Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby I'll Be Your Huckleberry...

Okay so once again I neglected Mr. Blog. Mrs. Blog. Can blogs have genders? There’s a curious question to chew on… Anyway. I started a post, saved it as a draft, then never got back to it. It has some funny stuff in it so I’ll post it some other time, we’ll see if I can finish it.

So the 3 Amigos left. Yes, it was a sad day. The sky became dark and gloomy, the dogs whimpered and hung their tails between their legs and the horses drooped their heads with sorrow. Really! The branches on the trees sagged with pity. So Justin gave me a hug and told me to be good and I told him “yeah right”. I got a hug from Travis (you don’t realize how tall the guy really is until you get up close to him). I told him thanks for letting me pick on him and putting up with my silly antics, and he said thanks for letting me harass him. GR acted all grudging (friendly rivalry, pretend enemies, we’re something along those lines) and he gave me a stiff one-armed hug. *roll eyes* Oh, you’ll miss me! Just admit it!

Anyway. They left. An awkward silence followed. It really was weird. But I eagerly look forward to their next visit and to witnessing more of their ridiculous skits. Until then, I guess I’ll have to return to entertaining myself.

OH! I just realized why I haven’t been blogging! It’s my way of entertaining myself, you see. It’s my daily amusement. While the 3 Amigos were here, they provided more than my normal ration of laughter. But now that they have left, I shall return to my normal regime. I think that’s the word. I must have my daily dose of amusement. Now I must return to the original source for such a think- blogging! Anyway, back to my own entertainment…

I guess instead of racking my brain for some Travis-isms right now I’ll tell you about the newest addition to the family. I guess that can be the point of tonight’s post. Around… Oh Sunday I guess it was. That morning I heard lots of kitty cries from around the oil shed/oil pit/gas tank area. Hmmm. I inspected the shed, found nothing… But it was still dark. I forgot about the mysterious kitten-like squeals, the day went on as normal, for Fall Works that is. Late that morning, I spotted GR in the oil pit cradling a screaming kitten in his arms. (He tries to be gruff but he is really just a big teddy bear.) I took them inside, gave them both something to eat. (The two kittens that is, not GR and the one kitten.) One was larger, looked healthier, the other was scrawny and skinny, wouldn’t eat, and was always screaming. Fed them twice a day on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday morning… I went to the oil pit and found one of the babies was dead. =( [They were both male, and both black and white mottled] The one that had died was the scrawny one, something was wrong internally I think, it was sick I bet. I brought the remaining one in (who was lonely, cold, and whimpering.) It had been very cold that night, about freezing, and though the oil pit was sheltered from the relentless wind, and I had provided them with an old ratty towel and rag, something must have been wrong with the poor screaming kitten.

I proceeded to feed the remaining baby (about 4 weeks old) some of Zoey’s canned kitten food and some milk. That night, I stressed over sleeping arrangements. Mom is dead-set against another indoor kitty. So she said she would give me permission to put him on the porch, but he could absolutely NOT be in the house. Ha. Yeah right Mom. A defenseless baby kitty vs. freezing cold, loneliness, and stress.

She caved.

I took a big (about 16 in by 16 in) cardboard box, taped the flaps up to make the sides really tall, padded it with a polar fleece blanket, added a saucer with some food and a fuzzy stuffed animal, and voila!

Now when I got Zoey… Ugh. I shudder to think of those 2 weeks of sleepless nights. At first, we kept her in a laundry crate with a stuffed animal, blankets and some food, in the kitchen. She would wake EVERYBODY up (and my room and the kitchen are on complete opposite sides of the house) with her relentless screeching. She would not give up until somebody decided to come feed and play with her. This usually happened at about 11:30 at night, and 4:00 in the morning. Then I put her kitty crate in my room. Ugh. More sleepless nights. I decided to let her sleep WITH me. UGH. Finally, I just quit giving in to her and she learned to play by herself and leave ME alone. And then I started letting her browse the house and all was well with the world.

I was expecting the same with kitty-kitty here. But I was in for a pleasant surprise! He slept through the night. We put him in the front room, and he was fine until in the morning! I’m sure he woke up maybe cried a few times, but he has a very quiet meow and he is excellent at playing by himself. Yay!

I have been bottle feeding the little monster now… Greedy sucker! I need to get a pic of him though, he really is the most adorable thing you ever did see. Just SO cute. And when he nurses, he gets upside down exposing his oh-so skinny, empty belly, I mean you can see his ribs! *thick sarcasm* He also puts his front paws on the bottle, sticks his back feet straight in the air, and his little ears twitch and wiggle as he drinks.

Too. Precious.

Anyway. Zoey is as jealous as heck. She is pretty ticked at me… When I pick her up, she growls and hisses. When I pet her, she grunts and moves away. She glares at me, and hisses at the baby kitty, and won’t sleep with me for the time being.

Cats. They’re all such divas.

Oh, and Baby Kitty has a name! It’s Huckleberry. For numerous reasons, each listed below in no particular order.

**There is a song Toby Keith (not my favorite artist, but LOVE this song) sings that goes “…baby I’ll be your huckleberry, you don’t have to double dare me…”
**Am a huge fan of Huckleberry Finn, haha
**He hunts out his food like a hound, and for some reason I got to thinking of Huckleberry Hound (so I watch cartoons, so what?)

Totally sensible reasons, no?

He knows his name too. =P If he's outside, you call his name and he comes running. He's a little purr machine too! He just loves to cuddle and lick your hands and give you love bites, silly boy. He really touches my heart, this little one... He's definitely my Huckleberry Baby.

Anyways. I better git. I’ve yapped long enough now. I’ll try and get pics of Huck tomorrow. And post again! I’m sure I’ll be posting regularly from now on.

Nightie-night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! (Or angry cats holding a grudge against you and your new ‘baby’…)

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