Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Revolutions

So I am sitting here... Listening to... You got it, Chris Daughtry. Seriously guys, here is a list of songs by this guy you need to hear:

-Over You
-All These Lives
-What I Want
-Used To

Addicted to all 3. This guy rocks... "He" is actually a "them". He was a part of a band called Absent Element before American Idol. During AI he recieved an offer to become the lead singer in a popular band when he sang one of their songs on the show, but rejected the offer, and started his own band, called Daughtry, after the show. Amazing what you can find out about people by punching their name in the search bar on ;)

Anyway. I was thinking... New Year's. Well I'm still sick. But I didn't really get to celebrate New Year's Day, or Eve. And I was thinking... What do people do on New Years Day? Well lots of things I imagine, but mostly make New Year's Revolutions. I really...

Wait. That doesn't sound right.

New Years Revolutions? Oh wait, Resolutions. Yeah. There we go. Anyway.

I myself have never created such a list... But there is a first time for everything, am I right? So I figured I might as well make a list. They may not be kept... But that is the goal, right? These are things I want to do this year, or want to happen, or whatever...

Caitlin's New Year's Resolutions:
-Continue to grow and become stronger in my relationship with the Lord
-Not lose or majorly damage my precious iPod
-Learn to play The Pink Panther and Lucy & Linus on the piano
-Learn some songs on the piano that I KNOW... like... songs on the radio
-Keep in better touch with two close-in-heart but far-in-miles friends
-Go for an adrenaline-rushing gallop across the pasture bareback on Wyatt... without falling off
-Eat healthier and get more excercise, consistently (how common is this?)
-Be much nicer to my older brother
-Be able to look back at the end of every day and find something that I am proud of
Sound pretty good to me don't'cha think?
Well my little cousins are gonna be here soon... *sigh* I shall then proceed to hide in my room and be sick and chill to Chris Daughtry for approximately 2 hours... And then Momma and I will head tot own. *sigh* We need to send something in the mail that has to be post-marked TODAY but we forgot to put in the mailbox. And she needs milk... Cuz that's all my little cousins will drink. And we need to pick up my glasses. *sigh* Yeah I haven't been wearing them at all for about 2 weeks cuz one of the lenses wasn't right and they had to fix them.... Yeah. And then we will come back. And will try to hide in my room. Jade will wanna bug me and Jace too but I am sick. And I don't wanna get them sick. Really, I don't! Okay so I will kind of be hiding from them, but still, I am being considerate. So I will get Momma to drag them outta there I bet.
Anyway. Yeah. Don't feel sorry for me, hiding in my room... In solitary confinement.
Quarantined. My good friend Chris Daughtry shall keep me company.
*cough, sniffle, blows nose, sneeze, cough*
Well... It won't hurt if you feel sorry for me a little bit.


Sara said...

Hahaha I was actually going to write a post about New Years resolutions. Don't let your cousins... DEVOUR YOUR SOUL. Hahaha... oh my... Just tell them if they enter your room they will catch a horrible sickness.

Caitlin said...

Haha I did... I told Jace he would turn green, wrinkle up, then burst into a million pieces and we would have to sweep him up in the dust pan. He just sighed and stomped out of the room then proceeded to terrorize the cat.