Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woes of Moi

Ya'll think if I chop off Alfred's head he will stop slinging it?

Yeah, me too.

Gosh darned that sorry, rotten, good-for-nothing, pitiful, pot-bellied pony. This morning I was liable to hop off, break off a mesquite branch, and every time he'd go to slinging his head just BOP! Right between the ears!

Naw. I wouldn't do that. In fact I'm not aggressive enough. I have a problem with making a horse do something; I tend to offer it to him and then just kind of bug him til he does it. Which is bad. Very bad. Don't ever do that.

See, Tyler is too aggressive. He's just a demanding rider. I've heard Daddy say if he mixed us together, he'd have a good horseman on his hands. Haha. If only, if only... But I am getting alot better! I think I've ridden like 25 days out of 30 in the past few weeks.

He doesn't know alot. But Alfred, being the lazy bum he is, tends to throw these tantrums to get out of doing stuff. It's like him saying, "Well I don't wanna, I'm not gonna, and you can't make me!" I just have to say, "Oh you will and I can!" I have a hard time being... A disciplinarian. If that's a word.

Enough of my horsemanship woes. Next week we will have a huge crew; as big as 14 on some days! Yippee! =D That will be fun. And it will be easier on everybody.

Oh goodness I'm tired. And worn out. I need to wash clothes. And... I'm too tired to write much more. I just decided I should write. Before I get out of my blogness. Since I'm kind of on a roll.

Oh, and I need comments on my new layout.



The Griff said...

Your new layout does not look Fallish at all. I think it looks carnival-ly. But that's just me. It is brighter though.


Blondie said...
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RanchGirl said...

And it doesn't hurt my eyeballs, the other was hard to read. :)

The Three Of Us said...

Howdy from Montana,
You keep riddin for Jesus and keep your eyes on Him. Spur your friends along towards Jesus. Heaven is worth it all.

Anonymous said...

Haha I'm not the only one with horsey-woes ;) I been bugging Sara B. about my horses I'm sure she's sick of me! I just got back in from riding and my horse actually did pretty decent! HALLELUJAH! lol Anyways you're probably thinking who on earth is this... I've been emailing sara, I know a friend of her mom's and she kinda got us introduced through the blogging deal. So now I'm commenting on all their friends blogs lol

Erin said...

I love it how did you ever get it to do that???