Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Am Alive! I Am Alive!

I swear it- I did not fall off the face of earth, despite what you might have assumed due to my major lack of blogging. Due to my serious neglect of poor Bloggy.

I felt bad for abandoning Bloggy. So I had to make it up to Bloggy. I gave Bloggy a new wardrobe! Ya'll likey? I couldn't find one I liked very easily, until I saw this one. Unfortunately, it was a download. I had to download, then extract files, then go through instructions about 12 steps long. It was slightly confusing, but I got 'er done! Oh and in the process, found a site where you can change your header to a pic. Niiiice!

Okay. Well. I had to let ya'll know I'm still in existence. I must now go continue school. I started my first colt this morning, so I'm behind on my... academics.

More later!

1 comment:

The Griff said...

So that is how it is. Both of the Blackwell kids are gone and then you don't ever show up on the radar. I have no one to socialize with. Then you leave a post that says nothing except that you changed you blog. I guess if you are busy that makes sense. So, anyway. Good to know you are alive.