Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rain, oh praise be to the Lord!!

I haven't been very blog enthused lately. Hm. In fact I haven't been spending a whole lot of time on the computer, period. I get on MySpace, look through threads at a Photo Forum, and email Sara. Anyways.

Rain. Ahhhh the very word and I begin to squirm and yearn with anticipation. The smell, the sound, the feel, the sight, rain just makes my every sense come alive with joy. And joy... so different from happiness. I truly believe that rain is joy in liquid form, I honestly do. God's happiness falling from the sky.

It rained yesterday late afternoon and continued to rain in the area I suppose through the evening and into the night even. And this morning it rained again, and it is still sprinkling here. I am just so alive with excitement! Oh how I love thee, o rain, how precious thee sound is to my ears! Mmmmm. I can't be in a bad mood when it's raining, honest.

Take this morning for example. I woke up late, about 7:50 to be exact. And Tyler comes in my room and lays down on it and I didn't do a darned thing about it! Shocking, I know! Usually I would stick a toe in his ribs and a pillow in his face and tell him to get the heck off my bed! Well okay I'm not THAT bad.... I usually say please first. =) Hahaha.

And we layed there in PEACE for about 10 full minutes. Fascinating what rain can do to one's soul. And Youth!

I got to go to Youth lastnight! YAY! They changed it to Wednesdays so we all go in and worship while Brett sings and plays guitar and then all us kids go to the back. It was just me and Grant, then Jessica and Justin of course. We studied Mark, as we have been for quite some time. It was really really good! =D As ALWAYS. I love Justin, I just love him to pieces. And I met some really cool people since I hadn't actually ever been to a service there.

Anyway. I love rain. That's the point of this post. I would love to write more and discuss a Bible verse I read in Romans but I now must go. Granny is coming to take Grandpa to Deanna's wedding soon and I need to clean the kitchen. Yayyyy. Cleaning. Kitchen. So fun.

Bye-bye happy mood.


Anonymous said...

Good for you!! We've had WAY to much rain in Kansas.

The Griff said...

Mmm rain. I feel so dry and dead when It gets dry here. It is like... the desert or something. I love the smell of creosote... and rain.


Cowgirl Thoughts said...

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Have fun!