Friday, June 6, 2008

First Day Pictures With The FZ18

Okay Sara, I promised you pictures as soon as possible, so here they are. (Even though Blogger took forever to load them!) They are not that superb as I am just learning to use it, but I am posting alot of pictures just because... well, just because! Haha but thus far, I absolutely love love LOVE my FZ18. It's really cool and easy to figure out!! It's so very light, as I previously mentioned. It works quietly and though it has a vast menu, it's easy to navigate thanks to the handy dandy joystick. The macro is very very nice and overall, I just love this camera, haha! I have been having alot of fun messing with the shutter speed and aperture.

I don't have an SD card yet, so I can only take 6 pictures on the built-in memory, 8 or so if they're in black and white, and every time I fill it up with pictures I have to run to the computer, load the pictures, delete them off the camera, and run off to take more. =D Haha tonight when we go in for the rodeo I'm gonna pick up an SD card.
I did take a lot of pictures though. First up - baby kitties! Jenny brought her babies to the house and they have been running around and climbing the bird house and being all... cutesie. Haha. These are all of the same kitten because he was the only one that would stay still! And he was the most photogenic.
(And I realize some of these may look "blurry" but it's actually aperture. Where you focus on one thing and blur out the rest. Daddy said they look blurry and went on about it; it's obvious he just doesn't have what it takes to be a photographer!! LOL... And some just look blurry for some reason on here.)

Here he is sitting in the birdhouse:

A close-up view of the little guy, still in the birdhouse:

One of my favorite pictures I have taken yet; love the composition and lighting of this one:

You can't tell me this isn't hilarious. One of GK's babies who looks like, "Oh no she didn't!!" or "Good Lord!"

Tucker looking all adorable:

I like this one how the light is shining through the tree:

Old leaky water faucet in sepia:

Faucet again, up close, in color:

Apricots! Very.... unripe... apricots. =P


Gorgeous bird of paradise out by the chicken coop:

Some.... kind... of flowers. Haha. The first is just like a little daisy, the last in a teeny tiny one on a bush, no idea what it is:

And a few pics of water droplets on these tiny plants in the yard. I took a TON these are some of the better ones; the last one is cool because it focused on that one tiny drop:

And last but not least, Sam. I love these because of the sincerity in his eyes, I just really love these alot:

That's all I have for now. Off I go to take more pictures!!! Baha.


Ranch Kid said...

GREAT pictures Caitlin! WOW!!

Caitlin said...

Awww thanks Sara!! =D

Spacemonkey said...

Cool pics, congrats on your new camera ;)