Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bow Howdy!

Well this has been a long week and I'm kind of glad I can finally rest a little bit but it was fun!

On the 23rd we started our Fall Works. We went from Tuesday-Saturday (not quite a week) with a crew of 8. We worked the South side of the ranch, which is strictly Corriente cattle. This week we still have some little stuff to do; work West Bull (our good herd) and move some stuff back around to where they belong. But the hard stuff is over.

It was Daddy, Grandpa, Tyler, moi, Dave (Tuesday-Thursday), Adun (pronounced UH-DON, Thrusday-Saturday), and the 3 Texas boys. Dewey, Waed & Jered.

Oooh boy it was fun. I think Comedy Central should have a show called "Day Hands". These boys have the best stories, I'll tell you what. Wow.

That first day we were all sitting at the dinner table eating. Seth (the guy who found these guys for us, they're all buddies) had called Wade probably 20 times that morning. And 3 more times at the dinner table. So when Wade finished he called Seth.

"Ya know, it's not rude or anything to talk on the phone at the table", says Dewey.

So Seth answers and oh my gosh.... Wade is all "Well we are packing up... Yeah, Gary fired us. No, I'm serious. He's a hateful man, Seth! Really... Yeah, he got real mad. We got two cussins before we even got outta the truck!"

And this goes on, and we are all about to fall out of our chairs laughing. LOL I guess Seth was just shocked. He was like, "Well I've worked with him and he seems like a real great guy! I have never heard him raise his voice!" Ha Jered is all "Well I guess we just bring out the worst in him."

That was funny stuff. He calls Daddy that afternoon and Daddy didn't know them well enough to keep it goin, he didn't want to get in the middle of it and he told the truth. LOL. Seth said he was gonna have to get back at them, but they made it sound like it was vice versa.

I tell you what these guys have some hilarious stories. I'll try to remember a few. It was funny though, that morning, Jered walks in first. And he is a big boy now, pretty tall and big. I'm like, oh hey, there's a big one. Then comes in Wade... just a little shorter and a little less around. "And a medium sized one..." And then comes in Dewey who is probably like 5'3 and 10 inches around. "And there's a tiny one!"

Dewey reminds me of one of those chihuahuas who think they're a Doberman.

He's funny though, just the way he says stuff and just cracks me up. One of his favorite things to say is "Booooy howdy". LOL the way he says it, he kind of has a husky voice, oh boy.

They were telling stories yesterday about this one guy they know who talks in his sleep, and bad.

I guess they were all in the bunkhouse one night and...

Eddie: "Jered... Jered!"
Jered: *wakes up* "Huh.... what Eddie?"
Eddie: "There's a horse, he got loose, look over your right shoulder!"
Jered: *sits up in bunk and starts looking around room for horse*
Wade: "You're in the bunkhouse, boy!! Go back to sleep!"
Jered: "Eddie... you're asleep."
Eddie: "No I'm not! Where's Chance? He'll help me!"

LOL!!! I mean I find it highly amusing that people can do this in their sleep. One night a couple of them were up and they hear Eddie from his bunk going, "One bull.... Two bull... No, three bulls!" And they kind of chuckle then Wade asks, "Ya get your bulls penned, Eddie?" And he retorts, "Yeah, no thanks to ya'll!"

Oh wow.... They had so many stories. But they are 20x funnier in person. Like I said, just gotta hear em from Dewey.... He's got like the opposite of cross eyes though, so you can never tell if he is looking at you and if he is, you don't know what eye to look at. =P He has a wife and a kid, and his kid's name is Cedar. I thought that was a pretty dang cool name.

I guess once Dewey went to a bronc riding and Wade came along, only to find out Dewey had secretly entered him. And not under his real name, but under Willy Everride. Say it aloud. LOL. Oh, and he was from Rooster Poot, Montana.

Well he had to ride, he didn't want to look like a wuss. So he draws the best horse in the bunch, and that horse just wasted him, just laid him down. And you can hear the announcer say, "I guess the question still remains- Will Everride? We may never know..."

Ha. I can't wait for them to come back next Sunday.

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