Saturday, November 3, 2007

Responsibility... VP... Tribes

Responsibleness… I mean responsibility… and I really just don’t go together well. I’m not saying I’m completely irresponsible or immature or incapable of handling situations and… stuff. With maturity comes responsibility.

I’m just still waiting for the maturity part to kick in.

The point is. A new load of responsibility was heaped upon my shoulders last night. Last night was our 4-H meeting. Our county has an expansive 4-H community. There are all different kinds of groups, like Barn Buddies, Kuntry Kids, so the 4-H is broken up into little tribes of 4-Hers. And each little tribe, has it’s leaders, it’s chief, it’s co-chief, etc. Aka officers. I’m a part of the Kuntry Kids tribe. The officers are all seniors, and for the first time this year I am a senior (14 +). Last night, KK tribesmen (and women) elected their leaders. There is president, who runs the meetings and… Well you are supposed to be at all the fundraisers and stuff, but so is everybody else, so your main duty is to run the meetings. The vice president… Talks about some stuff at the meeting and runs the meeting if the president is absent. The treasurer, obviously, keeps track of the tribe’s money. The secretary has a difficult job- she/he writes down every little thing that is discussed at the meeting, types it all out on the computer, and keeps record of that stuff. There are some more things but I can’t really remember what they were. So… Amanda was president, but had been for 2 years and therefore could not run again for that particular position again. So Sterling (his mom, D’aun, is our main tribe leader, she takes care of the little tribesmen, aka US) was elected president. I… was elected vice president.

*gasp, choke, gag* Are you KIDDING me? What if Sterling is absent? How the heck do I run a meeting? I don’t know how!

Come ON people, I can barely dress myself in the morning, and you want me to… Be… vice… Co-chief…


Oh well. D’aun said I would learn, and I guess I will. Amanda, who was elected Secretary, said she would be more than willing to help me out.

Haha. Heehee. Hoho. Believe me, I am beyond help.

So yeah. Sara was elected one of the Recreation Leaders. Tyler was Parliamentarian. Have no clue what that means. It took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to spell it. I don’t think he knows what it means. Scary. Erm… So yeah.

Tonight is a dance. YAY! There hasn’t been a dance since County Fair which was… I dunno when but it was very long ago. I love 4-H dances! Woohoo! Even though I never get asked to dance. Hmmm. Maybe I smell. So I showered early… Spent 20 minutes trying to dry my hair, but to no avail. It still was not dry and only half-way presentable. It’s very thick, bushy, frizzy and curly. But not pretty-curly. Frizzy, out-of-control curly. If I just sleep with it wet, when I wake up it is contorted into a style that never before existed. So if I expect it to look nice… I have to wash it, then blow dry it with a diffuser. And even then, it’s thick and bushy and the curls only look somewhat decent. And my bangs which are supposed to stay straight usually go all wavy freaky. My hair scares people. My hair scares ME. I hate hair. It’s such a bother. I can’t do anything with it! There is only one thing left to do.



Shave it all off.


Sara said...

Don't shave your head! And no worries miss vice president it'll be allll good! ;) it's funny I've been in that club longer then you have and I've never been elected President, or Vice... well they have tried. Me talk in front of allll those people... HA! you'll do fine.

Caitlin said...

Teehee... Let's see if I'm wearing a huge hat at youth on Monday. =D Haha well I dunno... It'll be an adventure I suppose. And like you said, they all know you would be sooo uncomfortable up there. I guess your just not a people person. =P You're not like blab-on-forever me. Haha!

Sara said...

I am defiently not a people person. Guess I need to get over that though... I am getting better though! :D But seriously you'll do fine. I doubt you'll end up having to run many meetings at all. I bet Sterling will be there most of the time. Shelby on had to run it once the whole year. It'll be all good :D