Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blog Nutrient Deficient

I recieved a... notification... from a certain... Slacker Outlaw... who accused me of being a slacker. I, am not a slacker, thank you very much, Slacker Outlaw!! First you torture Sara, then me. -gasp- My goodness, when will the madness stop?!

Well, it has been 2 weeks. I apologize. I'm sure you are so devestated. Yes, I know. Dearest readers, I am deeply and sincerely apologetic. Unfortunately, I cannot devote my life to the computer.

Also... you kind of have to be in the bloggy mood to blog. Personally, atleast, I believe so. I have never written a blog post out of blog mood. I have plenty of drafts, but they just don't come together. It's just mandatory to be in the bloggy mood.

I recently had a blood test run and I am blog nutrient deficient. Blog nutrients are found solely in ice cream, chocolate, cookies, etc. I will devote my meals to foods that contain these neccessary contents especially for my blog readers. They shall cram these detestable products down my throat... for the sake of your entertainment.

I hope you're happy.

I could write about the shooting sports team coming out, or about my shooting shotgun today, but that would require I go into a small amount of detail, and seeing as it is 10:00 pm on the dot, I would rather not do that.

I in fact, am rather inclined to head for my warm cozy bed. But I had to post for the sake of your well-being, Slacker Outlaw. I am, after all, such an incredibly considerate person.

Seeing as I am so concerned about my readers, who have been so crudely deprived of my lovely posts, I shall atleast include some pleasant add-ons. The following 2 photos are of a sunset that took place... two nights ago I do believe. Same night my mother took the splendid horse photgraphs. I am nowhere near the photographer she is, and my camera is rather... well amateur compared to hers, but I am not quite as passionate about the art as she is. More as a sort of hobby. =) Here you are:

I shall also be so kind as to include a nice little quote. It goes hand in hand with the sunset pictures, I do believe.

"Only in the dark can you see the stars."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

A splendid phrase, if you were to ask me. Only after the sun went down, could I take those pictures. The most beautiful time of day, occurs when the sun has disappeared and only a small trace is left. And the stars, oh the stars!! They are superb beyond words. The stars.... I could admire them forever. If you ever feel far from Christ, just look at the stars. And remember- when things aren't at their best, when the big good things, like a good job, nice income, great relationship status, nice house, etc., aren't present... is when you can appreciate, and see only then, the small things. Like the dew on the grass, or a rose freshly budded, or the bird singing it's song as it perches upon... well a perch. Of some sort. The "big" things overwhelm the small things, so we don't notice them. Only when the big light(s) {the sun} is snuffed out, can we see the little lights {the stars}, that are every bit as bright if not more so.

But with this short post, drenched with sincere guilt, I must bid adieu. Good night my dearest friends and on my word, I shall do my absolute best to type out a hideously long post tomorrow. (Seeing as I have a cat in my lap trapping one arm, that would be rather difficult as of this moment.)

In His Grip,
Ranch Kiddo

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