Sunday, August 31, 2008

Muse & Meese

Okay so I've been sitting here doing various things on the computer; chatting with Debbie on MSN, chattin with Sara on MSN, replying to mesages on MySpace, checking other blogs. And inbetween these... essential and difficult tasks, coming back to this blank little box. And... desperately racking my mental warehouse.

See. I have one of those; a mental warehouse. Unfortunately, the average amount is 2.
I only have 1.
See the problem?

Anyway. Yes, I was searching the warehouse for a little silver tin that read, "BLOG MUSE". I came across, "MOTIVATION FOR CLEANING", and a few little bitty packages that contained things like "FORMULA FOR CIRCUMFRENCE OF CIRCLE". Once there was a tin that I thought was Blog Muse, but it turned out to be "BEDTIME PONDERINGS". I shoulda known better; Blog Muse has a blue label, Bedtime Ponderings is red!

Anyway, finally on the very top shelf above a box of "CAPTIALS OF US STATES" I found one of those glorious tins! I found a ladder and scrambled up, popped off the top... Only to find it was near empty.

How sad.

So I scraped out what little muse was left, and here I am. I'm so sorry you only get that little handful of muse. But I did the best I could, honest!!

I mean, Bedtime Ponderings would have been the next best thing, it makes for a fair substitute... But I'm not sure ya'll want to hear my Bedtime Ponderings. I mean, you never know what you get when you pop open one of those tins. Sometimes they just really don't make much sense.

And everybody knows that I always make perfect sense.

Okay. So anyway.We went skeet shooting today, it was alright. I shot 3 rounds but I was just having a really bad day. Oh well. It was nice and overcast.

Uh. Really there isn't much to write. Nothing. So sad. I think I'm already running out of muse; there wasn't much left. But I have just enough to write one more thing. Some little thing....

Something, something, something... Uhhh...

Purple polka dotted peanut-butter mooses.

(I think that tin's due date was expired. It's not very good anymore.)


If "mice" is plural for "mouse", then....

Oh. Excuse my spelling error. I usually don't make such ridiculous mistakes.

Purple polka dotted peanut-butter MEESE.

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Noyes Genealogy Home Place said...

I love your blog and the song. I will have to look up the Lyrics.

I was a The State Junior champion in Minnesota when I was your age.

Get a good 20 gauge Browning over and under and practice, practice and practice.

Fluid motion with smooth follow through.

Texas is great.

God Bless Ya.