Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Attitude Of Gratitude"

There is an awesome blog called "Attitude Of Gratitude". (

The mere title caught my eye, and it's just really cool I think. This guy has health problems and every day he posts what he is grateful for, along with a little semi-paragraph or quote about thankfulness and such things. It's a really cool blog, and I think we all should adjust our mindset so that our attitude is more set towards gratitude rather than the negative.

Come on, we all do it!

It's too windy outside!
Ugh I have to do all these dishes
That dog won't quit barking
I don't want to wash my laundry, there is so much to do!
I can't believe I have to wear these glasses!

I won't deny that every one of little thoughts above belong to me. I should instead be thinking:

I'm grateful to have a home where I can be out of the wind, a place to call home and stay warm
Even though those are alot of dishes atleast we had good food to cook within the pots and serve on the plates, and I never have to worry where my next meal is coming from

I'm thankful I am priveleged to have a dog and glad I can hear his bark
I have lots of clothes to wear and I'm glad I don't have to worry about things like clothes
I'm grateful my family has enough money to get me these glasses so that my health does not worsen

It's hard to think like that. But I know that the Lord can help me think like that, and wants me to, and with His help I definitely can! I think it's an excellent goal to have, one that I am definitely setting for myself. Everytime a negative thought, even if slightly negative, enters my head, I want to correct myself and find the "silver lining" to that negative situation, because there always is one. And sometimes it's hard to find! But if you practice on the little things like chores and day-to-day activites, when the big things come along, it will be alot easier to find the good things. And I believe that the more good things you find, the happier a person you can be, and the better person you are.

That's my new personal goal- to have an attitude of gratitude.

Each blog post, I'm posting what I am thankful for that day.

Right now, Mom is nagging at me to get off the computer and go do my schoolwork.

Or maybe she isn't.

Lord, thank you for giving me a mom who cares about me, and about giving me a good life and dependable education, and for giving me parents to help me along and raise me to be a good person.


Karin said...

Awww...very cool post. What a wise daughter I have and I am very thankful for her! Good thinking kid ~ we would all do well to implement an attitude of gratitude.

Sara said...

Very nice Caitlin!!! We all need a attitude of gratitude.