Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ugh. I just spend about 6.5 hours in town. Forgive me if I seem a little... disgruntled.

Got up this morning, got dressed, and went outside to ride my colt. (It was frickin cold without a coat; I need to buy one. It even sprinkled a little and remained real cool all morning.) Uh... Not much to say there. I couldn't get Sorrelly to move out real well by myself, since we had made my halter lead into reins. So he went and got me something he got specially for that occasion.... A dressage whip. LOL. I felt like a little English person. But it worked well! It's small and light and did the job. Hopefully tomorrow I can get him moving off my cues alot better.

Uh. Then I came in, no time for a shower (we were doing other stuff in addition all morning). So I ate, changed clothes, got my piano stuff, and out we went.

So yeah. I was in town. But good news is I got 2 new pair of jeans, and with my gift card I went to PetCo and got some Hamster bedding & chews, these little jingle ball toys for Harley, and a Betta kit! I used to have a 10 gallon tank with lots of cool stuff. But after I didn't have a fish, I accidentally broke it. Plus, it was a pain in the butt to clean, and Betta don't like to swim around that much either. So I have this little bowl, and I bought some of those pretty round smooth rocks, they're green and clear. And this little snail with a sign that says "NO FISHING". Haha. Yeah. And then we went to WalMart, where I got my fish. He's like this salmon color. Purty. =D I already had fish food at home. So yeah, now he is happily swimming around.

Then we went to Starbucks and I got a much needed mocha frappuchino. Ahhh... yummyness. OH and at Target I was craving strawberry licorice aka Twizzlers. But there was this kind of licorice in a paper type bag that said it was Australia's favorite licorice. Hmmm. So I got it. It's really really good! Really chewy and kind of soft, and... strawberry-y. Very yummy.

Yeah. So... I probably won't sleep much tonight. Due to the caffeine from the frappuchino, and sugar fro those licorice... Which are like death in a chewy stick. They are PACKED with sugar and calories. But to heck with calories! THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY PEOPLE!!!

Uh. Wow. Caffiene has negative effects on me.

Yeah so. Oh I saw a shotgun range dude at the local livestock place. He came once, his name is Terry. I didn't recognize him at first, and he walks up to me in line and is all, "Hey shotgun girl." Ha. So anywho.

Oh I wrote a poem this morning. In like... 15 minutes. See the WRCA is coming up, and I get tickets and hotel rooms provided if I travel with some close friends of mine (their daughter is my penpal) around various schools in Amarillo, doing Cowboy Poetry and music stuff on behalf of the WRCA. I do this one little poem is all. And then last year they started doing a show in the... show part of the building.... With young kids. Hallie plays fiddle and does some poetry, Cody does poetry, Tyler plays the guitar, they had this one other kid playing guitar I think, and then I do my own poetry and one or two of other people.

Well I was needing some new stuff. So over the past week I've been struggling over a stinkin legal pad, with a fairly good idea in my head, straining over this poem. It was so hard to writhe out, and I only have 4 stanzas. It ticks me off. I just couldn't get it to flow.

But this morning, Daddy said something that reminded me of something he told me like 1 or 2 years ago when we were halter breaking colts. And... I decided to make a poem out of it. So I sat down after working with Sorrelly, and just started to write. It just all kind of flew out, I only had to really stop and figure out some of the rhymes like 3 times. In 15 minutes, I had hardly- decipherable scribbles on both sides of a legal pad page - 11 stanzas. I put it on the computer and did some editing and lengthened it to 13. Turned out pretty well. I'm gonna do a little more editing then maybe I'll share it with ya'll. ;]

Okay well. I guess I'll go clean my room some since it's a mess and take a shower and mess with my poem a little. Adios ya'll! (And sorry for boring ya'll to death.)

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