Saturday, November 24, 2007

Talking To Friends... SNOW!!

Yesterday I got to talk to my two best friends, which was great. =D My two favorite people in the world! Outside of my family that is, but then again, when you’re a teenager, a lot of the time your family members really aren’t your favorite people, as much as you do love them. So yeah… I’d talked to Oscar a few weeks ago, I think I mentioned it in a blog post. Then we hadn’t talked until the past Monday but I only got to talk to him for like 8 minutes because he had to go bowling, which for some reason, I found suspicious. (Turns out it was his birthday and he didn’t even tell me. Shame on him!) So last night I debated whether I should call or not. I am one of those funny people who stress over the tiniest things. I felt bad because I didn’t want to bug him, or annoy him, or anything, so yeah… But then I just decided that he was my friend and he was going to hear from me whether he wanted to or not! Hehe… So we talked for 47 minutes and 38 seconds according to my trusty phone. I got his email, finally, so I sent him pictures of me and Sara being ridiculous. =P I know we got a kick out of them, maybe he will to.

I also sent him four pictures I took of myself last night. Whenever I hold the camera myself and try to take pictures, they turn on all malformed and ugh I hate it. But finally, I discovered the self-timer on my camera! Fascinating! I’ve had it for over two years. Really displays my great intelligence, eh? So yeah I took a few pictures I really liked. Yay! I think I will send those to Sara too because she said she wants some pictures of me, I don’t know why though…

Anyway. Afterwards I called Sara and talked for… *goes to check phone* 2 hours and 54 minutes. Yikes. Sorry Sara! But no worries, Concerned Viewers. Both of our cell phones are Plateau, and therefore we have free mobile-to-mobile minutes, meaning when one Plateau Person talks to another Plateau Person, it’s free. Freeee! FREEEE!

Hehe. Free is good. Very good.

But then we were trying to talk and the phones kept cutting out so I called her back on her house phone (we are local, so free again!) and we were able to continue our deep, intellectual conversation once more.

Okay, so maybe not so deep. Or intellectual. More like idiotic. And ridiculous. And completely pointless.

We didn’t even talk that much. We… sang. Songs. Yeah. We sang “There’s A Tear In My Beer” by Tracy Lawrence, along with “If The Good Die Young” performed by the same artist. (I’m a major Tracy Lawrence fan. WOOT! Go Tracy) Yeah, so we also sang… Erm… “Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Humble” by Mac Davis, which has to be one of my all-time-favorite songs. Every time I hear it, I have a mental picture of Travis belting it out soulfully, and, well, it’s just a dang good song! Definitely one of my top five fav songs… The “Tennessee Stud” by Tennessee Ernie Ford was another one we sang so beautifully and totally on-key, yep you bet! We are like the best singers in all of New Mexico. Dang right! But I also love that song. Man, they just don’t make songs like that anymore. Bummer.

So yeah, we finally got off the phone late at night. Like… 10:30. =P Hey! It was before midnight, give us credit! Oh but I cherish those conversations with Sara… I was telling Oscar how pointless conversations are the sign of a true friend. Because it means you feel comfortable enough talking freely and being 100% yourself, and that means even letting your stupid side venture out. Anyway, I was pretty happy because I got to talk to my two best friends. Yippee!

Oh, I had a dream last night. No thanks to Oscar. He was telling me how yesterday, for the first time, he got to pack into the Grand Canyon and it was the scariest thing he had ever done. He said your riding along (they pack mules down in there, so yeah he was on a mule) and you look down and right below your boot is 2000 feet of air.


That would be so scary. He said he doesn’t like heights and I don’t either, that would just be so freaky! Hehe he said the mules will sense your nervousness and start to tease you by sidling over to the side of the trail about as far as they can. He claims they hold grudges. And they are stubborn, you can’t turn their head in any other direction but the one they are currently headed in. And they are just plain mean.

Daddy always calls me a mule. But I mean, come on… stubborn? Mean? Teasing? Sneaky? Me? Nahhhh… Besides, you can’t be a mule without long floppy ears. And I don’t have those. I don’t think.

Back to the dream. I got to thinking how scary that would be, right before I went to sleep… And I had a dream that I was riding along… In the Grand Canyon… on a purple mule (yes purple, please don’t ask why, I really couldn’t tell you)…. And I looked down and screamed… And then Nick (Oscar’s dad) told me not to look down. Yeah, a little late for that now. And then my mule got tired and laid down, and there really wasn’t enough room on that narrow trail, and yeah, I woke up sweating, ugh. I hate dreams like that! Maybe I’m a wimp.

I am also happy for another reason. (Yeah this post isn’t sarcastic and sassy-attitude-ish like most of my others, because I am in a superb mood.) It’s the Christmas season! It snowed lightly on Thanksgiving day… lightly yesterday… and this morning everything is white!! I was laying in bed after waking up this morning for like a half hour, thinking stupid and pointless things, and finally I thought, “Hey, I wonder if it snowed?” So I pull back the curtain and AAGGHH! I’m blinded by a snowy white world! EVERYTHING is white. After my eyes become accustomed to the white-ness and bright-ness of the sparkling snow, I begin to appreciate how beautiful it made everything. The clothes line is merely two rods of ice stretched between two poles. The dead mesquite and unruly weeds by the chicken house, that were so unappealing during fall, are now all capped in snow, decorated with icicles and frost and it’s all just so pretty. I honestly find it important to take joy in the little things in life, it makes you so much more happy. It’s fun to go through a day and look for the little things and then think “oh, how cool! It’s so small, but it is so great and it makes me happy”. So yeah. Snow is one of my little happy things. It’s still snowing too! I just love snow. If anything is magical, it’s the Christmas season. It’s the snow and the candles and the lights and garland. It’s the wreaths on the door, it’s the hot cocoa and the flannel pajamas, and the fuzzy slippers and the magic of Jesus Christ.

Sorry, I got excited there for a moment. Hehe. Christmas rules!

So yeah. I will have to take some pictures later on of the beautiful landscape and the fascinating view from my room. But my memory card on my camera is full… Maybe I’ll just put all my pics on the computer and then download them to a CD. Yeah. So I can take more pics… Yup. That’s what I’ll do.

Have a great day and remember that the little things are really and truly what make life worthwhile! (ß that was kind of cliché and somewhat cheesy, but true, and good advice!)


Sara said...

Yay for talking to friends about stupid stuff!!!!!!! ;-)

Sara said...

Tracy Lawrence does "There's a tear in my beer"? It's a old song. I've always heard Hank Williams do it... hmmm...