Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Short Post

This is going to be quite short, I will warn you. I really don't have anything to discuss. Hmmm. But I figured I had better jot down something before I fell behind and was called a slacker again. I am not a slacker, just so you know. Phoo on you J- uh, I mean, person-who-emailed-me-and-called-me-a-slacker. -glares-

I would really really love to ride. But the wind is blowing and is terribly strong, resulting in a miserable ride. My horse is such a dunce in the wind, it's not riding into it that bothers him, he just acts so strange. It's like if you messed up the wiring in a car. Instead of going when you hit the gas, it would turn. Or if you turned the steering wheel, it would stop and back crooked. Well this sounds silly. But it's true. This will make no sense to somebody else though so I will shush.

Oh, I have been looking for a good MySpace template, and a good Blogger template. Western/Cowboy/Ranch/Christian type layout. I have Googled it so much and just can't find anything that really works. If you are bored and wish to amuse yourself, or simply relieve a frustrated soul, feel free to begin the search. Please leave me a comment or email me if you have any good results =)

Just because there is nothing to talk about really, I will just put random little things in here. Like my current favorite song. =)Take You Back, Jeremy Camp. I love Jeremy Camp. He is my current addiction, my obsession. All of his songs just hit me right in the heart and this one made me cry the other day, and I'm not sure why. I just turn up my iPod and close my eyes and just hear his amazing voice and it's just so powerful. Ahhhh this song... other good songs by Jeremy are Take My Life, Give Me Jesus, Worthy Of My Praise, In Your Presence, Restored, among others.I could go on and on and on and on about really good artists and songs, but I'll stop there.

And for your amusement... LOL Cats!!! If you don't know what they are, they are just pictures of cats caught in funny and/or unique moments, with captions. =D They crack me up. I'll just drop a few this time rather than song lyrics, quote, or Scripture like usual. Just for giggles. Hope they make you laugh! They never fail to do so for me. (I have an entire folder of them on My Pictures and my iPod!)

In His Grip,



Sara said...

Hehehe those pictures crack me up. Hm Yes Jeremy Camp is amazing! I don't remember how I first heard him, but when I did I was hooked! Anywho, love the new background and such!

Jennifer's Ramblings said...

Me too! Me too!

The Griff said...

"iz gona sneez" Woo! I like that one. Oh, and thanks for the short-not-so-short post. :)

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