Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Things We Spend Money On...

I was just thinking about some of the ridiculous things that we humans actually spend money on. Some things are just unbelievable in themselves, and some have vile price tags depicting a ridiculous amount of money.

Have you guys seen that stuff that comes in a can that you spray onto your keyboards or printer or other machinery as an easy, safe way to rid it of dust? It's called "Dust Remover" or something and is a "moisture free way to clean". You know what it is? Canned air. Seriously, that is all that is. It's air compressed into a can that you can spray at it gets rid of dust and other gunk under your keyboard. Now, I'm not saying it doesn't work, my grandpa sent us a can to use, but come on. We are paying good, hard-earned money for air. Ridiculous.

Oh, here's another one. Dirt. People pay money for DIRT. Ever heard the term "dirt-cheap"? Not anymore... people will pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars, for dirt for various reasons, mostly landscaping or road repair. Now some may argue that this is merely the freight price, but they're wrong- people pay money for dirt. UN.BE.LIEVABLE.

This is a good one- water. My family falls victim to this hideous trap to rob people of their money. No, we don't actually sell the water, but we do buy it. When we lived in Texas, our water was so sweet and delicious, we were spoiled- I've heard somebody compare it to "liquid diamonds". Daddy used to carry a plastic baggie in his saddle bag when we went riding and everytime we got thirsty, he could go voer to a creek, spring, storage tank, anything and get us water that is 10 times more delicious than bottled. But now, here in New Mexico, our water is positively disgusting. It turns tea murky and coffee into sludge and hot chocolate into hot... nasty... something. So we have to buy water- $0.25 a gallon. Can you believe that?

What are they gonna sell now? Wind and fire? I guess you can buy lighters and fans, if that counts.

Have you guys ever watched those fashion shows? Like What Not To Wear and such? I saw one of those one time... This lady was showing off her new wardrobe (personally, I thought her old one was just fine for a stay at home mom) and the narrator was like:

"Jackie found this plum-purple suede jacket for $357, pin-striped straight leg trousers on sale for $126, and stunning high-heeled sandals at only $183."

WHAT THE HECK? PEOPLE! Do you need a good slap in the face or something? Because I would be more than happy to supply that. ON SALE? My idea of on sale is a t-shirt for $3 at Goodwill. But that's just little old me, the geeky redneck... Of course your fashion experts (who are considered trendy but, personally, I find them more geeky than a calculus expert) will argue, "With fashionable, trendy, sheek and quality comes a price."

Hey Stacey! Clinton! Wanna know what I'm wearing? Sweatpants, a t-shirt, and fuzzy-frog-socks! HAH!

I wear Wrangler jeans that last me forever (meaning until I outgrow them, about a year, but most people they last like 3 atleast) for $20 a pair! I wear Fat Baby boots for 2 years (again, when I outgrow them) for $100 and I wear them every stinkin day. What is wrong with t-shirts and ball caps? I've just never been into fashion... If it's comfortable, why not? The most I'm required for going to town is jeans and shirts without holes in them or blood stains or them or something similar... Fashion is more important to some people I guess. But I've just never followed anybody else's rules- I tend to go against the flow I guess.

You ever heard Bill Engvall's Dork Fish routine? I guess that's what I am. A dork fish, in the river of life, going in the opposite direction of all the other fishies wearing fashionable $400 seaweed. And every now and then I may run into a rock, and the current may get a little strong every now and then, but I am a dork fish and I am tough!

Pretty deep stuff, eh?

Okay, rant over.

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