Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Insightful Thoughts

Again, do not inquire as to how I come up with these things. It just happens. This one was probably more of God's intentions to help me. I've been having a somewhat difficult time with my Faith... It doesn't seem like my relationship with Christ is going anywhere. But I'm working on it; let's not get into all of that. Having that said, I had a dream last night about stumbling through a messy room (don't know why... it's not like my room is ever dirty!) and this morning, thinking about that dream, a comparison popped into my head.

Dark, messy rooms are like the lives of some of us. We're stumbling blindly through the darkness, tripping over shoes and dirty pants and shoe boxes (obstacles in life), frustrated and not knowing what to do. So we begin to yearn for light (His light) but cannot find it. Finally, we discover the light-switch, and turn it on (turning on our relationship/connection with Christ) and the room is flooded with light (His love and glory), which comforts us immensely. But the light is weak... we still have difficulty seeing. And whose problem is that? It is ours because we, as humans with stupid, stubborn mentalities, refuse to see. We have begun to see, but we have not yet. So we search for other sources of light... God's love comes not only from that one little light, but from everywhere- both inside, and in the outside world. We open the curtains and more sunshine (His light) floods into the room. At last- we can see! But what do we do about all of the shoe-boxes and dirty clothes (obstacles)? Well, if our room is dirty- we can always clean it up. But in life, you cannot simply pick up and toss away obstacles in our life. But, you can clean up your life in another way- life's obstacles are unavoidable. Most of your mistakes aren't- you can pick up your life. Lies, cheating, dirty thoughts, and many other sins can be picked up and boxed away, stored in the closet, away from what is right. But, like a room, even if you clean up your life, it will become dirty again. There is always cleaning up to do... We are never perfect.

I don't know if I explained that as well as I wanted to or not. But I tried- just something to think about I guess.'

I just finished reading "Anne Frank- The Diary of A Young Girl" for Literature in school. Well worth the read. Her entries are so eloquent- her dream was to become a well-known writer. Maybe she felt like she never achieved her dream, but she did. This book really touched me- it ws a great read. It ended on an entry that made me think; it talked about how noble and splendid the world's people would be if, at the end of each day, we all would think about what happened during the course of our day. If we thought about the bad things we did, and made it our goal to not commit those things the next day. And then, of course, you will soon become a better person. Anne Frank was a good person in herself; it is sad, though. I'm not sure she was ever, truly happy during her short life. How she was always ridiculed and cut down during hiding, always sad and angry inside, always hiding some of her character. And it simply infuriates me, the fate of all those Jews. How can people do that? Before I go into a rampage about that, I should stop.

So I have had a few moments of sincerity. See? I can be serious sometimes! And sometimes I am just plain silly. But that's okay, I suppose.

Oh, and in that dream about stumbling through a messy room (which totally had to be somebody elses, cause like I said, my room is always spick and span *the air becomes thick with sarcasm*) I kept hearing somebody chanting a silly joky, and then little kids laughing, outside the room. It was weird...

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning!

Hahahaha! Teeheehee! *giggle*

Knock Knock!
Who's there......

*shakes head* Get! Out! Of! My head!

Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning! Teehee....

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