Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nice Warm (Albeit Dry) Days & Kittens

It did not rain, it is not overcast, there is no prediction of a storm. Today is just a nice, warm, sunny day with a light breeze (and yes one of those dadgummed blue skies) but I choose not to complain, and to enjoy it for what it is. Because it ain't changing anytime soon. And I can learn to live with that. Lord knows how we would all love a good rain and I swear to you I will dance in it when it comes. But until then I shall relish in warm sunshine and lay beneath blue skies and pray for Him to keep our ranch safe from fires.

So seeing as I'm motivated to be a person of such optimistic character, I will not complain of what I set out to complain about in today's post. No siree, I shall not entertain (or bore) you in such a manner as to even mention the previously set subject for today. For what do I have to complain about? I mean sure, anybody can find things to complain about, but the good far outweighs the bad. People are far worse off than I am- so I shall only speak of positive things this afternoon. Things like...

Baby kittens!! I have been suspicious of the fact that Bobbie had her kittens for a while now, and sure enough. In the hay barn, in a gap between the bales, there are 3 baby kitties, about 2 weeks old. A black, a smokey grey, and a white. That is right, solid white but I think the ears are gonna be orange. Not sure of the genders yet. We have 3 more litters on the way, that we know of, I have no doubt atleast one or two of the wild cats are pregnant as well.

Up until we moved up here, I thought baby kitties just naturally smelled like hay. That they just popped outta there smelling like hay. Down on our ranch in Texas, the only sensible place to have kitties were in the hay barn, and that's where they all were, and they always smelled like alfalfa. On more than one occasion the mamas would put their babes together and nurse all of them, babysit all of them, and take turns. I was obsessed with the kitties when they came. Those poor critters weren't sure who was their mama, that cat or me. Tyler and I would build little forts out of bales and flakes of hay, and then I would find pipe and put it in the little playpens for them to crawl through. Believe it or not, they loved it! We would tie strings from sacks of cubes to cow cake and hang them or drag them... We obsessed with the kittens. But they are honestly too cute to not obsess over, they are just adorable. Sara, Marquita, Joshua, I know you don't like cats, but these kittens are irresistable, just one look at them and your heart just melts.

I can't wait for Jenny, Gracie and GK to have their babes! Land's sakes, they are just stuffed it's a wonder their bellies don't just pop open and let those critters out. There has to be atleast 5 in there! Both Jenny & Gracie, poor things. I wonder if cats get stretch marks? If so, these two are in for it, I have never seen Jenny so heavy with putty-tats. My, my... Hussie cats... You wouldn't of gotten knocked up if you'd just avoided that black stranger that prowls the ranch, tsk tsk... Now we have to find homes for all these babies! Anybody interested??

We'll almost pay you to take them. Please. I'm begging you. This is a cattle ranch, not a cat ranch. Honestly you can't walk outside without being greeted by 5 or 6 of the beasts and Huckleberry will follow you out as far as you will walk. All around headquarters, they swarm our feet... Please... Save us! Take pity, have a heart!

No pictures today of the ferocious, but extremely adorable, critters, but next time I promise I'll try to have some. You'll survive won't you? I think so.

Well I'm out. Maybe I'll go... read... or chill to my iPod... or call up a friend or some such thing. Until next time... Adios!

In His Grip,
Ranch Kiddo

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