Sunday, June 8, 2008


So this past weekend there was a rodeo! Woohoo! =D Haha it was awesomeness.

The PRCA came to town, however... the roughstock kind of sucked. Mainly the saddle bronc and steers, bulls and some of the bareback broncs. But the same night there was also a rodeo in Stephenville and all the good stock went there. Phooey. =[ Guess we just weren't important enought. =P

Nonetheless, it was awesome! Friday night we went and I hung out with Jess, Sara, Tyler, Kayla, and Nelson so it was pretty cool. Haha we were being really.... strange. Okay so maybe I was being really strange. I think Nelson was worse. Anyway. Moving on.

So that night after the rodeo, Tyler and Kayla had walked off to go for a walk I guess (during the rodeo they left), leaving Nelson and I all by our lonesome. Well I kind of had to find Tyler because at that point I thought he was Nelson's ride, and also because my parents didn't want me wandering around the fairgrounds alone. =P So, off we go to find Tyler. Which we did. He was by his truck. So we then.... *thinks* Oh yeah! Nelson and I walked quite a ways to his own truck (hahaha which is totally beat up and stinkin rocks) to... get his hat? I think, yeah that was it. He was wearing a baseball cap and wanted his hat. He then pulled the truck up to the fence, because it was in the middle of the parking lot; he didn't bother to find the road, just ran over all the stinkin curbs. =P

Then we went to Tyler's truck where he got out his guitar and somehow they got to talkin about ACDC. Sad, I know, I had never heard them. Nelson was absolutely shocked. So he had to cure me; he ran to his truck and got a couple CDs, ran back and cranked up the CD player in Tyler's truck.

This is the part where I wish so so badly that I had had a video camera. Or atleast my camera. Because it was absolutely... wow. He was doin the whole air guitar thing, and dancin around to it, and it was just so stinkin hilarious, we were all laughing pretty hard (Tyler, Kayla and I). He claims it was dark and nobody was around... But actually there were like 4 people in the next row LOL I'm surprised they didn't think he was... drunk or something and call the cops. Then he wanted ME to dance with him and I was all, "Noooooo way; I'm not gonna embarass myself!" But... I did. It was gonna happen eventually anyway. =P Then my parents came and took me home. How sad. Haha.

Saturday night (last night) was the second and final night of the rodeo. This time it was Sara, me, Nelson, Tyler, a girl named Alex (he and his chicks LOL) and her little cousin Keeley, whose family we know pretty well. The rodeo still kind of stunk. Haha. Actually it really stunk. And Sara and I were dancing while sitting down to all the stinkin cool music!! They were playin stuff like "Mustang Sally" and old cool rock songs. It was.... very amusing to say the least. Sara was "Cousin It" hahaha she totally has the hair for it when she flips it over. Nelson and I decided we were "Cool Dorks". Loooong story. Well not really if you know us. MOVING ON.

So that was pretty fun the the rodeo ended and it was dancin time!!! Wooo!! So Sara, Nelson, Tyler and I just made our way over to the Farm Bureau building, right there next to the arena, got in for 5 stinkin bucks each, before the dance had even really started. They had a live band there that played a lot of songs without singin, kind of classic country, but not songs we know, just.... songs. In between they put on a CD mix I guess of regular country, then they came on again later.

That was the most fun dance I have ever been to! Because usually Sara and I just.... stand there. You can't talk, the music is so loud at the 4H ones, and we don't get asked to dance a whole lot. See when everybody walks in there they form their own little 'cliques'. We know people inside those cliques, but we don't 'belong'. So we just... stand there. This time we had a group! Woohoo! Haha it was Tyler, me, Sara, Nelson, Stefanie, Molly and I guess Michelle was there part of the time, and then Ty and Andrea for the most part too. It was cool! And very amusing. Nelson was my dance partner so we danced... A dozen times. Atleast. Probably a few more than that. Haha yeah. And it was really hot in there. I mean really bad, it was awful. We wanted to open the big doors but they only had two guards stationed (sad you need guards at a country dance anymore) and if they did that, apparantly everybody would sneak in. So they decided to just steam us. My shirt was stickin to me, I mean it was pretty dang awful. But we survived. Somehow.

The rodeo was over about 9:30; and we left the dance at almost 12:00. So all in all it was pretty awesome and tons of fun. Awesome weekend! =D


Anonymous said...

No pictures? :( I am getting lectured by my 3 yr. old brother, Klay, on not letting Kash, his twin brother, get his 'cowy hat.' Translation- Cowboy hat. But thats beside the point.

The rodeo sounds fun even if you didn't get the good live stock.


Caitlin said...

Nope, sorry, no pictures. Didn't have a card the first night, the second night I planned on it. Then forgot it in the truck. About 20 minues later realized I didn't have it with me, and considered going to get it. But then I thought about the hassle of having it up there in the bleachers with those nuts and assumed it may get knocked around a little and possibly dropped. =P

Haha! Cowy hat! That's cute. =]

Haha yep it was stinkin awesome