Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Dance... Blech

The dance was fantastic! I got asked to dance by a lot of *cute* guys and had a heck of a lot of fun! There was a lot of people there and I’ve never been to a better dance. Oh, and not only that, but Sara and I were so the life of the party! She was a Wild Child, I mean, all eyes were on us. It was awesome, I had a fantastic night.

*-cough, gasp-* Oh, my, excuse me! I am drowning in sarcasm. =/

It stunk. Really. There was, at one brief point, about 30 people there. Then they realized the dance was a failure and left and we were left with about 20 people. It was terrible. I danced with Sara, and this girl named Lacey. Let’s just say that Lacey is an… er… interesting character. There, that’s the word. She… is flirtatious. Likes to flaunt her body. Has a dirty mouth. Er, yeah. I’m not particularly fond of her, but she’s always been pretty nice to me. I danced with Sara. (By the way this was a country dance, so it was all 2 step.) I danced four stinkin times with Shelby. No, not a teenage girl who I am friends with. Rather, a 10 year old kid (boy) who has a crush on me which can get fairly aggravating. Hmmm. Oh, and one other guy. A fellow named Colt. Lacey said he was her ex boyfriend. He has a very very dirty mouth which is extremely aggravating. Ugh. I despise guys like that, but maybe that’s just the way he grew up. So Lacey bugged and bugged and bugged him to ask me to dance until he finally did. Walking out onto the dance floor…

Me: “She made you, didn’t she?”
Colt: *slow nod* “yeahhh”

Poor guy. I think I actually felt bad for him. He danced very very very good. Made it not so hard for me to not trip over my own feet or hurt myself (or him, or some other innocent bystander) or any such thing. That takes a talented dancer, let me tell you. So. By then, Sara had left. *cries* That was sad. I wanted to go home too. But Mom and Dad were out with Tiffany and Clint eating and what not. So I was stuck there with about 15 people and a DJ and some flashing lights and Lacey. About 5 songs later… Colt asked me to dance.

Colt: “She didn’t even make me this time.”
Me: “Oh really? Yay! I feel special.”
Colt: “I was just bored.”
Me: “Oh. Yeah. Thanks. A lot.”

Ehhh oh well atleast I got to dance with somebody. Sara got asked by Thatcher (who she said didn’t count) and some guy named Wade. And then me. =P Poor Sara.

The dance was supposed to be from 8 to 12. It only lasted til 11. I guess the DJ finally realized nobody was having much fun and the dance has failed and it was time to close up shop. Mom came and picked us up about 11:15 I think, I don’t know, my brain stops functioning around 9:00. Well, it’s never fully functioning. But sometimes if I kick it just right or twist a screw in a certain way, it kicks in and I can get some use out of it for a short while.

So. Yeah. It is now 12:37. In the morning. Rawr. Why is everybody else in bed but me? I have a reason. A good reason. A perfectly good reason.

His name is Huckleberry.

As I walked in the door he was just waking up from a long nap. A very. Long. Nap. Grr. I put him in his box but he scratched at it and squealed.

Go to sleep you stinker!

He is playing with a Jolly Rancher wrapper. And attacking my feet. Ouch. And I am listening to George Strait and Joe Diffie on Limewire (my new friend) and writing this. Being very bored and, surprisingly, only slightly tired. Hmm.

Uh-oh. My brain just shut off. Sorry. I can’t get it to restart. It’s had to work for a full 3 hours today. It’s very exhausted.

My brain says good night. Or morning. It doesn’t know which, like I said it’s going to sleep.

And Huckleberry had better do the same. And soon.


Sara said...

Caitlin! 12:37! my goodness, shame, shame. Haha. Well atleast we got to hang out and look like retards :) And I got to make Sterling feel bad for not dancing with me, teehee ;)

Caitlin said...

Hey! It wasn't my fault! It was Huck's fault. *nods* Haha yeah... It really stunk. That was the worst dance EVER. Ahhh well I got to see you, that was definitely the silver lining. =) *gasp* And you take joy in that? What a cold, cruel heart you have! Tsk, tsk...

Sara said...

Yes I know. I'm horrible *hangs head in shame*

Caitlin said...

That's better. =D