Thursday, September 4, 2008

Semi-Rant and Fish Pix

Whatddya know, I actually managed a healthy amount of sleep last night. -congratulates self-

Well, since nobody else is going to... You know, being appreciated and rewarded for the small things really matters in life. But does anybody thank you for the really small things? NO! You have to do bigger, more noticable things.

Well maybe if somebody would thank us for the little things, the big things would HAPPEN MORE OFTEN!

Wow. Don't think the caffeine wore off just yet.

Um. Sorry. Just on a little rant. My ride on Sorrelly this morning (my 5th) wasn't as superb as the others. I got on, and we are done with having other people flag us around so we have to make them move on our own. Which is okay because I have my handy dandy little dressage whip.
-cracks tiny whip and Rawhide themesong comes on-

BUT.... Sorrelly is, for whatever unGodly reason, one sided. In a manner. He is smooth and moves out really freely (the only horse in the bunch that does that at all) to the left. It's his going to the right we have problems with. He is really sticky to the right, and wants to turn his head into the pen walls, and his butt into the center. Or, if I bother him enough doing that, he will turn the other way. I was getting SO frustrated because I was trying to pull his head to the right, kick him in the elbow with my right stirrup (which is harder than it sounds), pop him with the whip in the right side of his butt, and process whatever Daddy was barking at me at that time.

All at the same time: pull on right rein, cue with feet, whip, think, I CAN'T HANDLE THIS PEOPLE!!!!

So finally Daddy got frustrated with me enough to get on Sorrelly, which really made me feel sorry because I'm glad he got Sorrelly lined out, but I felt like I was incapable. Ug. Anyway when Daddy stepped off, poor Sorrelly had steam just rolling off his coat like you wouldn't believe. Then CJ got on Bay Boy, and he is really tight moving out, so he bucked with CJ for about 5 seconds; CJ lost his left stirrup, but stayed on. It was funny, that poor horse didn't know where the heck his feet were, I bet it was a rough ride. Then Daddy got on Yeller, who did really well considering how we thought he was gonna be. He's probably doing the best of the 3 horses just because Daddy is riding him. But I'll get better!

Then we led them into the pens and set them up so we went in a circle through the pens, with the old round pen, crowd tube/chute in the middle. So yeah. We trotted them around, went over a log, all that good stuff. Tomorrow we are taking them into the frickin pasture! -cringe- Oh well. Atleast I won't have to worry about my stinkin horse not going RIGHT. Dangit Sorrelly, how hard is it???

Sorry. Still a little steamy. I've always had some issues when working with horses around my Daddy; it seems all I ever get from him is negative feedback, while with CJ he compliments what he does well. Hence the first little rant at the beginning of this post. But I'm trying just to not lose my cool and learn from him instead of popping HIM in the butt with my little dressage whip like I was desperately wanting to this morning.

Moving on. My fishie... Uh still doesn't have a name. I was thinking maybe Ritz or Leo or Cash or something along those lines? Suggestions are welcome. Sara wants me to name him Bob. But she thinks EVERYBODY should be named Bob. FYI, she has a ghost named Bob. She wanted me to name my cat Bob until I told her it was a girl. Then she suggested Bobbi.

Really creative Sara.

So anyway, I was bored after lunch, so here are a few pictures of the little dude. (It's rather hard to take pictures of a fish through a crappy plastic bowl.)

Haha those Bettas crack me up, with their little grumpy faces. Hehe. That's how I felt this morning. -makes fishy face- Grrrr. Ha try walking up to somebody, making a fish face, and go "grrr". See if they're intimidated.

It'd be funny.
Or.... retarded....

But hey, that's just how I roll. =D

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