Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pictures. Baha

Yup, more pictures. I bet your just trembling with anticipation. ;)

The FZ18 keeps getting better and better; it's macro capabilities are outstanding. In the evenings I like going out and snapping pictures of anything that looks at all interesting. Take last evening, for example. I went out, and ya know, it's just amazing what you can find if you really look. When you get up close to stuff, you discover things you never would have noticed if you just hadn't have taken the time. Or been a picture nerd.

Just like this. I saw this little cactus-type plant and thought it would be neat to get up close on them thistles. Or thorns. Whatever you wanna call em- the prickly thingies! And what'd'ya suppose I found?

That's right, just look at that little fella nestled right up in there. I was able to get pretty close, but not super, since a branch of... prickly thingies... was in the way. And upon closer inspection...

Two of the little fellas! Turns out that's the local Ladybug Hut. I went back today and saw 4 of them in there. Ya know, I feel bad for the little ladybug dudes. They're called ladies all the time. Must not do much for their sense of masculinity. Masculinity. Is that a word?

Anyway. And in the same evening, I went to zoom up on this purty little purple flower. And discovered this little dude sittin right there:

You have to look to see him; he was kinda transparent-ish and very tiny. But ain't he cute? I mean, I reckon he could be... If you were fond of... arachinids. Haha! "I love tornadoes... I love arachinids!" Okay. Uh. Moving on.
I went on out behind the house to the dirt tank and started snapping some more. Ya'll are gonna get sick of my nature pictures.

Okay, those little flowers were ridiculously tiny; as in a centimeter in diameter. So it was kinda cool to get such a close picture.

Looks blurry on here, but when it's bigger it looks very very clear. Odd. But purty! =D

Okay that's the end of the torture session for today. =]

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