Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yes, It's Been A While...

I think my blog hates me. Honestly! It's not my fault it's been so long since I posted! Well, not completely... 3 times I tried to post, and the stupid internet froze up and wouldn't save my draft or publish the post or anything! Hateful old thing. Anyway- I'll start posting again, I promise! **growls at blog**

So since I last posted nothing incredibly interested has happened, to be honest with you. I did lots of school. Mom threatened to not let me go with the fellows and help if I didn't get caught up on school.


It's kind of funny, when you think about it really. Most parents tell their kids...

"If you don't get at-least a B on your book report, I'm going to take away your..."

--circle one--

A) cell phone
B) computer privelages
C) car keys
D) television

Remember my post on abnormality. I am not normal, nor do I ever intend to be. Anyway, compare the situation above, to the one below, that I can relate to.

"If you don't get caught up on your algebra and history, you can't..."

--circle one--

A) ride your horse
B) work on the ranch
C) go help the guys

OMIGOSH, I can't work??!! Nooooo! It's the end of the world! (Pretty much my reaction right there. Oh, and throw in a scream, squeal, growl, stomping of feet and slamming of door.) I think it's kind of funny how those situations differ.

Anyway. So I got all caught up on my school just in time. Today is Wednesday, yesterday (Tuesday) we started working again. This time the crew involves us (Clint, Grandpa, Daddy, Tyler and Me) of course, Da 3 Amigos, and Dave the horse trader. Only two days into the second round of works and I'm having the time of my life! If my brain was at all functioning I could probably recall some silly, ridiculous, but out-right hilarious skits of the 3 Amigos. Oh my. They are just too much fun. Travis has taken up a new hobby. Re-naming all of our horses. It's stupid really, but the way he blurts out their new titles, it's just funny... Wyatt is Twinkles. Jesse is Snowflake, that or Sugar, we haven't decided yet. Justin's dun horse is Buttercup. Topper is Sparkles. So in return, I decided to name his paint horse Sprinkles.

Hey, it's a good way to pass the time when you're waiting for somebody to bring the rigs back.

Not a sensibly way to pass the time. But it is amusing.

Poor Wyatt is crippled. =( Friday we discovered he was a bit lame, put him on Bute. I rode him Saturday, and he was fine because Bute is a pain-killer for horses, and he couldn't even feel it. Didn't ride him Sunday or Monday, Tuesday (yesterday) got on him out in the pasture and discovered he was very very lame because I hadn't given him Bute for the past few days, just a gram that morning. There is no worse feeling than riding a crippled horse, everybody on the crew sympathized with me and agreed- Travis, Justin, GR, Grandpa, Daddy, they've all experienced it. Ever step, you feel that limp and it's like swallowing a great big spoonful of guilt every time you feel it. I wanted to take him back, but Daddy thought he would warm up. It's a 6 mile pasture... He couldn't trot, it hurt him so bad so I just walked. After about 4 miles, Grandpa had taken my spot and was about 1/4 of a mile ahead of me, if not more. But right about then either the Bute kicked in or his injury warmed up, or maybe both, because he could trot and even lope without limping hardly at all. Thank goodness! It no longer felt like a great big lump of lead was sitting on my chest. He's still on Bute, hope he's gonna be alright...

So as of this morning, Wyatt Earp is temporarily retired. So I got to ride another dangerous outlaw... Jesse James. Alot of people told us that Jesse would buck, was no-account, just a worthless pasture ornament. The truth in the matter, he was never given a chance, just like alot of the horses that were on this place when we came weren't. It was about a year or more before Daddy finally got him lined out, and now he is a pretty dandy little horse. Gentle, good traveler, resposive and soft, just a durned nice horse. Daddy says he is "pretty good but not superb" but I like the fellow. Dave tried to scare me by saying he's seen Jesse buck, but I know the truth- only when he was jabbed with spurs and somebody tried to make him buck.

Humans are idiots.

So I got along with him great! The morning was swell, everything was fine, the wind didn't start up till about an hour before we quit and went in for lunch. Got several good laughs, went pretty well...

Now I'm gonna go in search of those chewy caramels. It is dangerous to have those things in the house when I'm around.

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