Friday, January 4, 2008


It's so... eerie.




Oh silence, beautiful silence, my long lost love... I feared you had forgotten me! Packed your bags and walked away, with no farewell words... But not you have returned to me!!

They are gone!!

I love kids, honest. And I love my little cousins. But there is a reason that kids my age aren't supposed to have babies- we just don't have the patience.

3 little kids. One is quiet for the most part, and he went with my Daddy and Uncle Bruce mostly. But I got stuck at home with Jade. Now, don't be mistaken, these kids are really good kids, they really aren't the monsters I make them out to be. But I just can't take it, I just can't...

Jade: *pulling on shirttail* Come on Caitlin, lets go do something together.
Me: Jade, I'm sick... And I'm tired.
Jade: Well let's just go talk in your room.
Me: Well about what?
Jade: Anything you want!
Jace: I'M STAAARVING!!!!! Graaaaa....
Me: *sigh* Okay let's go.

--Jade and I proceed to my bedroom, where I collapse on my bed--

Jade: Caitlin, do you want to make a dress for Oatmeal? (her stuffed horse)
Me: Well... Not really. It'll make a mess and I'm not feeling good at all.
Jace: *runs into room, catapolts onto bed, and proceeds to writhe around on sheets* ARRGH!
Jade & Me: Jaaaaaaace!
Jace: There's a MONSTER! He's gonna get me! ArrrGGGHH!
Me: You're the monster.
Jade: *laughs* Yeah Jace!
Me: I just want to sleeeeep....
Jade: Why?
Me: Cuz I'm tired...
Jade: Why?
Jace: *throws self on me* I'm bored! Let's play DINOSAURS!
Me: Rawr. Grrrr.
Jace: *pouts* You're not a very good dinosaur.
Jade: *hugs me* I love you Caitlin. You're the most fun cousin ever!
Me: Are you dillusional?
Jace: I SAIIID. Hey!! I SAIIID.... you're not a very good dinosaur.
Me: Sorry Jace. I'm a tired dinosaur.
Jace: Well stop being tired.
Me: I can't.
Jace: GrrraAWWWWR! *runs into closet door*

They are sweet. And they are fun. But not when you are sick... Last night Uncle Bruce, Daddy and I went coyote calling. It was terrible. I think Jace was hollering so loud he scared every coyote off the ranch. It was eerie really... I mean we have tons of coyotes here. We called at like 5 different places, and only got 2 fox at one place, which of course we did not shoot, and 2 coyotes at another place, but they never would come close enough. It was rather disappointing... We headed out at 9:30 and didn't get back til 11:30. I was asleep by midnight...

This morning the cousins and uncle all headed out. Poor Jade... I don't know why I'm so much fun to be around, but apparantly I am because she cried twice that morning cuz she didn't wanna go. =( Poor sweetheart...

Now it's so... Silent. Wow.

Sorry if this post is written in a boring manner... I'm very sleepy. I might need a nap. But not a long one, because Sara's mom is bringing her over here soon to stay for part of the weekend. And I have to take a shower before the dance and dry my hair. And then spent several long hours in an auditorium that is blaring country music at an ominous decible level whilst I merely stand there and wish I had a dancing partner.

Ah, well. I usually dance with Sara or my friend Camille... I hope Camille is there. Sara has a dancing partner tonight. ;) But don't worry about me, I am excellent at passing the time. I am a dreamer... I can pass quite a lot of time really, just by making up stories in my head and... Well... just dreaming about random stuff. It's fun, honest. I'm a very imaginative person.

I dearly wanted to ride Wyatt today. *sobs* My heart aches for my dear horse! I haven't ridden him in sooo long... I didn't get to keep him up this morning because I was too busy helping out with my cousins, and even if I did, Sara is coming this afternoon and it would be rather rude if she arrived and I was gone... Away.... Poor Sara. My mind will be gone anyway. It has disappeared to... I dunno. Where minds go when they get tired of their employers. It's like... they are tired of all my sillyness. So they got to the local Mind Hangout... And when they come back they have a hangover, so they aren't any good anyway.

Wow I am seriously tired. I need to stop typing and go take some Tylenol... And collapse in the sun... And listen to some Daughtry... And... yeah.

Goodbye now.

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