Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cannibal Cats {And Other Random Thoughts...}

Okay I'm gonna try to go for a new post everyday. Even when I have nothing to talk about. {Try being the optimal word here.} So you get to hear my random ramblings.

Rain has been circulating in our area over the past several days; it's sure nice to see those clouds, dark skies, or that hazy horizon that is a sure giveaway for rain not too far off. I get this really excited feeling in my gut when I see those clouds rolling in. Especially horseback; there is just something about being rained on while horseback. Mmmm. Without the thunder and lightning of course. Because... well that takes all the fun out of it. Now if I'm laying home in my bed, thunder and lightning is all fine and dandy so long as the country isn't too dry at that present time. Then lightning scares the bajeebers outta me. But just laying there with my lamp adding a rosy glow to my room, all curled up nice and cozy under my flannel quilt, with a good mystery novel, watching the lightning, ahhh.... Ain't nothin like it, I'm telling you.

So moving on from rain. We shot 2 rounds of skeet each this morning; it was a registered shoot and we shot unregistered, but still only got to shoot 2 rounds. Tomorrow we can shoot all we want. I shot a 17 {EWWW} and a 19 {ehhh}. (Outta a possible 25.) 20 is my personal best, and I'm sure trying to get better. The 19 was acceptable I reckon, since it was the first time I've really shot doubles on 2 and 6. {Stations 2 & 6 are awkward angles and the skeet shooters enemy.} Alot of people have problems with station 4, but I find it fun. You have to have like 4 foot of lead, and now I am rambling on about something that some of ya'll know next to nothing about and I'm probably confusing you.
Anyway, when Cody goes out there to shoot, he's fun. We enjoy making up excuses as to why we miss.

"The cloud formations in the background distract me."
"It's too bright today!"
"It's sure gotten green, hard to see those birds."
"Dadblasted breeze."
"Rib on my gun is bent."
"Bad reload."

And that's only the beginning. We are expert excuse-makers.
Then there are Bruce & Gloria, who I love. Bruce never fails to pick on me, but he's real nice, I love 'im. Haha... Gloria is totally sweet. Somehow it's more fun when there is another girl out there. Dara comes most weeks too, and boy is she fun! LOL both she and Gloria!
The other day, we were actually scoring the rounds on a sheet for the League. Bruce {who was also pulling, aka pushing buttons on this little remote thingy} was scoring at the table under the roof thingy, and told Dara she would have to speak up when she said "pull" because he couldn't hear her "itty bitty voice" all the way over there. They proceeded to give her a hard time.
So we were sitting there, scored like 2 people, and Daddy, Bruce & I were talking when all of a sudden we hear this blood-curdling, top of her voice screech: "PUUULLL!!"
Yup. I was Dara. Scared Bruce half to death and he dang near pushed all the buttons, and she missed she was laughing so hard, so we gave her another bird. LOL it was funny though; Dara is like 5'1 or 5'2 or something, itty bitty thing, it was frickin hilarious.

Oh and anybody want a cat? Harley is driving me insane. She is about 2 months now, and has come to rule the house. When she is hungry, she doesn't go unnoticed. She screams and screeches, and regardless of whether you have jeans on or not, will crawl your leg to let you know she is just so starved and malnutritioned. And she is EEVIIIL. Golly dang, I'll just be sitting there, minding my own business, she comes up and crawls into my lap. I won't move a muscle and she just attacks me! I swear it, she's just the most evil little sucker. Sharp teeth, I am telling you know, and claws?? Holy cow! She evenutally gets sweet and falls asleep on your chest, purring... She has the funniest habit. I don't know if she wants her bottle {she only gets one bottle feeding a day now} or if it's a comfort thing, but she sucks her thumb. Or her toe or whatever since cats don't neccessarily have thumbs. Or do they? Is that top claw a thumb? I guess it could be....

These are the things I wonder...

Yeah, it's pretty cute actually, you can hear her little sucking noises. She was sitting on Mama's shoulder today, about to go to sleep, and starting sucking on her neck, it was the funniest thing, making smacking noises and all. It's a kitty hickey! -laughs-

Rotten little thing. But no, seriously... I will PAY somebody to take our cats.
I'm begging you.

The dogs live in fear of mobs of cats.
They are forming gangs now.
There's the Yard Crew.
Alpha-Chicken House.
The Wanderers.
Barn Gang.

Folks, I, a 15 year old, live in fear of a 2 pound kitten.
Take pity.
Save us.
I beg of ye.


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Ranch Kid said...

exactly why I don't like cats.