Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Introducing... My Room!

So I meant to post these past two days but I just didn’t get the time to do it… Sorry. You’re just not important anymore.

Just kidding, just kidding!

Well there isn’t a lot to talk about… Monday night was Youth, as always. And Justin blew me away, as always. And my head was spinning and my mind racing on the way home, as always. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m glad he does!

Yesterday was extremely busy. I got up at 4:45 to spend 15 minutes lying in bed leisurely… At last I dragged my lazy butt out of bed, proceeded to dress myself (many are amazed that I am capable of this arduous task), and stepped out into the cold, cruel world. Well it wasn’t too very cold, really, I doubt it was below 38. Though I’m not good at guessing things, whether it’s the temperature or the amount of rain we got or the day of week.

So that went pretty good, while we were waiting for the vet to arrive (he has to give the Bang’s vaccination…) Clint taught us a rope trick! It’s a pretty cool trick… It’s not like the butterfly you do with a regular rope, you use a soft piggin’ string (about 2 ft long rope, softer the easier). You hold one end in each hand, move them through a series of loops and holes you make, and then you have to say the magic word or it won’t work, flip off your hands and kaBANG there’s a knot in your rope! It took us all a while to figure out how he did it but it was pretty cool! It was a little bit funny to watch 3 grown men, a woman with a camera and two teenagers stand in awe of a rope trick… A good way to pass the time! Us ranch folks find good ways to pass the time… I remember once back on the ranch in Texas, we were waiting for the cattle trucks to arrive so we could ship off our steers, but they were like an hour late. So we just took a rope and Daddy had us kids jump rope, to our spelling words! The worst was “Philadelphia”. Each time we jumped, we had to say a letter, and if we messed up, Daddy would make us stop. See? Us ranch people get pretty creative…

Anyway, we came in to eat after working, and I was covered in dirt and cow crap and WD40 and who knows what else! Daddy and Clint were at the chute, ‘catching’ the cattle as they came through to year brand, vaccinate, ear tattoo, and put this purple liquid stuff to shoo off the flies. Dave and Grandpa were horseback, feeding groups of heifers into the tub and Tyler was pushing them into the chute alley, and I was manning the alley thing. Woohoo, go me! So yeah I got a lot of cow manure kicked up in my face, and once I put the butt end of the hot shot down to pop a heifer in the nose and get her to back off, and the one ahead of her PEED ON IT. Peed on my handgrip! Why, how, I mean, she, she just, she… she peed on my hot shot! Yeah… But whatever it’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

Came inside, ate, took a quick shower, blow dried my hair (I really need to just chop it all off), threw on a t-shirt and pair of jeans. But then Mom reminded me that this evening we weren’t coming home after errands, but staying for Tyler’s guitar recital at which I would be performing a duet with him. Joy. So I had to go digging through my dresser for something decent. Found this little short sleeved black sweater thing, threw a black tank top under it, and we’re good! Grab the piano books and we are out the door.

Have I ever mentioned I hate town? Well I do. Lord, I know I’m not supposed to arbor hate against anybody or anything, but I’m just not perfect. I’m working on it, but it’s very very difficult to love a place full of people. Nasty germy people. You know, every time we go to town, we take a shower after coming home. Because we feel so germy and icky and we sometimes get sick if we don’t. And then some people, after coming out here, feel the same way! Odd… So anyway. Town wasn’t too terrible, just same ole same ole. But here is the very sad part… Prepare yourself with tissues and forlorn faces...

While Tyler was inside the water place, filling the water bottles (there was only two and he never lets me carry one of them if there’s only two to fill, I guess he just wants to be Mr. Macho Man or something) , the cell phone rang. It was a random number. That’s what I told Mom, and handed it to her. As she was talking… She got this funny look on her face. She grinned, her eyes got this funny glint, and she had this certain tone of voice...

And, ya’ll, I just knew.

It was them.

My glasses were… They… *gulp*… Were ready.

We stopped by the dreaded optometrist’s office and got the dreaded glasses. My face tried to run away from them, but it was to no avail. Stinkin glasses… Oh well. I guess I will live. *sigh* Grrr… I. Hate. My. Glasses. Oh, and in case you are wondering, or perhaps hoping, you aren’t getting any pictures. HAH!

I was bored the other day (surprise, surprise), so I took pictures of my room while it was clean… Actually, it usually looks like this, except the bed sometimes isn’t made and there are a few dirty socks thrown haphazardly across the floor… But I’m a pretty neat person! I mean neat, in the semi-organized way… So here is my room! (LOL yeah I don’t really have anything to talk about and I don’t feel like talking about my glasses, so this is what ya’ll get.)

(From my doorway...)

(My hamster cage! The monster... Hehe I spy with my little eye... BLUE SQUIRRELS!)

(Nightstand... Great big doggy Tyler won for me at 6 Flags.. yeah)

(My bed! I wuffles my bed... Nice cozy bed... Mmmm...)

(Tucker's bed! Well, his nighttime bed... His crate. With a cat crate on top. Some towels aka bedding sitting there, uh some treats, and since he is a stinky doggy, my good friend, Febreeze. My nighstand is on one side of my bed, the dog crate on the other.)

(My desk... How exciting. =P It's very tiny and I would like a new one, but for now it's good)

(Bookshelf... It's pretty well crammed. Poor thing, it's very rickety too, not very trustworthy, but it holds my books! So I'm pleased... temporarily... Until it falls apart... In case your wondering, off to the left there is some carpet nailed ot the wall. Aka a homemade scratching post for the cat.)

(And here is my dresser, you can see the bookshelf to the left and the doorway to the right... Hehe that's my light-up garland hanging there, very cool to turn it on at night. The boxes for the missionary trip are sitting to the left as well...)

(And here is as wide of an angle as I could get of my room, from the doorway...)

So. Yeah. I guess I'll go let you free of your boredom now. Marquita is contagious and spread that blogger guilt thing that's going around... Blogging made me feel a little better though.

But if I bored you to death. Blame Marquita. She got me sick with Blogger's Guilt!


Ranch wife said...

Sorry about the blogger quilt thing, but hey you can't stick your head in the sand and pretend that it doesn't exist. :) :)
By the way...your glasses are just to cute, and they look great!
Ranch Wife

Caitlin said...

*laughs* Well they are usually in the clouds, does that work? And thanks... the lenses aren't really right though they don't help my eyes much so we have to go back tomorrow and get that fixed. But hehe thanks! =D

Sara said...

I like your bed.. and your nightstand. I'm going to steal both ;)