Friday, August 29, 2008

Bronc Stomper

Alright so I got up this morning to work with the horses again.

Every time we start colts or halterbreak a set of 'em, it becomes clear to me again just how much there is to working with horses. I think everybody who works with horses in any way, even as a hobby, should have to start a horse. You can never fully understand just how a horse's mind really functions until you do that, if you ask me. There are just so many things involved, it would take me forever to write about all we do and why.

But one of the rules Daddy has set in stone is "NO SNEAKING". Alot of guys sneak around a horse to get the saddle on or to get up to them, then when you go to riding them, it's all such a big shock; eventually you want to be able to just walk right up to your horse, catch him, throw a blanket on him, well now's the perfect time to start.

So anyway, Ol Yeller is still having problems. He went to bucking around the pen minutes after he was saddled while CJ and I easily just worked with our horses. Daddy is out right now I think with him; he caught Jesse and is riding him while working with Yeller; one thing a colt has a lot of problems with is changing eyes. Their vision is different from ours; there is a blind spot right in front of them. But when you get on a horse, you have their head turned towards you, so they see you. But when they straighten out, they see you on the right side, and well that just scares the bajeebers outta them and they spook pretty badly generally. So we put our foot in the stirrup on both sides and hop up and down and step up on the side, rub them on the opposite side, lots of stuff.

So ol Bay Boy was doing real well so Daddy asks if CJ wants to put a ride on him. He sure does, so off we go to the round pen. I watch as they move him out a little, then CJ gets up on him, it's all just smooth, goes really well. So CJ gets off ol Bay Boy and I'm anticipating Daddy asking if I wanna ride Sorrelly. But he looks at CJ and point to Sorrelly, askin, "You wanna ride him?"

My heart stopped. My jaw stropped. I stare in wonder.

Wha- but- hey! Daddy- Sorrelly is....


I mean he's been after me for years to start my own horses, make my own horses, etc etc. And NOW he puts CJ on my first chance?


There is something seriously awry with this!!

So I slump against the side of a telephone pole and watch wtih teary, glazed-over eyes as CJ steps up on MY colt.

What has the world come to?? Grown men stealing young girls' first rides on colts?? It's an abomination I tell you!

I felt a little better when he realizes the stirrups are too long, and goes to get off, but his foot brushes Sorrelly's butt and he gets startled and takes a jump. Naturally, since he was completely out of position, CJ pulls on the reins (well it's a halter) and Sorrelly feels trapped and crow hops around a little bit, does a little rear, then it was done. All this while he had no right stirrup. So anyway the ride went pretty well.

CJ steps off and Daddy motions me in saying, "Your turn."

Well I was just so durned happy! Only problem was, I wasn't wearing my boots.

Lets take a little writing detour here. I got a new pair of boots about 2 weeks ago when we went to San Antonio. I love em! They have a riding heel, are square toed, brown bottoms with a cream colored top and golden yellow, red and black stitching high tops.

ANYWAY. I had my Fat Baby's on. I was going to wear my riding boots, but didn't think we were gonna get on the colts today, and I get chewed out when I wear my boots for no reason. =P

But Daddy tells me it will be fine. I give him a glare and tell him if something happens and I can't get off I'll blame it on him.

CJ tells me Sorrelly won't buck unless I kick him in the behind like he did. LOL.

So I step right up there and gather up my rein and step right in the saddle. I felt so proud! Haha... Daddy flagged him around the round pen into a trot and even lope! Sorrelly is pretty... well he likes to move out. So when he lunges through the sand it's pretty rough, but I loved it! And he already reins around a little bit, it was great.


But since I will only ride him for about 30 days then send him off to Bill, Daddy said we might get up a filly and I'll break her. Because we will sell the fillies, or most of them, anyway. If she's broke, you get more. And I have time on my hands, I'll get paid for it- why not?

If I get good enough at it, Daddy once tried to get Tyler into buying colts, breaking em, then selling them. He was interested in it; I might be eventually. But now I have earned the name... Bronc Stomper.

Has a certain ring to it don't it? Bronc Stompin Kate! HAHA...

Okay so I better go now. Just thought I better post. Adios ya'll!


RanchGirl said...

Love the new layout, and am very proud to see 3 posts in 2 days! :)
I love ranch rodeo's too, but we've spent alot of money on them this summer, and we're broke. That's the thing that has gotten me down about em'.

cottonpicker said...

Hey bronc stomper!! You be careful now!! Love the new look - fits your perfectly!!