Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good Morning, Fuzz Butt

This spring, we recieved an average of 20 inches of rain on the ranch. This is unheard of in this country; even the old-timers can't remember a spring this magnificent and plentiful. We are so extremely greatful for this rain.

We had a dry spell through July and August. Oh, how dreadful! Will we ever survive? Well, it seems that we will as for the past 3 days it has been raining off and on. We have gotten about 3.5 inches of rain so far this month. Hallelujah! This is our rainy season, so we are praying for more rain. On a ranch, this is how it works.

Rain = Grass = Fat Cows = Money = Happy Rancher
Money isn't everything, but it darned sure helps.

Most people- I repeat most, I am not at all related in behavior to the majority of the population- consider a "beautiful, perfect day" as sunny, warm with a gentle breeze and clear blue skies. I consider a "beautiful, perfect day" as dark and stormy and overcast, with thunder and rain whether it be a light drizzle or a sudden downpour.

No, I am not depressed. No, I am not gothic. I just like dark and stormy days. Got a problem with that?

So last night it rained about half an inch. I let Tucker (my beagle) inside to sleep in his crate and Sam (our retired, old, arthritis-itic cowdog) into the front room where he sleeps on a pad. The cold really makes his bones ache and of course, it's raining outside and there isn't a shelter in the yard. About 3:30, Tucker wakes me up. He's pawing and whining at his crate door.

Um... excuse me? It's hardly morning, it's cold and I am curled up in my warm bed-nest with a fuzzy little kitty under the covers substituting as a hot-water-bottle. I was having a magnificent dream about peanut-butter cookies that grow on trees, and enjoying the scent of rain floating on the air- how likely is it that I'm really gonna get out of bed just because you are restless?

*whine- rattle rattle- whine*

So I rolled out of my little rat's nest and took him outside, and back to bed it was. The alarm went off at 5:30, but no jogging this morning. Daddy needed my help horseback and I may not have time to jog. I turned off the alarm, and as soon as my head flopped back onto the pillow, my kitty awakes, starts purring, and positions her little body on my chest (I was lying on my back).

Her badonkadonk was facing... Well, my face.

Good morning to you too, Fuzz-Butt. Put your tail down!

I wasn't able to text Sara- she wasn't answering I don't know why, her phone is probably being retarded again. Oh, how will I ever survive without the luxury of texting my friend?

I got up.... eventually... Got dressed and without time for breakfast I headed outside to saddle up my trust steed.

My galliant gelding is on the chubby side right now. Like I said, it's been raining alot this year, resulting in lush pastures. This part of the morning went well... We herded the 26 yearling hiefers out of the water-lot and into the pasture. We then took them across Middle Bull pasture to North Bull where we continued moving them to the very end of the pasture, right by the highway. Then through a gate into House Pasture and on the main road. We loped fast for about a mile, walked for about half a mile, and trotted/loped slow for about a mile. It was beautiful, and refreshing outside. It was nippy enough for me to have both a vest and coat on though- I know the wind from running would have froze me if I hadn't of bundled up.

When we reached the house, it was back to the grinding stone. School, cleaning, and baking cookies. (That peanut-butter-cookie-tree dream gave me a craving for those cookies.)

That was basically this morning. Sorry that this entry is kind of rushed- I need to go gather up stuff for our trip to town. Piano lesson, college class, I hate town, groceries, post office, extenstion office, I hate town, bank, water, bookstore, oh, and....


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