Saturday, October 6, 2007

Horsey! *pics of furbabies*

Okay, that's enough of this sweet stuff. Some of it boring. My apologies for boring you. If I did. And this post will prolly be boring too. Because I actually have some stuff to say. Anywho.

Not alot been going on around here lately. Been doing a LOT of school. *gag* Oh well.

Apparantly education is an essential part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Atleast, that's what one of them people on TV said. You know, them funny people that study other funny people and then tell those people funny ways to live. As far as I'm concerned, I'm living my life just the way I'm supposed to. I am being myself and enjoying the heck out of it- and I'm sure God gets a kick out of it too. So there.

I've started riding alot more- I guess I didn't realize how much I missed it! I stopped about 3 years ago because it wasn't fun anymore- it was frustrating and just WORK, no fun. Long story.

Anyway, I have recently found joy in horses again. I wanted to take Wyatt out for my first REAL ride (aside from working) in a very long time. So I asked Mom. She said no. Her first excuse was that I needed to do school. Then she admitted that I shouldn't be riding when Daddy wasn't here.

Really. It's not like if I get bucked off, Daddy can make it any better. If I'm gonna be stupid and get bucked off, it's just gonna happen. And I'll learn from it. That's how I need to learn. I need to fall off, get bucked off, and make mistakes. My parents may worry about it, but in the long run, it was good for me.

Second of all. Wyatt won't buck. That's a funny picture, Wyatt bucking. I may try and see if he can buck one of these days. Okay, so maybe that won't be such a good idea.

And Mom also brought up the last time I went out in the pasture and rode by myself. I was riding Mitch- he was fresh, I hadn't ridden in a while, I wasn't paying attention. I made a nice little butt-print right out there in the pasture.

But I learned from it. Some people may view getting bucked off as dangerous. I see it as experience, practice, a lesson. Now, if a horse is fresh, I really pay attention till he is warmed up.
I don't fall asleep (so to speak) when riding just in case an evil flesh-eating bunny lunges out from behind a bush.

If I'm roping, I really try not to rope my horse's tail.

So I caught my horse, tossed him a flake of hay, and waited patiently (as always) for Daddy to return home. Upon his arrival, I explained the situation.

I want to ride my horse, but Mom won't let me because you aren't here to 'supervise'. She thinks I'll get bucked off or something. So I kept him up so I could ride him once you got home. Do I have your permission, dear father?

Of course, the above little speech had no trace of sarcasm, what-so-ever.

Daddy gave Mom a funny look.

"Well, last time she was out there, she got bucked off! If Wyatt was 'a Poncho', I would let her."

Daddy gives her another funny look.

"He pretty much is a Poncho, Mom!"

Mom looks at Daddy.

Another funny look.

"Okay", she finally says, a bit reluctantly.

Poncho is the horse I learned to ride on. When I was five, I would put a halter on him (I couldn't put a bridle on him yet), would climb up on the fence or roping dummy, clamber onto him and spend hours upon hours perusing the pasture. He was extremely, extremely gentle. Wyatt may spook every now and then, but I seriously doubt he'll ever buck. Then again, I'll not underestimate him. I made that mistake with Mitch. He was gentle. He was fresh. He bucked me off.

See, Mom? I learned that lesson!

So I rode him Thursday, Friday, and today. Today was the first time I've been bareback in about 5 years. It was fantastic! Wyatt has never been ridden bareback but he was a doll. I jsut walked him around the round pen, then trotted.

Wyatt is not exactly... graceful.

He has a bumpy trot.

Combine "rough trot" with "no stirrups".


I was kind of bouncing along back there, kind of sort of *not* enjoying his bony spine piercing my bottom. But I was having too much fun to really notice. I loved it! He was so good about it too, acted as if I was gliding on his back, as if nothing at all were amiss. I do love that horse.

I took my first ever pictures of Wyatt today too! Yay! They aren't all that good. But it wasn't my fault! It never is, you know. It was dusk, and Wyatt was being uncooperative. There is a hay rack right in the middle of the pen he kept circling. Silly boy. Still! They are my first pics of Wyatt. He looks terrible in them. Cause the lighting was bad and he wouldn't stay still. But oh well. The full-body pic isn't that bad- that one is actually kind of good. The head one isn't, lol, but ah well.... He is 7 years old, registered QH, partially running-bred. He's a little on the chubby side, haha. Aside from that, his only other real fault is his short hip. But what is the fun in a perfect horse?

That's my boy! Registered name Pier Square Dude (he was named in relations to his lineage), 'official' name Wyatt Earp, commonly known as Wyatt, affectionately known (by me, of course) as Outlaw or Ferocious Beast. Can't you see the evil in him? Rawr.

While I'm at it. Below are a couple pics of my one year old female Syrian hamster, Sassafras.

She is quite evil, by the way. Syrian hamsters are suppposed to be cuddly- HAH! She hates being held. No matter how long and patiently I worked with her, she made it clear I am unwelcome in her presence. Ah, well...

And here is my 6 month old half Siamese, half barn cat kitten, Zoey. These are from when she was younger. 3-4 months.

Hopefully better pics of Wyatt tomorrow. Maybe some of me on him bareback! So this has been a picture-heavy post. Mostly about riding. I guess.

Enjoy the pics.


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