Saturday, November 24, 2007


(Read the post directly below before you read this one. Cuz the pics are relative to what I talked about there.)

Okay, I mentioned my "Blue Squirrels" two blog posts previous. Just for the fun of it, I took a picture of them! Yes, I actually did. Does it surprise you that a weirdo like me did that? It really shouldn't. Anyway... I cleared my entire memory card on my camera (I had 453 pictures on it... yeah...) and began to take pictures of random objects throughout the house. Including my Blue Squirrels! Please excuse the orange carpet. It's actually more brownish-orange in RL-- which is way better than just plain orange. =D

YAY for fuzzy slippers! Hehehe.... Oh and I also took some pictures of our Winter White World this morning. I, being the bum I am, was too wimpy and lazy to go outside and walk around and take pictures. I enjoy snow, really, and not only from the inside! In fact, Mom has pictures of us sledding around. We took a metal sheet and tied it to the back of the four wheeler, one of us kids would drive, and the other would ride the 'sled'. Talk about fun! I'll have to dig those up and show them to ya'll... And maybe get some new ones too, next time it snows! But this time, I wanted to be a bum, and sip hot chocolate on my bed, wrapped in a fleece blanket, while reading Sherlock Holmes. An excellent way to spend a winter day!

Hey!... excellent way... to spend a winter day... That rhymes!

Okay, so yeah, here are the pictures. All taken from the window- I'm surprised the windows don't look dirtier. Hmmm...

(View from living room window)

(View from my window, my bed is right in front of it)

(View from Mommy's window into our back yard)

Yay for snow! So yeah... Oh! Just found this pic on Mommy's blog, saved it to my pictures, thought I would include it. I'm driving, Tyler is clinging to the 'sled'...

Okay, I'm done. I'm gonna go mess with my blog layout now. And eat chocolate. Bwaha.

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Sara said...

Cute slippers!!!!!! and that picture of you is very nice! very cute! :-)