Friday, June 13, 2008

Okay, I Admit It... I'm Addicted

As most of ya'll know... We are overrun with cats. But I won't go into that. Let's just say that... They make great subjects! Really, they do! The baby kitties are always playin and hiding in funny places, and some of the bigger cats will just flat out pose for you and will even hold a position for as long as several minutes so you can get a good shot. So here are more pict-

Oh my goodness. I just realized that... I've become my mother!
-horrified gasp-

I mean... I used to chew her out for posting pictures every stinkin post, I thought it was ridiculous. But now that I have my priceless FZ18 I... I... I just can't help myself! It's like an addiciton. And it works like this:
Have camera = Must take pictures
Have really good camera = Must take ridiculous amount of pictures

Oh dear. Well then, I admit it. I am addicted to taking pictures. To my beautiful new camera. Every time I look out the window or walk out the door and see something semi-interesting, I go running for the camera. I can take 50 pictures of the dog sleeping in the flower bed; try different aperture ranges, focusing methods, color, b/w, sepia, angles, center, off-center... It's pathetic.

Well... While I fret over becoming my mother (not that you aren't a wonderful woman, Mama, and I really do look up to you, but really- no teenage girl wants to really be her mother; good thing I have this fantastic attitude, eh? ;D) I'll show you pictures of these kitties!

First up is G.K.:

Next is Ange (short for Angel) in b/w:

"I tink I see a putty tat..."

"I do see a putty tat!" Just look at that face! Awwww!

Now here is a little white kittie that was in the apricot tree the other day; love love love these two pics:

Tucker began to dig furiously in the dirt to make a little bed for himself, and this kitty got very curious and approached him. Then she puffed up and spit at him; Tucker just plopped down and stared:

Haha her expression; she was dang sure all puffed up, hair on end and all:

Tucker after digging. Haha!

And here is Tucker giving a good shake after a nap. I didn't have time to switch to Sports mode so it's blurred:

Hope ya'll enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the cats! We have baby kittens too, but the K's took liberty of naming them. :(

There is a Spitz, a Spankie, and Leperade.

What kind of name is Leperade? I've always wanted too know.


Ranch Kid said...

Wicked awesome pictures Caitlin!

Brazle's said...

awesome pics...I love little kitties as well. what kind of camera do you have, it takes awesome pics..of course with your help!