Thursday, June 19, 2008


I hate summer. I honest to goodness despise this nasty season just stuffed to the brim with hot nasty weather and despicable winds. It's disgusting.

It's safe from about 5:00 to 9:00. Then we become little house hermits until about 6:00 when it is safe to venture out once more! Golly I just hate it. I get bored to pieces hanging around the house so I decide to go outside and do soething and am greeted with an outdoor furnace. The sun just beats down on everything, and the 108 degree heat causes everything (man, horse, and plant alike) to wither under it's harsh gaze. And on those days when the wind is gusting- oh don't get me started on this dang wind! The heat alone is bearable; not pleasurable to be out and about in, mind you, but it is not excruciating. So long as you have a big jug of water, you're good. But when that wind starts, oh man- it will burn you up, I'm telling you. A cool little breeze is sure nice but when that hot wind gets to blowing- talk about miserable, folks. I just hate summer.

Alot of the kids in town I know are all, "YAY! It's summer! Vacation, no school, swimming, mall, hanging with friends" and blah blah blah blah. I hate it. It's hot and miserable.

That's right, I am anti-summer. Ya know what? I should form an organization and call it, "Anti-Summer Association"!! ASA. That's right and we will protest and take a petition and eventually succeed in eliminating summer alltogether! HA!

Uh. I mean.... I hope fall gets here soon. =]

I have lately gotten into these two shows: World's Most Amazing Videos, and Animal Cops (Houston, Miami, South Africa). That WMAV is awesome! Man they caught some insane stuff on video tape; some makes you stare in awe, and some makes you just cringe. And sometimes you're just, "What on God's green earth was that idiot thinking?!?!" I don't think they were.

Like this one dude, is a professional at lighting himself on fire. That's right- who in their right mind would wanna light themselves on fire? Oh, but it gets worse. For his 21st birthday he wanted to light himself on fire at his party for all of his friends. The difference between this and one of his shows was that, he didn't have his professional crew with him. He was probably slobberin drunk too. Anyway he puts on his handy dandy fire proof suit, and has a buddy drench him in gasoline; being unexperienced, he poured way too much gasoline on his friend there. When they lit him on fire, the dude started to stumble around, and everybody thought it was part of the show, unaware he was in excruciating pain. Man they tried to put him out when he blacked out from the unbearable heat and collapsed on the pavement, but it took forever. Luckily he was alright- man was Somebody watching over him! Idiot.

That Animal Cops is pretty awesome too, although a bit sad. But it's cool because there are all these animals that have been beaten, abandoned, starved and neglected. And they would all die if it weren't for these guys. Isn't that awesome? I mean you are literally saving lives of innocent animals. Critters who never did anything to deserve a life like that, and they get a second chance. It's so cool! I mean they lose alot of animals which is real depressing, but they save alot too; if I could save one animal's life a day, just one, just one difference, it would be worth all the sadness. Don't you think? That would be a neat thing to do.

I saw this one dog on it that.... it was just a miracle he was alive. You could see every bone in his body, skin and bones... Literally. He couldn't walk, which isn't much of a wonder; not only that he was weak, but it was as if his muscle had just wasted away. I mean this dog was like skeleton dog. You see alot of starved dogs on that show, but man this was bad. They named him Triumph and he ended up recooperating and getting adopted!!

Well I need to go. Gotta clean my room up some; Aunt Lora & Katie are comin over this afternoon. I guess I will leave you with some pictures. Baha. As always. This is taken with my camera, but Mama took it when I was giving Tucker a bath. Ain't he a cutie pie?

And this is Huckleberry, haha, he is a total pest, sometimes I just wanna shake him, but he's such a suckup and I always fall for it.

And this pic Mama took of me about a week ago holding all four of GK's kittens.

Enjoy and everybody have a great Thursday!

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