Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Bronc Stomper... Got Stomped.

That's right. Sorrelly dusted me.

Do as you will.

I will only shed a tear for each bone jarring jump.

Which.... would only be like.... 3 tears.... I guess.

Alright, alright, so it was like completely and utterly my fault. It was actually a good thing it happened. I was always afraid he was gonna do something.... But now that he did, I feel better. If that makes sense.

Again. It was my fault. When we started 'em in the round pen it was fine. That first ride outside scared the bajeebers outta me, and ever since, I'm scared to death to even move. I don't know why, and I know it only makes everything worse rather than better. Being scared to move, for him to move, is what got me bucked off in the first place.

We were in the arena, and I was scared for him to move out much. But I finally started to trot circles. This horse has a real neat way of moving, but he will sure get down in the dirt and duck off and surprise ya now. That's what he did; ducked to the left at the fence. I got outta shape and.... jabbed him with my left spur. Great. I go to grab my right rein, but the spur of course encouraged him to duck off to the right. Already outta shape, the right spur got him, and well, off we go. I was really outta shape in that saddle, it was sad. I half bailed half flew off. But since I kind of bailed (he wasn't bucking THAT hard), I didn't hit the ground very hard. I kind of.... slid off. Neither CJ nor Daddy saw it. Anyway the worse damage was a pretty scraped up finger and a sore knee. We got it all figured out and since then it's been better.

A friend on MySpace, Jennifer from TX, told me "the important thing is you get back on and spur the fur off the danged critter!" HA I love it.

Anyway. So all is well now in the bronc stomping world.

And I must go now. I am adding songs to my Playlist, but need to get breakfast and get started on school. We have been spending ALL morning, EVERY morning working with the colts, and I have gotten hardly any school done. I need to today, since I got the morning off.


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Ranch Kid said...

couple more times then you'll truly earn the name bronc stomper ;)