Thursday, June 5, 2008




I have been tracking my treasured camera on for the entire past week. I came from Illinois. =D Anyway lastnight it was in Albuquerque, and when I got up and checked, it had already left for delivery! So, I, of course, was very excited all day. We live so far out I knew we would be the UPS dude's last stop, but I was just hoping so earnestly for an early delivery. Every time the stinkin dog barked I would run to the front room to see if it was here.

So this evening I was on the phone with Sara, and there comes this annoying tune-like tap on my door, in an annoying, quick little rythm. I was dang sure it was Tyler, he does that a lot just to annoy me. "What, Tyler?" I ask in an annoyed voice. Tap tap tap. "Tyler, what is it?" (Even more annoyed now.) Tap tap tappety tap. Grrrrrr. "Tyler! Go away!" Same little tap. Gosh darnit! So I go open the door and demand, "What!"And there is Daddy, standing there with a box in his hand. A box that had a golden glow, a box so precious and beautiful...

A box with MY new camera in it.

I earnestly apologize them proceed to beg and jump for the package which he refuses to give to me until I am able to snatch it away from him with my super fast reflexes. How dare he?! How utterly cruel!!! It's just... torture to make a girl wait to open her new camera, I mean, come on. Have a heart.

Moving on.

It is beautiful! =D It's small and lightweight and takes great pictures with good color. I understand it won't take alot of pictures I can blow up poster-size being a superzoom, but I don't do that. So it will suit me very well for my situations. I still haven't figured it out, obviously, I've only had it for like an hour and a half. It's kind of frustrating for me that it's more complex than your every day point and shoot because I, well, I don't like to read instructions. I just don't do well with them. I have several faults, this is one of the larger ones, and I get it from my grandma. They don't help me much and I can never seen to understand them. I bet if they were written for a third grader, I wouldn't be able to understand the dang thing. So tomorrow I will have Mama help me with it, haha. She is too tired tonight. (Long story, she'll probably tell it to ya in the morning, I'm just too lazy and tired to tell it myself.) It has all these modes. And the joystick is awesome!!! So is the zoom, that thing just rocks it goes forever!

Anyway. Just thought I would let ya'll know that my new toy has arrived. And nobody is safe. That's right... NOBODY! Baha!!! If you are within a 100 foot range of me, your photograph will be taken, and possibly used as blackmail... Depending on what you look like in the picture. Or what you are doing. So I would be very very careful.

Anything you do can and will be used against you!!

That's right. Fear me.

Be afraid.





Ranch Kid said...

*coughs* pictures *coughs coughs*

Karin said...

Aahhh! Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and yes, it is true, no one is safe. The first question I hear is, "Mom, can I take your picture?" Only one problem - I just stepped out of the shower and am in the bathroom. This question was posed to me through the bathroom door. Hmmm...apparently her camera arrived.

Caitlin said...

Oh don't worry my dear Sara. You will have pictures by the end of today! =D =D They won't be world class, but they will be out of AHHHH my new camera! LOL

Anonymous said...

So are you going to name the camera? I mean it sounds precious to you and all. HA HA :)