Monday, June 30, 2008

Cracker & Peanut

Okay well not alot has been going on around here. I guess there has been some stuff but I'm just not motivated enough to go into detail about little random things. I'm rather tired this morning, and I honestly don't have a clue why. Hmmm.

Well then I guess I will discuss Peanut. I had an entire post written out about this whole thing but then dadblamed Blogger wouldn't save it, cursed thing. So you won't get as much detail. Basically last Saturday morning we found Peanut tangled up in the fence. Daddy had to cut him loose, and there was no telling how long he had been down, anywhere from 12 to 24 hours probably. So we dosed him with Bute, Banamine and Dexamethasone. We kept an eye on him but Sunday morning he was doing pretty bad. So we brought him up to the house where we squeezed about a pint more of Dex down him along with some more Bute. We also put some "Proud Flesh" on his wound, which is basically Nitro-Furizone with steroids. That was the only place he was cut up, was that right hind leg, and luckily it appears he didn't cut into any tendons or anything, just tissue. Well he was literally on 3 legs Sunday evening, ole leg swollen up like a balloonm, and Monday morning he was a completely different horse, and I mean completely, putting full weight on that leg. Well we took him off the antibiotics and just started Bute-ing him and putting some of that Proud Flesh on him about every other day or so. Well yesterday we put him in the stock thing (I call it a vet stall) and washed out that wound and put some goop on it. This morning he is pretty bad and won't even lead, we regret taking him off of antibiotics so soon because now the swelling is back (not as bad as it was at first though) and it looks like it's infected. It's oozing alot more too. So we gave him some Bute and put him on Penicillin, for the infection.

Anyway while he has been up I have been grooming him out. His poor tail hadn't been groomed in years it appeared, so I got it all smooth and shiny and his mane too, just as purty as can be! [Thanks to a hardy hoofpick and can of WD-40!!] He's a little horse, about 14.1 of 14.2, bay, cute little thing if you were to ask me. Got some respect issues but he was just never given a chance to learn; I'd like to ride him if he ever gets better.

So anyway I was out there the other day trying to get pictures of him, but I'm like his favorte person now so he kept following me and I couldn't get any good ones really of him. So I just took pictures of his eye in sepia. The horse's eye is just... wow. I don't know. It's full of so much. I was holding Cracker this morning while Daddy shod him and I was just looking into his eyes and ya know I just saw... Trust and loyalty and total innocence. It's amazing. So I took some of Peanut, and below are a few that I cropped on Adobe Photoshop.

Yesterday morning I got up and went out to check on Peanut, and I see Cracker tied to the fence, with an ouchie on his nose and above his eye, and above both hind hooves he was bleeding a little. And part of the halter was through his mouth. The part that goes from the Fiador knot at the chin up to the cheek strap? It was through his mouth!! (???) So I tried to take it out but couldn't. So I tried to undo the halter, but the knot was too tight. Well I knew Daddy had something to do with it of course so I marched inside and demanded what he did to Cracker, and he stated that he had done it to himself. Cracker has always had problems with being shod, I don't know what it is. But I guess he was being a real brat about it and every time Daddy would pick up his foot he would just jerk and he couldn't do anything. It was really hurting Daddy's back and he couldn't shoe him at all. So Daddy tied his foot up via a Scotch hobble and the poor sucker went down and went to kicking himself and banged his head up on the fence.

Well needless to say I was pretty ticked at Daddy. I mean I know horses need to learn respect and I don't discipline them enough, but he is the opposite. And I mean there are some horses that need that, the dud horses ya know. But Cracker is different. He was just scared. But Daddy admitted he shouldn't have done that but nobody was around to help him so he had to do something, but it was wrong. Poor Cracker. He probably needed it but then again didn't. And he isn't a feeling horse. He's a reacting horse. He doesn't feel of what is happening and react accordingly. He just knows something he doesn't like is happening and reacts negatively. So we went out and I held the poor boy while Daddy shod that hind foot, and he did great! He just freaks out when Daddy ties him up to shoe him. I guess it's comforting to have somebody up there, I don't know. But we put some Scarlet Oil on his scrapes and did the other hind hoof this morning, he was awesome. He will just need to be held every time he is shod, poor boy.

Okay well anyway I'm going now. Need to put some laundry in and stuff. Adios!

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Anonymous said...

You used WD-40 on the horses tail?! I've been looking at my horse and he looks like an orphan! I think I'm going to just shave his mane and tail off and give him ducktape ones. Be a lot easier.