Thursday, September 20, 2007


So I guess I'm just gonna ramble on about trucks. I guess that's just what I'm thinking about right now...

I really don't know anything about trucks, to start with. I don't know anything about what kind of tires or engine are the best, natta. But, I do have opinions on them. Maybe they aren't justified opinions based on vital properties (I have no idea what I just said, but it sounded cool) but, I do tend to lean towards certain vehicles.

Oh, that's another thing. I hate cars. No cars for me. I'd rather not drive at all than drive in a car. Blech.

Sorry for being so predjudiced/judmental. But I really hate cars.

I really am a Ford & Dodge kind of gal. I love these vehicles, I've always grown up around Fords and some Chevys. I don't like Chevys- like I said, I don't know anything about if they are are a good truck or not. I'm sure they are; Daddy uses a Chevy as his ranch vehicle and it's smooth and he says it pulls a trailer better than any Ford he's ever drove, and I like driving it. But, you do want a truck that's easy on the eye, no? Looks aren't everything, so true... But they do count! That's why I don't like te Chevys, personally, I don't care for their looks, except for the newer Silverado models. I could stand to drive that. But really, especially for a first truck, I don't much care. So long as it runs!

I know, what you're thinking Mom. "Quit talking about driving vehicles! You're only 14!

Hey- a girl can dream, can't she?

I told her about my "dream truck", her and Tyler, yesterday and I was scoffed at, by Tyler mostly. A dark red/maroon King Ranch 4-door Ford.

Ohhhhh yessss.

Tyler went on about how they are so incredibly expensive, and the extra money is only for the inner luxuries.

Yeah. So? If I ever get rich (big IF there, but miracles can happen!), that truck has my name on it. But, by then, they'll probably have something bigger and better out there. I'll keep you updated.

And there is always something out there and you are going to want more. It's kind of funny really- people will buy new $40,000 or $50,000 truck, car, whatever, and just show it off and brag about it and just love this vehicle. 10 months later- it's just sooooooo last year. And they go buy the latest trend. That's actually the same with everything- fashion mostly. One year the relaxed fit jeans are in, next year it's the tight jeans, one year the bell-bottoms are in, next year it's straight-leg. It's a marketing ploy to get people to spend more money. A trap that I refuse to fall into. What is the point? Why not just wear what you like, what is comfortable and what is your style, not everybody elses. Really, everybody, you look totally stupid wearing totally new and different styles every 2 months. It's senseless. Your spending money needlessly.

Let's end this little piece of conversation before I launch into a rant about our stupid, stupid society.

Back to trucks. Tyler's been wanting one for a while, but we just started actually shopping around on Tuesday. We went to a place to look at some- we're getting a used vehicle, duh. Even if he is almost 17, his first truck is no way gonna be new. He went for two test drives- the first was in a nice truck. One of those F-150s ya know? You see then everywhere now'a'days... This one was kind of grey-ish-silver, 2006 model, extended cab, had 31,000 miles on it, and they were asking $21,000 for it. I liked this vehicle. I loved the body style but Tyler thought the interior was too similar to a "space-ship" ((?!?!)) and it was "too sensitive" ((?!?!)) and he just didn't like it I guess. He rather liked the white Chevy, 2004, 42,000 miles, dreary black interior with tinted windows, extended cab, $18,000. Oh, well.

Ya know what I'm gonna drive when I turn 16? Bwahaha... Sure I like those nice big 4-door 250/350 Fords or even some of those Dodge Rams, I also really like those Toyota Tundras. But ya know, what are the odds of me getting a vehicle like that for my first truck? I guess I could buy it used, but as much as I love these great big, hot trucks... I'm also a big fan of old junkies. I love old-model trucks. And we happen we happen to have one sitting riiiiight in front of the house.

Forgot what model it is. It ish blue with a silver stripe down the side, extended cab, long bed, I think it's 4x4, diesel. It's got a few dents, the paint is wearing off, and the upholstery inside is adorning a few strips of duct tape... But it still runs! Well, kind of. Daddy says it needs a good bit of work, but I don't care about the body work, just so long as I can drive safely in it.

Personally, I love this truck to pieces. It guzzles gas like an ungrateful monster- 8-10 miles to the gallon. Now, before I go one, you may want to pick your jaw up off the ground and re-attach it. There you go. See- the truck will be freeeee! Freeee! FREE! And when you really think about it, for as long as I'll be driving this truck, when you consider how much even a nice used vehicle would cost, it'll be cheaper. All I have to pay is the gas- and it's not like I'm driving to town every day. Maybe more like once a week, if that, when I get my license. But with a new truck- well, there is payments to start with, plus gas, so in the long run, this old gaz-guzzler will save me alot of money.

Well, the cat is screaming for her supper. *shakes head* Ungrateful little monster... it's not even 3:30! *sigh*

The slave must go tend to the O' Mighty Feline.

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JennJ said...

Hmmm...I always have hated cars.Said I never would drive one.Guess what my first vehicle was? Daddy bought me a 600$ 65 year model,Ford Fairmont.It was a car.I was so sad.So,then I upgraded.My grandmother gave me a 93' Buick.....My sadness grew.I despised that car...BUT it got me down the road.Then the glorious day came that I got to buy a 99' Dodge,single cab,and red.It was the cutest pickup in the whole world.I loved that pickup.Then gas prices went up...and I was driving 100 miles everyday to work.My lovely little pickup was always hungry and I was always broke.So my parents talk me into trading it in...I traded my beloved little red Dodge off for a Oldsmobile Alero.A car. I cried all the way home.I still have it...and will have to keep it forever.Ohwell,at least John has a nice pickup.