Friday, February 29, 2008


So I'm sitting here thinking, "there's nothing to write about". But it's that little phrase and that mindset that begins those extensive gaps between posts. So I'm just gonna sit my butt down and start writing.

So... umm... Well... I- well. Okay I'll just start with yesterday.

Yesterday, I was left alone. They just all abandoned me, without a care. They don't love me anymore! It's so devestating! -shakey sobs-

Yeah. I know, I'll get over it. Anyway, I got up about 7:15, got ready for school and got dressed. 2 feed salesman came in about 7:30 for some coffee and stayed in for about 2 hours talking while I went about my school. One then got in his truck and left, and the other got in Daddy's ranch vehicle and they went about the ranch doing... Feed... assessment... stuff. I guess. I dunno what feed salesmen do when they get in the truck with clients. I guess try to sell feed.

ANYWAY. Tyler left for his college class, he also had to run a few errands and went to see a movie. Jumper. He said it was "okay". He never sees good movies, they are always okay movies. It's either "I dunno" or "okay". So then Lora came to abduct my mother. They were going into town to meet with Marquita at a nice little restaurant called Tia Juana's (I think that's how to spell it) and eat, then get a few groceries, and our beef. We take our beef into this little market that butchers them and cuts it all up for us. Yummy. =D So yeah, Lora abducted Momma, and I was here by myself. So Momma had kind of made dinner. It's Chicken & Dumpling casserole, extremely delicious, I should post the recipe sometime. All I did was make the dumplings and put it in the oven. Then the feed salesman, Daddy & Grandpa came in, and I fed them dinner. And then dessert, which was cherry pie and ice-cream. The feed salesman didn't want any though. I looove dessert, I never say no to dessert! Well sometimes I do but I need to cut back. But honestly, it was cherry pie and ice-cream! Maybe he was diabetic. In that case I feel bad for eating sweets in front of him. Anywho, then they left and I proceeded to spend about an hour putting away food, doing dishes, and just cleaning the kitchen. Then I did more school and watched a little TV until Lora decided she had enough of Momma and decided to... unabduct her. Yeah, she brought her back. She got tired of her. Lol.

So I helped unload 11 boxes of meat onto the porch, and pack it into 1 upright freezer and 1 chest freezer. That's alot of stinkin meat. The carcass weighed like 937 lbs or something like that. HOLY CRUD! When Momma called in about the meat, this is, apparantly, how that conversation went.

Momma: *greeting, gives name, asks about meat, blah blah blah*
Supermeat Market Dude: Yes ma'am, let me pull your order.
Momma: Thank-you.
Supermeat Market Dude: That's no beef, ma'am.
Momma: Excuse me?
Supermeat Market Dude: That's a baby elefant!

Hahaha. It was pretty big, so we had a LOT of meat to put up. Then 4 bags of groceries, then I jumped in the truck with Lora and Momma and went to her place, just 10 miles from us, to help her unload her meat as well. We did that, then tried to help her set up some stuff on her new computer to protect it like AdAware, AVG, and Spybot but her computer wasn't getting service, so she called that evening when we were back home and Momma walked her through it. Later we shall introduce her to the addictive blogging world. Bwaha.

So we came home, ate, stuff like that. Watched American Idol to see who got kicked off. I was upset, Alexandrea should have stayed. Darn.

So this morning. I slept in. Again. Grrrr. I can be so stupid sometimes. I hate sleeping in, but I have a hard time getting up in the morning without enough sleep. In fact, I cannot even muster up enough strength to sit up. Honestly, Momma says she wakes me up, but it's like my body wakes up and my mind doesn't, because I cannot remember her doing that. At all. It's weird. But if I don't get my 8-9 hours of sleep, I just can't get out of bed. What is the logical thing to do? Go to bed earlier.

But that is logical. I am not logical.

But I seriously need to start. But after Idol I started watching the Home Improvement marathon. And even though people got up, took showers, got ready for bed, actually went to bed, I just stayed there like a lazy heap of... bum. Yeah, instead of a sack of potatoes, I was a big heap of bum. Bumness. Hehe. I have too much bumness sometimes, honestly. It's like I have this split personality thing. I get sooo efficient sometimes but sometimes I get so lazy. I need to work on that.

Anyway I did some school and then proceeded to help Momma make dinner. She cooked steaks on the grill, and I fried up some potatoes, and made the salad. I loooove this meal. Salad is delicious. But the spinach we got this time was huge! We usually get baby spinach, but these spinach leaves were like stinkin banana leaves! Okay not quite, but they were huge. I used to hate spinach. With a passion. School ruined it. I went to public school for Kindergarten and 1st Grade, and I still remember walking into that cafeteria and knowing it was spinach day. You could smell it, and it was the worst odor. I remember one time some kid got sick because of it. It made me want to puke, and I did gag I know that. It was that cheap canned stuff, ewwwww. Nasty. Never try it. Ever. Fresh spinach is good, but I don't care how stinkin big Popeye's arms are, do NOT eat canned spinach. You will regret it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So dinner was really good. Now I'm stuffed. We had the peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies I made this morning for dessert. Mmmm yummy! =D I have the best recipe, I should post it.

And now I am on here, but I have to go do al- al- alge-- alge-- algeb--

ALGEBRA. *gag*

Remember, folks: You know algebra is gonna be boring, because it has the words "algie" and "bra" in it.

Pray for me.


Sara said...

You know, my mom didn't even tell me she was going to town. I'm at work, she calls me thinking I'm home... and I was like nooo I'm still at work. And I asked her where the heck she was! And lo and behold she's in town. Gosh, you'd they could let me in the loop sometimes.

Yuck! Spinach *gags* Ooo but Mmmm! cookies! =D

Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh! That is terrible! LOL! My mom like made dinner and everything haha. Spinach is nasty. Except fresh, in a salad. Haha I think I'll bring some to Youth. I freeze the dough then make them fresh

Sara said...

Caitlin, you are slacking on your posting again, tsk, tsk.