Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pied Piper of Cats

My day in town wasn't as bad as I dreaded. It was certainly no dream come true, but it wasn't too unfortunate.

We started by dropping Tyler off at college, his class starts at 2:00 but we have to drop him off at 1:35 because then we have to drive alllll the way across stinkin town to my piano lesson, which also starts at 2:00. (Yes, it takes all of those 25 minutes to get to my piano teacher's house.) Mom usually goes to Hobby Lobby or somewheres nearby while I am in piano, and picks me up at 2:45 which is when my lesson ends. Then it's all the way across town again to college where Tyler is out of class about 3:10 or 3:15, so we're usually just in time to get him. Then it's time for errands. Yeuch. Bank to deposit checks, post-office to drop off some stuff, and then we went to Hastings! Yay! That was the highlight of my day, I love browsing book stores... Mom was looking for some stuff for school. She wanted to get it from the library, but they didn't have any of the stuff that she needed, so she went to Hastings. They didn't have her stuff either so she asked if they could order it, but it wasn't in the catalog thing so there was no way they could order it. *roll eyes* Meanwhile, Tyler was playing an X-box 360 they have set up there and I was browsing for books.
I picked up a murder mystery novel- I loooove those things. This is a series I haven't tried by Sue Grafton. They're titled "A is for Alibi", "B is for Burglar", and so on through the alphabet. I picked up the first one in the series, the K one.

Hahaha! Just kidding, just kidding...

What? Yes, it was the A one!

I also needed a Bible. I've never been big on actually reading the Bible, but I am trying to strengthen my relationship with Christ and I would really like to start having a daily private devotion. So I found this really cool Bible called the Teen Devotional Bible, in the New International Version. I really like it! It's got 280 weekday devotions and 52 weekend devotions, and these neat little discussions in there. It's very neat- it's hardback and just a cool Bible. So Mom was extremely sweet and bought it for me- yay! I've already read the book of Esther. =P

This morning went well. Sara texted me about 5:30, then I went jogging. Brrrr it was chilly! It feels like the year of 2007 just completed jump-frogged Fall and landed right in winter. From 95 degree heat to about 60 degrees! I only went half a mile, showered, drank a mug of hot chocolate. Sara isn't responding to my text messages again. Shame shame! Stupid little phone... Sara, you need to threaten your phone. Hey, it worked for mine!

I bet you're wondering why the heck I titled this post "Pied Piper of Cats", eh? Well, since I have started jogging Mom has started walking. Whenever I walk, it's because I have been jogging and am gasping for breath in such a manner that I sound like a dying hippo. So of course I am dragging my feet, trying to gulp air. It's not a pretty sight. Mom power-walks and is all efficient about it and all. Well, the oddest thing has been happening. We usually meet over this little hill (I go a different route than she does coming up, but going back I'm on the same road as she and we usually meet somewhere in the middle) and sometimes she walks back to the house with me.

I saw her coming up over the hill, followed by a couple of little moving dots.


Yup. Cats. We have about 25 cats, and two of the kittens were following her. They went up about a quarter mile with her and the whole way back, meowing and yowling and trotting along. The next day- a different two. The next day- yet another two. It's insane! Dogs come with people on walks all the time... It's the doggy thing to do. Cats? Nooooo... Cats stay at home, pout while their SERVANTS are away, and when they come back demand that they have a clean litterbox, Turkey in Gravy breakfast, and lots of lovin.

Cats just don't go for walks.

It's just weird, I'm telling you, weird. Oh, and now, my "loyal" canine has deserted me! He went with Mom instead of me today!



Sara said...

Awww that is cute!! little kittys going for a walk...

Caitlin said...

No.... it's WEIRD. They followed my mom for like half a mile. Cats just don't do that! Lol