other hand...I go through spells where sleep is just impossible. I know it's not any fun, that is for sure!