Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Broken Birthday Cakes

Darn. I fell behind again. *hits head on computer desk*

Well today is Mummy’s birthday! Yay Mummy! She turns 28. =)

But I feel rotten. Like a rotten, careless, terrible daughter. She has no card, she has no presents. It’s simply dreadful. I feel just awful!! What kind of person neglects to get her own mother a birthday card and gift or two?

This kind of person. The kind of person who goes with her mother EVERYWHERE and therefore does not receive the chance to get a card and gifts. Ah, well, all shall be well. I just got a piece of copy paper and wrote her a little letter with colored pencils, and Tyler went into town this morning for a college class. I am having him pick up her gift while he is in there… =)

This morning, I got up, albeit a smidge late. But I was very tired! I got up, wished Momma a happy birthday, and set to work making blueberry muffins in my jammies. Well, I didn’t make the muffins IN my jammies… I was in my jammies as I was making the muffins.


Made the muffins, presented several of them to Momma with a lit candle in each, and demanded she make a wish. So she made a wish… For somebody ELSE she said! I know we as Christians, withhold a duty to support and think of others often, but it’s her birthday for Heaven’s sake! She is always thinking of others and never of herself. Which I guess, in one way, is a good thing, but really, you ought to indulge a little every now and again.

I’ve been fighting her off all morning as well. She keeps intruding into the kitchen, trying to help in one way or another. No. No ma’am! You do NOT get to do kitchen work, or any kind of house work, on your birthday.

So I made the muffins, then made her a cake. (It’s a bundt cake, yellow with chocolate marble swirls.) Then I got dressed, and then I did the dishes. I then got things ready for her dinner… She got out the chicken and potatoes and said we were to have seasoned chicken with cheese on top, with sweet rolls, salad, and baked potatoes. I find it a rather boring birthday dinner… Why not lasagna? Or… Chicken fried steak? Or… fajitas? At least let me do some spaghetti! Nope… So chicken it is. =P Stubborn woman, I’m telling you…

So the chicken shall be going in the pan here in a bit. As of now, Momma is finally relaxing. I think. She should be reading or something. She doesn’t know how to relax. Bad habit.

So yeah… The cake got ready, I took it out of the oven and I began to make the chocolate glaze of butter, powdered sugar, whipping cream, vanilla, and cocoa. The glaze didn’t make it to the cake. As I was pouring the whipping cream, I noticed… It was a little bit… Well… lumpy. I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that. Mom checked the date (she weasled her way into the kitchen) on the container… November 12th. Ha. That’s great, just GREAT. And the other container of whipping cream had a similar date. So I guess I’ll just heat up regular chocolate frosting and drizzle that over the cake, and call it good.

Anyway, I decided it was time for that beautiful little cake to come out of it’s pan. So I flipped it over, and put the cake on the cake plate… Well, most of it. And then I began to cry,

The cake was still too warm, and part of the durned thing was still stuck to the pan, despite the durned cooking spray, that obviously doesn’t work and *HYPERVENTILATES*. Momma calmed me down and we were able to kind of patch it back together… We’ll just put extra frosting on that part.

She is so much better at this stuff than I am. I was so not made for the kitchen.

So I’ve cleaned the kitchen about 4 times this morning. I always succeed in making a terrible mess. I could be making something as simple as macaroni and cheese and I would manage to get the noodles all over the floor, and melt cheese over the burners, and spill milk on the counters. I am a very messy cook.

Okay, yeah… So that’s about all I have to say. I’ll leave you wondering how the chicken is ever gonna survive my doubtful cooking skills.

Please pray for the chicken.


Sara said...

Oh dear... poor, poor little cake. I HATE it whenever the cakes fall apart, it makes me angry. Wish your momma a happy birthday for me!

Karin said...

LOL! Oh my dear sweet child ~ you greatly underestimate your culinary skills! The dinner was scrumptious, the cake delectable and everyone should make muffins like you do ~ the pajamas must be the secret ingredient!:)You spoiled me rotten ~ thank you for a fabulous day!

Love, your very blessed momma who has everything in the world she could ever wish for