Friday, April 11, 2008

Dreaming Of Rain...

I dreamed of rain last night. Best dream I've had in a long time. The sky was dark and thick with rain clouds, and the rain just came pouring down in buckets. You could hear it on the windowpanes, see the puddles and mini-streams building on the ground. Lightning flashed behind the thunderheads and the electricity was out in the house. We all stood at the doorway, jumping with joy as the rain came down...

But then I woke up. And what did I see when I looked out the window? Dust being lifted into the air and billowed around and carried away. The tree limbs and leaves swaying and being brutally bounced about by the gusts. The ground, dry and hard and thirsty. And the sky? Clear and blue as can be.

People sing songs and write poems and paint pictures of blue skies. Ugh. Nice, warm sunny days with a cool breeze and blue skies are nice sometimes, but the breeze is just a bit strong for this day to bring much pleasure. And I prefer my stormy skies anyway, especially when we haven't had any moisture for so long. I'm sure if I lived in Seattle or something where it rains all the time, I would get sick of it.

I feel for those poor people who can never enjoy the rain, because it brings such pleasure. There is no bette feeling then when the rain comes after a long drougth. Those people can never feel the relief of the long-awaited moisture, can never feel as if they were the dry, thirsty ground sucking up the water.

I feel bad complaining. But really, more than anything, right now, I just want rain. We were spoiled last year- we had so many storms and showers it was unbelievable. For most of the year, we didn't go 2 weeks without rain. It was unbelievable and such a blessing.

As my Mama puts it, "the good Lord is reminding us that we live in the desert". I guess that's true. We live in the dry NM desert, and it's home, and it's a good home with an abundance of the Lord's blessings. One of them is not alot of rain. But it all evens out. The rain will come, eventually. The longer we wait, the better it will be when it comes.There is nothing like the mood of a storm. When the electricity goes out, and the thunder rolls over the flats, and the lightning flashes on the horizon.

I can just see it now... Me, curled up on my bed with a multitude of flannel quilts and fleece blankets and pillows, my battery-powered lamp lighting the printed words of a good mystery novel, the cat curled next to me, asleep and purring, the dog snoring contentedly, the house silenced of all electrical appliances.

My shooting sports coach, Hugh, puts us Senior shooters through a "Headgames" clinic. In part of it, he makes us do a breathing technique, feel our pulse, and go to our "happy place" to help us relax.I think what I just described, is my new happy place. =)

Ahhhh. Like I said... the longer the wait, the better we'll feel. The Lord will provide, He always has and always will. The rain will come in His timing, and when it comes, it will be perfect. But in His timing. Not mine. I want the rain now... But the timing isn't right. God made the rain, He dang sure knows when it's supposed to come. As it says in Ecclesiastes 3:11...

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time."

Everything. Including the rain. No... especially the rain.

In His Grip,
Ranch Kiddo

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