Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorry Guys

I know I keep saying I will start writing consistently again. And I don't. Well... This time I'm really gonna make a true effort! I promise! =)

Well remember when I told ya'll to send me an angry email or something to make me write? I recieved an email from my *cough cough* very dear friend... Who's name shall remain anonymous *cough cough SARA cough cough*. The following was the text contained within the email: "WRITE ON YOU'RE FREAKIN' BLOG!" Thank you dear anonymous friend.

Honestly, not much has been happening. I mean, when I sit down and write I can find lots of things to talk about, random things that are sometimes quite interesting, humorous, or downright ridiculous. School pretty much defines my life, I am convinced. Honestly. Now I understand that an education is essential and will benefit me in the years following the sacred day on which I will graduate, and I agree that school is beneficial. However. This confession does not mean I must enjoy school. Poor Momma, I am such a procrastinator. And she will be the first to tell you that when I don't understand a concept, I refuse to ask for help. I 1) battle my way through the problem and end up getting it wrong anyway or 2) simply leave the problem unanswered and move on to the next. This is a terrible habit and I strongly advise you never try it. I'm honestly getting better though! I truly am! But it seems like all I ever hear about it how behind we are. It seems that Momma thinks this will motivate us, or me, when really it only dampens my ambitious spirit. Or... what little I have. Yes, I know we are behind, and yes I know I should try harder. I'm just tired of hearing about it! I am trying harder, and I am getting better about understanding Algebra 1 and completing my History outlines and reading an entire seciton in my science book. I am, honest!

Sorry for griping. I'll stop now.

It's an outstanding day outside, perhaps the best we have had all year. Or... in the past 2 and 1/2 months that is. It's hard to believe it's already February though. Partially because January just flew by, and partially because the weather is not acting as it should in February. It has been so warm! Right now it's beautiful, just perfect. One of those spring days where it's cool, there's a light breeze, the skies aren't quite overcast but not sunny either... Just perfect. And I have every intention of going for a ride. Yesterday this was my goal upon awakening, but alas, the wind never ceased. I won't go rambling on about the wind, as I'm sure you've heard about it from everyone else on my Blog List. Of course, that was weeks ago... As I haven't written in what seems like forever. I do miss writing on here though, and I hope to pick it up again! I used to write on here every day, what ever happened to that?

Anyway, back to riding. Stupid wind. Nasty wind. Yucky. Yes, I am bitter towards the wind, I simply hate it. When it got windy in Texas, in the mountains, it wasn't terrible as the mountains served as a barrier for the wind, and we were nestled up right against Timber Mountain, which was no hill I'll tell you that. So wind was never a concern. Here... ugh. it seems like it hasn't stopped blowing since the first of the year! And we aren't in completely flat country, it's more like... Well, as my Daddy puts it "gentle rolling country". Very gentle. And there is nothing to block the wind. Also, we don't have much grass, especially at this time of the year, to prevent the dirt from kicking up and practically blinding us. Sometimes it's like a sandblaster, I swear! So yesterday, the wind never did stop. Daddy and Tyler were gonna go coyote calling but it was no use due to the wind. But it's only a very gentle breeze right now. When I got around to thinking about riding this morning, it was already about 10:00. Add 15 minutes to that for catching my horse (he was out in the pasture, I would have to get the 4-wheeler and gather them up), I only had about 1 hour and 45 minutes to ride. Pssssh. Not worth it. So now I am on here, waiting for Momma to say the steaks are done. Then I shall eat, and perhaps go catch my dangerous beast. Maybe they aren't as far out in the pasture as I thought. Maybe I can just go out and catch him. Or maybe they will drift in. Anyway, I'm convinced I shall ride today.

Last Wednesday was the last time I got a chance to ride. Wyatt and I found some antelope, and for the first time, I was bold enough to consider chasing them. Bareback. Kind of a stupid idea really. We topped this hill (gently rolling, remember?) and there were 3 head of antelope. It would have been better with a whole herd, but oh well. This area of the pasture, Middle Bull, always has some antelope, I don't know why, but it's right by a water tank and there are always, I mean always antelope there. Strange. Anyway, so I just got this spur of the moment urge to, well, chase them. So Wyatt and I just kind of started loping parallel to them, and I thought maybe I could turn them and they would run the other away... Away from the flat. With lots of holes. But noooo the stupid antelope decided to run towards the flat. So Wyatt kicked into high speed and off we went! Keep in mind I was bareback. It's difficult enough to stay on your horse at high speeds bareback, let alone when you are chasing after dangerous beasties. So Wyatt, for some reason, got into "cow mode". It's like he saw a critter running away, and it was his job to get that critter. And when he gets into cow mode, he is a different horse. I'm talking running like a horse off the race track, stops so sharp you think his butt is gonna slip under him and he'll fall down, turns so hard he seems like a highly trained reining horse. It's not the same lazy, do nothing Wyatt. It's cow mode, attack!!, deathly energetic Wyatt.

So yeah and we ended up really close to the edge of that flat with lots of holes. I hate holes. Especially when I'm on Wyatt, he never fails to fall in them. The other day we were gathering bulls in Coyote. Coyote is the pasture Wyatt has lived in practically his entire life, and he went down on his knees 3 times due to holes, and stumbled another 20 times. I mean, heck, he LIVES here! He should have the GPS coordinates to every stinkin hole in that place by now!

Anyway. So the 3 antelope split up, and I decided to follow a buck. Who was heading AWAY from the flat. We chased him for... not too long, just a bit, then I spent about an entire minutes trying to get Wyatt down from a flat out run to a lope. It took my another minute to get him to a trot. Man, did he get excited. It was awesome though, hehe. =D I plan on doing it again this afternoon.

Well I've been on here long enough, I think the steaks are almost ready. Adios!

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Karin said...

Well its about time! You should be filled with guilt. Thank goodness you have a wise, sensible friend who can get you back on course. Since I'm always chained to the kitchen sink, its rather nice to experience your horseback adventures via your posts.