Sunday, March 16, 2008

Project Playlist / NM Wind

I just got into this thing called Project Playlist. I can add almost any song I want to onto a playlist, for free. (They don't have a few songs I like, but that's okay.) Then you can put that playlist on your Blog, MySpace, Facebook, or other sites, it's awesome! Just go to, make an account, and start adding songs. =D I just put mine up on my blog here, Facebook, and MySpace too. It's pretty easy to figure out just put an artist/band, song title, or both in the search bar and some songs come up, and you can add them to your playlist, up to 100, and when that one is full, you just get another playlist. Then you get the code, and add an element on your blog, the one with "HTML" ya know, and just put that code in there, and voila! It's a great idea. Hope ya enjoy the music I put up! =)

There isn't much to write about except this dreadful wind. When I woke up this morning it was blowing, and it's 5:34 now and hasn't stopped since. It's just relentless, I had my heart set on working with Wyatt this afternoon. Phooey. Wind is terrible, just useless. It is good for nothing atall! It's kind of like mosquitos or ticks- they bite and suck blood and cause itchy bite marks but that's about it. What good do they contribute to God's creation? None I can think of! How about gnats, or flies- they buzz and bother and annoy and yet here they are. The wind blows and blows and chaps your face and lips, blows dust all around, blows the durned shingles off our roof, scatters cockleburrs all across the pasture to thrive, therefore there are more to attempt to defeat. It gets dust in your eyes and... and... and... Grrrrr. I suppose we just need to trust the good Lord for He made nothing without a purpose, and I know my puny human mind is often too tiny to comprehend some of the great reasons He has behind what seem like such miniscule things. But I really just don't understand.

In the mountains of Texas it wasn't quite so awful, the winds blocked it and we were nestled up in the foothills of a mountain, so we were rather protected and I never experienced wind at full blast. Good times, ahhhh, good times. Times when wind was but a breeze to rustle the leaves upon the cottonwoods, when it was but a breath of air to touch your cheeks, only a faint resemblance to wind. (Well okay, so there was this one time it blew the tin roof off our house down there, but that was very very very rare, and that roof was bound to come off anyway, honestly.) But here in the desert wasteland of New Mexico, why it's just an absolute nightmare. It blows and blows and threatens to blow our house down! Just like the Big Bad Wolf, except 3 little piggies don't occupy the house. There's 3 little piggies and the kind, sweet mother who cleans their piggie pens. =)

Well this is a bit of a short post, just figured I should put something up before another long gap between posts began. Before I leave... some Scripture. I have difficulty talking about Scripture when I sit down to write about it, because there are so many verses that are connected, and so many that touch my heart. But I'll just wing it.
"He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire,
he set my feet on a rock,
and gave me a firm place to stand."
-Psalm 40:2

Standing alone, we are hopeless, we have no chance of standing against an entire world, against Satan's forces, when we stand alone. How can we possibly? We are but humans. God made us wonderfully, but He didn't make us perfect, because He wanted us to rely on Him. If He wanted us to do things alone, He would have given us that power, but He didn't. He wants us to rely on him, not on men. This reminds me of:

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. -Luke 18:27

100% true. (Duh. It's in the Bible.) We have all heard this a million times, "all things are possible with God." But really think about it- all things. Everything you can imagine. He can make anything happen, if it is His will. And the world is overpowering when we stand alone- it will trample all over us! But God, God can be that stone wall, that fortress. The world will hurt us and cause us trouble, but Jesus is bigger than the world.

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. -John 16:33

One of my favorite verses. Take heart! Jesus has overcome the world.

But humans haven't.

And we never will.

We just gotta hold strong in Him, keep walking in Him, and He will "direct our paths". He will. And He will point our boots the right direction, towards His path. We just gotta keep seeking Him.

Jesus will keep us standing. Keep us upright. When the world is against us, when Satan is tempting us.

Even in the New Mexico wind, he can keep me standing.

Now that's a miracle.

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